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Washington, D.C.


Place details

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City : Latitude: 38.907192300, Longitude: -77.036870700


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lynette  26 May 1950Washington, D.C. I15407
2 Carroll, Alida  Apr 1844Washington, D.C. I10328
3 Chew, Mary Cornelia  Abt 1830Washington, D.C. I5345
4 Davidson, Nellie Hooe  17 Aug 1890Washington, D.C. I980
5 Donn, George William Jr.  Washington, D.C. I11421
6 Donn, Helen Gertrude  22 Jun 1895Washington, D.C. I11429
7 Donn, John Bernard  Feb 1893Washington, D.C. I11428
8 Donn, Mary  6 Dec 1897Washington, D.C. I11430
9 Franklin, Adeline Amelia  14 Apr 1876Washington, D.C. I5186
10 Houston, Cornelia Nancrede "Nellie"  21 Aug 1834Washington, D.C. I3870
11 Houston, Gertrude Laura  1843Washington, D.C. I6041
12 Hyatt, Prof. Alpheus Jr.  5 Apr 1838Washington, D.C. I3940
13 Joy, Mary Ellen  Abt 1843Washington, D.C. I11403
14 Kay, Susan Isabelle  Abt 1853Washington, D.C. I6507
15 Lansdale, Anna Agnes  Aug 1874Washington, D.C. I11423
16 Lansdale, Charles Alfred  4 Apr 1873Washington, D.C. I6508
17 Lansdale, Charlotte Bleeker  30 Jun 1848Washington, D.C. I8542
18 Lansdale, Edith Isabelle  18 Dec 1874Washington, D.C. I6509
19 Lansdale, Edward Vinal  16 Dec 1844Washington, D.C. I8541
20 Lansdale, Ella  Abt 1869Washington, D.C. I11422
21 Lansdale, Emma Neota "Neta"  9 Apr 1879Washington, D.C. I6511
22 Lansdale, Enoch  7 Feb 1813Washington, D.C. I11393
23 Lansdale, Frances "Fanny" Virginia  25 Oct 1876Washington, D.C. I6510
24 Lansdale, Francis  Nov 1888Washington, D.C. I11427
25 Lansdale, George A.  Feb 1880Washington, D.C. I11425
26 Lansdale, Gilbert Russell  18 Sep 1898Washington, D.C. I6877
27 Lansdale, Henry "Harry"  16 Sep 1883Washington, D.C. I6002
28 Lansdale, John Elbridge  5 Jul 1881Washington, D.C. I6007
29 Lansdale, John R.  Jan 1873Washington, D.C. I11431
30 Lansdale, John Wesley  12 Mar 1841Washington, D.C. I11400
31 Lansdale, Katherine Elizabeth  21 Nov 1866Washington, D.C. I11420
32 Lansdale, Laurence Edwin  19 Jan 1892Washington, D.C. I6514
33 Lansdale, Margaretta  22 Sep 1805Washington, D.C. I3935
34 Lansdale, Mary  Dec 1877Washington, D.C. I11424
35 Lansdale, Mary Ellen  19 Feb 1928Washington, D.C. I12348
36 Lansdale, Philip Van Horne  15 Feb 1858Washington, D.C. I8544
37 Lansdale, Roger Franklin  12 Jun 1894Washington, D.C. I6876
38 Lansdale, Walter B.  May 1882Washington, D.C. I11426
39 Lansdale, William "Will" Enoch  21 Nov 1866Washington, D.C. I11402
40 Luce, Catherine Elmendorf  Washington, D.C. I1675
41 Maloney, George A.  Abt 1867Washington, D.C. I11433
42 Maloney, Julia Marie  Jan 1891Washington, D.C. I11417
43 Maloney, Rena L.  Abt 1866Washington, D.C. I11432
44 Maloney, William W.  Oct 1888Washington, D.C. I11434
45 Maloney, William Walter Jr.  Apr 1864Washington, D.C. I11415
46 Mercer, Carroll  5 Dec 1857Washington, D.C. I12392
47 Mercer, Lucy Page  Abt 1891Washington, D.C. I12410
48 Reed, Albin  Abt 1844Washington, D.C. I11435
49 Reed, Laura  Abt 1845Washington, D.C. I11436
50 Reed, William H.  Abt 1847Washington, D.C. I11437
51 Simpson, Julian  Mar 1892Washington, D.C. I1709
52 Simpson, Lucille  Jun 1894Washington, D.C. I2476
53 Skinner, James Aquila  1 Mar 1818Washington, D.C. I6902
54 Skinner, Washington Hammond  May 1823Washington, D.C. I6903
55 Stabler, Anna Elizabeth  12 Aug 1831Washington, D.C. I2858
56 Stabler, Robinson  Abt 1801Washington, D.C. I2926
57 Strain, Cornelia Houston "Nellie"  Mar 1856Washington, D.C. I5753
58 Waring, Marsham  1 Mar 1795Washington, D.C. I10224
59 Weidman, Mary Catherine  Mar 1866Washington, D.C. I11416
60 Williams, John A.  15 Mar 1925Washington, D.C. I15299


