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Prince George's Co., Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELT, Charity  1681Prince George's Co., Maryland I9293
2 BELT, Jeremiah  4 Mar 1724Prince George's Co., Maryland I8513
3 BELT, Sarah  1692Prince George's Co., Maryland I5246
4 BERRY, Benjamin  Abt 1698Prince George's Co., Maryland I3934
5 BERRY, Jasper Manduit  3 Aug 1832Prince George's Co., Maryland I474
6 BERRY, John  1736Prince George's Co., Maryland I5438
7 BOWIE, Eleanor  1709Prince George's Co., Maryland I4001
8 BOWIE, Gov. Robert  Mar 1750Prince George's Co., Maryland I3979
9 BOWIE, Thomas Contee  1771Prince George's Co., Maryland I11704
10 BOWIE, Walter  1748Prince George's Co., Maryland I4267
11 BOWIE, Walter W.W.  Abt 1750Prince George's Co., Maryland I8488
12 CLAGETT, Eleanor Bowie  1749Prince George's Co., Maryland I5439
13 CLAGETT, Richard  1746Prince George's Co., Maryland I6524
14 CLAGETT, Wiseman  1748Prince George's Co., Maryland I10344
15 DUNSTER, Jane  Prince George's Co., Maryland I3486
16 DUVALL, Eleanor "Nellie"  31 May 1782Prince George's Co., Maryland I11573
17 DUVALL, Gabriel  6 Dec 1752Prince George's Co., Maryland I12144
18 DUVALL, Mareen  Prince George's Co., Maryland I4298
19 DUVALL, Samuel  Abt 1740Prince George's Co., Maryland I11875
20 FRANKLIN, Rachel  13 Feb 1809Prince George's Co., Maryland I3777
21 FREELAND, Robert V  1761Prince George's Co., Maryland I12171
22 GAITHER, Capt. Basil  Abt 1751Prince George's Co., Maryland I6741
23 HALL, Mary  10 Jul 1769Prince George's Co., Maryland I11317
24 HALL, William  1735Prince George's Co., Maryland I7981
25 HARWOOD, Jeremiah  23 Oct 1732Prince George's Co., Maryland I5266
26 HARWOOD, Capt. Thomas III  Prince George's Co., Maryland I4219
27 HYATT, Alpheus Sr.  Prince George's Co., Maryland I3851
28 HYATT, Ann  11 Mar 1706Prince George's Co., Maryland I2616
29 HYATT, Meshach  Abt 1723Prince George's Co., Maryland I2622
30 HYATT, Seth  Abt 1758Prince George's Co., Maryland I3846
31 IGLEHART, Dennis  1793Prince George's Co., Maryland I10600
32 IGLEHART, James  21 Jul 1767Prince George's Co., Maryland I10592
33 IGLEHART, Jeremiah  Abt 1750Prince George's Co., Maryland I10582
34 JACKSON, Christiana Duke  2 Sep 1794Prince George's Co., Maryland I468
35 JACKSON, Sarah Duke  21 Aug 1785Prince George's Co., Maryland I6243
36 JONES, Jemima  Prince George's Co., Maryland I3847
37 LANSDALE, Eleanor  1769Prince George's Co., Maryland I6241
38 LANSDALE, Elizabeth  1715Prince George's Co., Maryland I3959
39 LANSDALE, Isaac Jr.  15 Jun 1717Prince George's Co., Maryland I3911
40 LANSDALE, Isaac III  1765Prince George's Co., Maryland I3914
41 LANSDALE, Maj. Thomas Lancaster  10 Nov 1748Prince George's Co., Maryland I4017
42 MARBURY, William Berry  1885Prince George's Co., Maryland I12897
43 MARSHALL, Mary  Abt 1742Prince George's Co., Maryland I9556
44 MULLIKIN, Catherine   I4266
45 ORME, Jeremiah  Abt 1725Prince George's Co., Maryland I10159
46 PLUMMER, John  Abt 1726Prince George's Co., Maryland I5823
47 PLUMMER, Thomas III  Bef 1697Prince George's Co., Maryland I5808
48 RAY, Elianor  17 Dec 1715Prince George's Co., Maryland I9717
49 ROGERS, Agnes  2 Oct 1723Prince George's Co., Maryland I8961
50 SPRIGG, Joseph  1736Prince George's Co., Maryland I4049

