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Report: English

         Description: This lists everyone on the tree who is known to have been born in England.

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# Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Birth Place Person ID
1 Charity    England   I5408 
2 Elizabeth    Ross, Herefordshire, England   I10017 
3 Addison, Col. John    Lichfield, Staffordshire, England   I4419 
4 Bancroft, Mary    Mobberly, Cheshire, England   I2242 
5 Bezer, Mary    Devizees, Wiltshire, England   I11360 
6 Biggs, Joanna    Kent, England   I5573 
7 Bolton, Everard    Ross, Herefordshire, England   I10016 
8 Briggs, Walter    Suffolk, England   I10376 
9 Buffington, Ruth    Great Marle, Buckinghamshire, England   I11361 
10 Cheyney, Richard    England   I5388 
11 Contee, John F.    Barnstaple, Devon, England   I9651 
12 Contee, Peter    Barnstaple, Devon, England   I10173 
13 Cooke, Elizabeth    Wakefield, York, England   I8440 
14 Cooke, Thomas    Wakefield, York, England   I8442 
15 Cooper, James    Lancaster, Lancashire, England   I9991 
16 Craig, Ann    England   I4289 
17 Dodson, Anthony    England   I10453 
18 Gassaway, Col. Nicholas    London, England   I6532 
19 Gathorne, Elizabeth    England   I3969 
20 Hall, Robert    England   I4259 
21 Hargrave, Dorothy    England   I11153 
22 Harlan, Thomas    near Durham, Durham Co., England   I2150 
23 Harrison, Christopher    London, England   I8439 
24 Harrison, Michael    Lancaster, Lancashire, England   I8441 
25 Harrison, Sarah    England   I4573 
26 Harwood, Capt. Thomas    Streatley, Berkshire, England   I8195 
27 Heald, Samuel    Mobberly, Cheshire, England   I2241 
28 Hibberd, Josiah    England   I11021 
29 Hilton, Elizabeth    Salford, Lancashire, England   I3928 
30 Iiams, William Sr.    England   I3808 
31 Jackson, Anthony    Eccleston, St. Michael's Parish, Lancashire, England   I4512 
32 Juarez, Manuel    England   I13354 
33 Lansdale, John    Salford, Lancashire, England   I3972 
34 Lincoln, Stephen    Windham, Norfolk, England   I10398 
35 Morris, Mary    England   I4549 
36 Nuthall, John    London, England   I10094 
37 O'reilly, Nancy Jenny Elizabeth    England   I1323 
38 Poultney, Richard    England   I9168 
39 Preston, Mary L.    England   I4097 
40 Puddington, George    Tiverton, Devon, England   I8992 
41 Ridgely, Col. Henry Sr.    England   I8193 
42 Ridout, John    England   I13086 
43 Rudd, Edward    Knowlemere, Yorkshire, England   I10900 
44 Sherwood, Francis    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England   I7524 
45 Skinner, Aquilla    ? Tiverton, Devon, England   I8973 
46 Skipwith, Sir George Baronet    Leicestershire, England   I11051 
47 Truman, Richard    Salisbury, Wiltshire, England   I2497 
48 Webb, William    Gloucestershire, England   I11364 
49 Williams, Ann    England   I10393 
50 Wright, Henry    England   I11245 

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