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Houston, Harris Co., Texas



City : Latitude: 29.760426700, Longitude: -95.369802800


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dexter, Frank Dwyer  8 Nov 1900Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1680
2 Lamberth, Hellmuth Leroy  19 Jun 1921Houston, Harris Co., Texas I938
3 Lansdale, Sally Mannen  9 Dec 1921Houston, Harris Co., Texas I24
4 Lee, Mary Alice  21 Jun 1920Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1341
5 Reutzel, Harry Perry  10 Nov 1903Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1640
6 Rowland, Orell Ann  10 Jan 1937Houston, Harris Co., Texas I15956
7 Spicer, Anne Della  21 Jan 1903Houston, Harris Co., Texas I488
8 Warnken, Catherine Olga  7 Oct 1913Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1706
9 Warnken, John Paul  9 Nov 1917Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1708
10 Warnken, Mildred Louise  25 Oct 1915Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1707
11 Youngblood, Richard L.  11 Sep 1906Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1853


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brossmann, Metta  5 Aug 1928Houston, Harris Co., Texas I17
2 Carter, Kenneth Forest  Dec 1982Houston, Harris Co., Texas I2508
3 Ceres, Ferdinand Cashmere  20 Feb 1928Houston, Harris Co., Texas I14609
4 Chamberlain, Erie Gladys  20 Apr 1995Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1158
5 Finck, Henry Joseph  22 May 1967Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1269
6 Harris, Jean Arthur  6 Jun 1982Houston, Harris Co., Texas I15955
7 Hellmuth, Charles Frederick Jr.  24 Nov 1938Houston, Harris Co., Texas I565
8 Hellmuth, Gardner Benjamin  21 May 1951Houston, Harris Co., Texas I568
9 Hellmuth, Irwin Bennett  15 Jul 1958Houston, Harris Co., Texas I580
10 Hughes, Maxcy Galloway  12 Nov 1863Houston, Harris Co., Texas I7973
11 Jones, Bessie  16 Aug 1965Houston, Harris Co., Texas I15957
12 Lamberth, Lee Daniel  17 Apr 1948Houston, Harris Co., Texas I937
13 Markey, Joseph John  16 Jul 1960Houston, Harris Co., Texas I14514
14 McCormick, Hallie Emily  Houston, Harris Co., Texas I7645
15 Meerscheidt, Philip Alexander  14 Aug 1992Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1779
16 Moss, Edward Harry  18 Nov 1946Houston, Harris Co., Texas I989
17 Muenzler, Esther  27 Mar 1998Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1393
18 Rabensburg, Aubrey Henry  4 Jun 1986Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1814
19 Risinger, Furman Leon  1985Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1440
20 Risinger, James Allen  16 Jun 1961Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1441
21 Rowland, Arthur Conway  29 Nov 1948Houston, Harris Co., Texas I11972
22 Rowland, Arthur VanBuren  13 Jul 1978Houston, Harris Co., Texas I11978
23 Schneidau, Kristen Leigh  19 Dec 1979Houston, Harris Co., Texas I14282
24 Tomlinson, Hendley Edgar Sr.  13 Mar 1969Houston, Harris Co., Texas I15
25 Umland, Ella Elizabeth  17 Apr 1965Houston, Harris Co., Texas I14025
26 Vinson, Elinor McCormick  30 Apr 2001Houston, Harris Co., Texas I7663
27 von Rosenberg, Martha Eugenia  Sep 1981Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1242
28 von Rosenberg, Martin Arnold  10 Sep 1991Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1087
29 von Rosenberg, Monte Joan  1982Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1066
30 Warnken, Mildred Louise  1 Apr 1918Houston, Harris Co., Texas I1707


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Lucilla  1870Houston, Harris Co., Texas I10129
2 Farrow, Augusta Ann  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I10127
3 Farrow, John Madison  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I2604
4 Farrow, John Steven  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I10128
5 Farrow, Leroy Rankin  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I10126
6 Farrow, Leroy Rankin  1870Houston, Harris Co., Texas I10126
7 Knight, Tabitha Marguerite  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I3875
8 Lansdale, John Sr.  1930Houston, Harris Co., Texas I12
9 Lansdale, John "Jack" Jr.  1930Houston, Harris Co., Texas I11
10 Lansdale, Sally Mannen  1930Houston, Harris Co., Texas I24
11 Mannen, May Hamilton  1930Houston, Harris Co., Texas I13
12 Tomlinson, Capt. Augustus Austere  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I3871
13 Tomlinson, Capt. Augustus Austere  1870Houston, Harris Co., Texas I3871
14 Tomlinson, Hendley Edgar Sr.  1940Houston, Harris Co., Texas I15
15 Tomlinson, William Chisholm Noel  1860Houston, Harris Co., Texas I2600
16 Tomlinson, William Ruben (Willie)  1870Houston, Harris Co., Texas I3876
17 von Rosenberg, Alma Julie  1940Houston, Harris Co., Texas I14


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fricke / Strauss  22 Nov 1933Houston, Harris Co., Texas F715
2 Habermacher / von Rosenberg  21 Jan 1920Houston, Harris Co., Texas F712
3 Hellmuth / Gray  30 Dec 1930Houston, Harris Co., Texas F349
4 Neumann / Muenzler  29 May 1945Houston, Harris Co., Texas F779
5 Rowland / Jones  14 Aug 1921Houston, Harris Co., Texas F11261