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEALL, Ester/Hester  Abt 1727Prince George's Co., Maryland I8507
2 BEALL, Ninian Jr.  1710Prince George's Co., Maryland I9042
3 BELT, Col. Joseph  28 Jun 1761Prince George's Co., Maryland I8509
4 BELT, Tobias (Thomas)  Bef May 1785Prince George's Co., Maryland I6748
5 BERRY, Benjamin  Abt 1765Prince George's Co., Maryland I3934
6 BOWIE, Gov. Robert  8 Jan 1818Prince George's Co., Maryland I3979
7 BROOKE, Roger  1718Prince George's Co., Maryland I5511
8 CLAGETT, Richard  1752Prince George's Co., Maryland I6246
9 CLAGETT, Richard  1789Prince George's Co., Maryland I6524
10 CLAGETT, Wiseman  1785Prince George's Co., Maryland I10344
11 CONTEE, John  1796Prince George's Co., Maryland I11678
12 DUCKETT, Richard Jr.  1790Prince George's Co., Maryland I6637
13 DUVALL, Mareen  Yes, date unknownPrince George's Co., Maryland I4298
14 DUVALL, Mareen Jr., "The Younger"  Abt Jun 1741Prince George's Co., Maryland I5423
15 FALCONER, Alexander  Aft 1758Prince George's Co., Maryland I10120
16 HALL, Mary  May 1849Prince George's Co., Maryland I11317
17 HAMILTON, Andrew  1718-19Prince George's Co., Maryland I8510
18 HYATT, William  25 Sep 1784Prince George's Co., Maryland I3948
19 JACOB, Elizabeth  1752Prince George's Co., Maryland I6263
20 KENT, Governor Joseph  24 Nov 1837Prince George's Co., Maryland I8455
21 MARIARTE, Margaret  27 Nov 1739Prince George's Co., Maryland I8490
22 MAXCY, Virgil  28 Feb 1844Prince George's Co., Maryland I7911
23 MULLIKEN, James III  1740Prince George's Co., Maryland I9294
24 PLUMMER, Abiezer  1770Prince George's Co., Maryland I5821
25 PLUMMER, Samuel  12 Dec 1759Prince George's Co., Maryland I9140
26 PRATHER, William  1748Prince George's Co., Maryland I3681
27 RIDGELY, Col. Henry Sr.  Bef 13 Jul 1710Prince George's Co., Maryland I8193
28 RIDGELY, Sarah  Abt 1727Prince George's Co., Maryland I8640
29 SELBY, William  1698Prince George's Co., Maryland I9557
30 SPRIGG, Thomas Jr.  Between 1736-39Prince George's Co., Maryland I8489
31 TYLER, Robert  Bef Aug 1738Prince George's Co., Maryland I6489
32 WATERS, Arnold  27 Apr 1809Prince George's Co., Maryland I3442
33 WATERS, John  Sep 1774Prince George's Co., Maryland I3449
34 WATKINS, John  Bef 7 Dec 1743Prince George's Co., Maryland I6749
35 WEEMS, James William Lock  2 Dec 1811Prince George's Co., Maryland I11316
36 WHIPPS, Sarah  Abt Sep 1745Prince George's Co., Maryland I6893
37 WILLIAMS, Baruch Sr.  Bef 20 Mar 1694Prince George's Co., Maryland I10070
38 WILLIAMS, John  1792Prince George's Co., Maryland I11574


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LANSDALE, Philip van Horne  Prince George's Co., Maryland I4039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 LANSDALE, Ezra  5 Apr 1823Prince George's Co., Maryland I6505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 WARING, Marsham  1840Prince George's Co., Maryland I10224


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELT / LANSDALE  2 Dec 1794Prince George's Co., Maryland F2777
2 BOWIE / BOWIE  7 Feb 1801Prince George's Co., Maryland F8222
3 BOWIE / LANSDALE  2 Apr 1818Prince George's Co., Maryland F2748
4 BUCEY / RAY  Bef 27 Aug 1747Prince George's Co., Maryland F5416
5 CARROLL / SPRIGG  7 Oct 1828Prince George's Co., Maryland F2775
6 CLAGETT / LYLES  16 Jan 1779Prince George's Co., Maryland F7227
7 DAVIS / LANSDALE  7 Feb 1782Prince George's Co., Maryland F3829
8 FRANKLIN / WATERS  20 Jan 1807Prince George's Co., Maryland F2180
9 FREELAND / RAWLINGS  4 Jul 1870Prince George's Co., Maryland F4017
10 GHIELSIN / BOWIE  4 Dec 1827Prince George's Co., Maryland F2753
11 GHISELIN / LANSDALE  3 Dec 1827Prince George's Co., Maryland F2795
12 HARWOOD / WHYTE  29 Oct 1778Prince George's Co., Maryland F3698
13 LANSDALE / FRANKLIN  11 Dec 1834Prince George's Co., Maryland F184
14 LANSDALE / STEPHENSON  15 May 1815Prince George's Co., Maryland F2161
15 LANSDALE / WHEELER  19 Apr 1767Prince George's Co., Maryland F5418
16 PLUMMER / WILSON  6 Feb 1715Prince George's Co., Maryland F4098
17 RIDGELY / WATERS  15 Feb 1833Prince George's Co., Maryland F6262
18 RIDOUT / ADDISON  21 Dec 1790Prince George's Co., Maryland F1983
19 ROBB / LANSDALE  8 Sep 1798Prince George's Co., Maryland F6542
20 SPRIGG / BELT  11 Jul 1727Prince George's Co., Maryland F2904
21 THOMAS / LANSDALE  8 Nov 1804Prince George's Co., Maryland F5594
23 WARING / BELT  11 Dec 1824Prince George's Co., Maryland F7133
24 WATERS / DUCKETT  25 Mar 1794Prince George's Co., Maryland F2598
25 WATERS / MARRIOTT  26 Jun 1838Prince George's Co., Maryland F688
26 WOOTTON / BOWIE  27 Mar 1794Prince George's Co., Maryland F3824

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