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 Lafayette Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Latitude: 29.92879, Longitude: -90.08514

You can find much information about the cemetery here: http:/​/​www​.lafayettecemetery1​.com/​


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Alden McLellan (d. 1920)
Alden McLellan (d. 1920)
This is on the McLellan mound; in the back is Sarah (McLellan) Fayssoux. 
    Alden Miller McLellan (d. 26 Aug 1920)
Margaret (Cooper) Tureman, d. 1902
Margaret (Cooper) Tureman, d. 1902
    Margaret Anna Cooper (d. 2 Dec 1902)
McLellan graves at Lafayette #1
McLellan graves at Lafayette #1
Capt. Charles McLellan's broke pillar is on top. 
    Charles William McLellan (d. 1 Jun 1864)
McLellan mound in Lafayette #1
McLellan mound in Lafayette #1
In the center is the pillar for Capt. Chas. W. McLellan. On the left are Callendar I. Fayssoux and his wife Sarah (McLellan) Fayssoux. On the right are Leonora (Levensaler) McLellan and W.H. (P.) McLellan. 
    Callender Irvine Fayssoux (d. 30 Aug 1897)
Leonora Levensaler (d. 2 Aug 1890)
Charles William McLellan (d. 1 Jun 1864)
Sarah Antoinette McLellan (d. 25 Apr 1910)
William Henry Paine McLellan (d. 24 Apr 1895)
McLellan siblings
McLellan siblings
These three panels include the families of four brothers, sons of Alden Miller McLellan. Their sister, Annie Cooper, has a plaque on the ground in front of them. 
    Marie Ernestine Bres (d. 2 Nov 1961)
Helen Pauline "Weenie" Degrange (d. 19 May 1962)
Arthur Ordway Kastler (d. Sep 1969)
Alden Charles McLellan (d. 19 Apr 1960)
Anna McLellan (d. 1 Jun 1988)
Asahel Walker McLellan (d. 26 Apr 1943)
Charles McLellan (d. 8 Nov 1961)
Sarah McLellan (d. 30 Jun 1915)
Thomas Woodward McLellan (d. 5 Dec 1908)
William Henry McLellan (d. 22 Mar 1934)
Coralie H. Williams (d. 12 Jun 1977)
Anna Glidden Woodward (d. 2 Jan 1922)
McLellan siblings, below the left panel
McLellan siblings, below the left panel
"Alden" on the pillar is possibly a memorial to Alden d. 1951? 
    Charles William McLellan (d. 23 Mar 1989)

All Burials - Lafayette Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana

 #   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died/Buried   Person ID 
1. Benedict, Charles A.   d. 16 Oct 1883I13759
2. Benedict, Philip   d. 20 Aug 1887I13136
3. Bres, Marie Ernestine   bur. 4 Nov 1961I96
4. Cooper, Asahel Walker Sr.   d. 22 May 1883I4354
5. Cooper, Asahel Walker Jr.   d. 16 Jun 1935I4554
6. Cooper, Elizabeth   d. 7 Dec 1954I11953
7. Cooper, George   d. 14 May 1839I4356
8. Cooper, Margaret Anna   d. 2 Dec 1902I4360
9. Cooper, Mary Ann   d. 12 Jul 1850I4358
10. Cooper, Sarah Ann   d. 14 Dec 1840I4357
11. Cooper, Sarah Jane   d. 18 Oct 1911I52
12. Degrange, Helen Pauline "Weenie"   d. 19 May 1962I51
13. Demarest, Ernest   d. 13 Mar 1984I14747
14. Demarest, Leroy Ernest   d. 24 Jul 2001I14749
15. Fayssoux, Callender Irvine   d. 30 Aug 1897I3048
16. Fayssoux, Seymoura Longley "Mona"   d. 12 Apr 1922I3135
17. Hadden, Callender Fayssoux Jr.   d. 30 May 2000I3152
18. Hadden, Richard Irvine   d. 24 Mar 2002I2160
19. Hadden, Robert Alan   d. 24 Mar 1910I3196
20. Levensaler, Leonora   bur. 3 Aug 1890I54
21. Loney, Eliza A.   d. 9 May 1910I4359
22. McLellan, Alden Charles   d. 19 Apr 1960I61
23. McLellan, Alden Miller   d. 26 Aug 1920I53
24. McLellan, Anna   d. 1 Jun 1988I85
25. McLellan, Annie Cooper   d. 23 May 1945I58
26. McLellan, Asahel Walker   bur. 27 Apr 1943I50
27. McLellan, Charles   d. 8 Nov 1961I62
28. McLellan, Charles William   d. 23 Mar 1989I97
29. McLellan, Leonora   d. 13 Aug 1880I60
30. McLellan, Leonora   d. 25 May 1885I131
31. McLellan, Orris Irvin   bur. 29 Jun 1931I64
32. McLellan, Sarah   d. 30 Jun 1915I84
33. McLellan, Sarah Antoinette   d. 25 Apr 1910I63
34. McLellan, William Henry   bur. 23 Mar 1934I57
35. McLellan, William Henry Paine   d. 24 Apr 1895I55
36. Scudder, Edward Nathaniel   d. 25 Jan 1942I3149
37. Simons, Olivia   d. 22 May 1942I14967
38. Sullivan, Ann   d. 27 Apr 1870I4355
39. Thuer, Jane "Janie" Bogart   bur. 14 Aug 1951I15123
40. Trolle, Doceleha Ruiz   bur. 19 Sep 1969I6349
41. Williams, Coralie H.   d. 12 Jun 1977I104
42. Wiltz, Alice Theresa   bur. 6 Feb 1979I14693
43. Woodward, Anna Glidden   d. 2 Jan 1922I82