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Report: Caribs

         Description: This lists everyone on the tree who is known to have been born in the Caribbean. All of the people listed here either moved to New Orleans themselves, or their descendants did. Almost all were fleeing the slave revolts in Saint-Domingue during the 1790s.

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# Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Birth Place Person ID
1 Perroneau, Marie Magdelaine  20 Sep 1738  Baynet, Saint Domingue   I15610 
2 Perroneau, Julien  8 Oct 1739  Baynet, Saint Domingue   I15612 
3 Perroneau, Nicholas  22 Sep 1742  Baynet, Saint Domingue   I15613 
4 Bozant, Oliver Antonio  1745  Mole St. Nicholas, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I4866 
5 Perroneau, Pierre Prosper  19 May 1747  Baynet, Saint Domingue   I15614 
6 Perroneau, Marguerite  8 Jun 1749  Baynet, Saint Domingue   I15280 
7 Goutelle De Beaumier, Marguerite Louise  10 Jul 1761  Baynet, Saint Domingue   I13631 
8 Duquesnay, Marie Elizabeth le Mercier  1 Oct 1764  Cap-Français, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I6649 
9 Laurens, Susanna  1774  Les Baraderes, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I5016 
10 Fouque, Joseph  Abt 1775  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I6650 
11 Hacker, Jean Henry  Abt Feb 1777  Croix de Bouquets, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15211 
12 Hacker, Charles Gabriel  Abt Aug 1779  Croix de Bouquets, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15216 
13 Hacker, Pierre Marie  10 Nov 1782  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I12670 
14 Hacker, Joseph  20 Nov 1786  Croix de Bouquets, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15217 
15 Mahé-Desportes, Marie Louise Josephine Fortunata  5 May 1787  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I12671 
16 Lacoste, Catherine Eulalie "Emilie"  Abt 1788  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I13622 
17 Bozant, Jean  Abt 1789  Mole St. Nicholas, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I4823 
18 Mahé-Desportes, Henry Jean Joseph  Abt 1790  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15194 
19 Mahé-Desportes, Charlotte  Abt Feb 1791  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15201 
20 Hacker, Vincent  9 Aug 1792  Port-au-Prince, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15193 
21 Flotte, Honore  1794  Port de Paix, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I3726 
22 Lamothe, Jean Marie  1796  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I3722 
23 Mahé-Desportes, Marguerite Jeanne Julienne  Abt 1797  Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15196 
24 Pitard, Louis Florentin  6 Jun 1799  Port-au-Prince, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I15195 
25 Lamothe, Jean Baptiste  1800  St. Marc, Gonaives, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I3692 
26 Decastree, Josephine  Abt 1802  St. Louis, Saint Domingue, Haiti   I4824 
27 Mouchon, Isabella Narcisa  29 Oct 1803  Santiago de Cuba, Cuba   I4998 
28 Lamothe, Marie Virginie  Feb 1804  Cuba   I3724 
29 Avril, Joseph B. L.  Abt 1806  Santiago de Cuba, Cuba   I15199 
30 Pitard, Augustine Dominique  Abt 1806  Santiago de Cuba, Cuba   I13921 
31 Lamothe, Marie Cecile Eliza  1807  Cuba   I3725 
32 Pitard, Joseph Barthelemy  Abt 1807  Santiago de Cuba, Cuba   I13627