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Berry, Thomas Lansdale  6 Mar 1856Washington, D.C. I6252
2 Bowie, Emily Contee  20 Jul 1895Washington, D.C. I11703
3 Carroll, Brig. Gen. Samuel Sprigg  29 Jan 1893Washington, D.C. I10340
4 Carroll, Violetta Lansdale  24 Jul 1872Washington, D.C. I10330
5 Daw, Effie L.  24 Mar 1956Washington, D.C. I11404
6 Gulick, James Franklin  7 Jan 1932Washington, D.C. I7731
7 Higgins, Jane  29 May 1865Washington, D.C. I3862
8 Houston, John Hopkins  18 Feb 1870Washington, D.C. I6034
9 Lansdale, George Leroy Sr.  14 May 1968Washington, D.C. I11405
10 Lansdale, William "Will" Enoch  25 Feb 1953Washington, D.C. I11402
11 Luce, Catherine Elmendorf  Yes, date unknownWashington, D.C. I1675
12 McCulloch, Henrietta Seymour  21 May 1934Washington, D.C. I12292
13 McLellan, Francis Decker  19 Dec 1894Washington, D.C. I3377
14 McPherson, Elizabeth  27 Mar 1843Washington, D.C. I9172
15 Mercer, Carroll  13 Sep 1917Washington, D.C. I12392
16 Mercer, Dr. Thomas Swann  11 Mar 1878Washington, D.C. I12391
17 Mulliken, Eleanor B.  3 Apr 1881Washington, D.C. I11706
18 Murray, Elizabeth Hesselius  24 Jul 1912Washington, D.C. I9730
19 Stinchcomb, Catherine  11 Jan 1900Washington, D.C. I11396
20 Truxton, Gertrude Parker  20 Dec 1870Washington, D.C. I6035


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Reed, William H.  1850Washington, D.C. I11437


Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bleecker, Charlotte  1850Washington, D.C. I8538
2 Brehme, Amelia Kane Oakford  1910Washington, D.C. I5542
3 Brehme, Amelia Kane Oakford  1920Washington, D.C. I5542
4 Busson, Mary  1850Washington, D.C. I6504
5 Donn, Helen Gertrude  1900Washington, D.C. I11429
6 Donn, John Bernard  1900Washington, D.C. I11428
7 Donn, Mary  1900Washington, D.C. I11430
8 Franklin, Anne Rebecca  1910Washington, D.C. I5166
9 Glascock, Mahlon  1920Washington, D.C. I7402
10 Gulick, Isabelle  1920Washington, D.C. I7366
11 Howell, Amalie Mittacher  1910Washington, D.C. I5555
12 Howell, Amalie Mittacher  1920Washington, D.C. I5555
13 Howell, Jay C.  1910Washington, D.C. I5547
14 Howell, Mary  1910Washington, D.C. I5556
15 Howell, Mary  1920Washington, D.C. I5556
16 Joy, Mary Ellen  1870Washington, D.C. I11403
17 Kay, Susan Isabelle  1880Washington, D.C. I6507
18 Kay, Susan Isabelle  1900Washington, D.C. I6507
19 Lansdale, Anna Agnes  1900Washington, D.C. I11423
20 Lansdale, Arthur Leo  1900Washington, D.C. I6513
21 Lansdale, Catherine Louisa  1850Washington, D.C. I11395
22 Lansdale, Charles Alfred  1880Washington, D.C. I6508
23 Lansdale, Charles Alfred  1900Washington, D.C. I6508
24 Lansdale, Edith Isabelle  1880Washington, D.C. I6509
25 Lansdale, Edith Isabelle  1900Washington, D.C. I6509
26 Lansdale, Elbridge Gerry  1880Washington, D.C. I6006
27 Lansdale, Elbridge Gerry  1900Washington, D.C. I6006
28 Lansdale, Ella  1870Washington, D.C. I11422
29 Lansdale, Emma Neota "Neta"  1880Washington, D.C. I6511
30 Lansdale, Emma Neota "Neta"  1900Washington, D.C. I6511
31 Lansdale, Florence  1900Washington, D.C. I6512
32 Lansdale, Frances "Fanny" Virginia  1880Washington, D.C. I6510
33 Lansdale, Frances "Fanny" Virginia  1900Washington, D.C. I6510
34 Lansdale, Francis  1900Washington, D.C. I11427
35 Lansdale, George A.  1900Washington, D.C. I11425
36 Lansdale, Gilbert Russell  1900Washington, D.C. I6877
37 Lansdale, Henry "Harry"  1900Washington, D.C. I6002
38 Lansdale, John Elbridge  1900Washington, D.C. I6007
39 Lansdale, John R.  1900Washington, D.C. I11431
40 Lansdale, John Wesley  1860Washington, D.C. I11400
41 Lansdale, John Wesley  1870Washington, D.C. I11400
42 Lansdale, John Wesley  1900Washington, D.C. I11400
43 Lansdale, Katherine Elizabeth  1870Washington, D.C. I11420
44 Lansdale, Katherine Elizabeth  1900Washington, D.C. I11420
45 Lansdale, Laurence Edwin  1900Washington, D.C. I6514
46 Lansdale, Mary  1900Washington, D.C. I11424
47 Lansdale, Roger Franklin  1900Washington, D.C. I6876
48 Lansdale, Walter B.  1900Washington, D.C. I11426
49 Lansdale, William "Will" Enoch  1870Washington, D.C. I11402
50 Luce, Jane Eliza  1850Washington, D.C. I1673
51 Luce, Dr. Vinal  1850Washington, D.C. I8537
52 Luce, William  1850Washington, D.C. I8539
53 Maloney, George A.  1870Washington, D.C. I11433
54 Maloney, George A.  1880Washington, D.C. I11433
55 Maloney, Rena L.  1870Washington, D.C. I11432
56 Maloney, Rena L.  1880Washington, D.C. I11432
57 Maloney, William Walter Jr.  1870Washington, D.C. I11415
58 Maloney, William Walter Sr.  1870Washington, D.C. I11414
59 Maloney, William Walter Jr.  1880Washington, D.C. I11415
60 Maloney, William Walter Sr.  1880Washington, D.C. I11414
61 Reed, Albin  1850Washington, D.C. I11435
62 Reed, David C.  1850Washington, D.C. I11412
63 Reed, Laura  1850Washington, D.C. I11436
64 Reed, Mary "Mollie" L.  1870Washington, D.C. I11413
65 Reed, Mary "Mollie" L.  1880Washington, D.C. I11413
66 Schley, Rear Adm. Winfield Scott  1910Washington, D.C. I5174
67 Simpson, Charles Walter  1900Washington, D.C. I5736
68 Simpson, Julian  1900Washington, D.C. I1709
69 Simpson, Julian Randolph  1900Washington, D.C. I5737
70 Simpson, Lucille  1900Washington, D.C. I2476
71 Whitehead, Catherine  1900Washington, D.C. I1464


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Lansdale / Stinchcomb  1 Sep 1836Washington, D.C. F8006
2 Lowber / Lansdale  Oct 1884Washington, D.C. F6077
3 Lynn / Simpson  16 Oct 1907Washington, D.C. F5240
4 Marbury / Mercer  2 Apr 1919Washington, D.C. F8701

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