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Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts


Place details

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Town : Latitude: 42.195929000, Longitude: -70.725863300


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barden, Abraham Jr.  11 Dec 1698Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12783
2 Barstow, Benjamin  1 Mar 1679Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10495
3 Barstow, Deborah  26 Dec 1681Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10496
4 Barstow, Joseph  22 Jan 1675Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10487
5 Barstow, Samuel  1 Jan 1683Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10482
6 Barstow, Susannah  3 Jun 1667Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10494
7 Booth, Eunice  5 Mar 1694/5Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10446
8 Booth, John Jr.  1 Jan 1661Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10459
9 Booth, Mary  6 Jun 1669Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10454
10 Briggs, Cornelius Sr.  1647Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10372
11 Briggs, Cornelius Jr.  10 Dec 1680Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I643
12 Buck, Rachel  Aug 1674Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10385
13 Dodson, Mary  1656Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10456
14 Doughty, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1654Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10485
15 Doughty, Mary  23 Jun 1650Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10373
16 Dwelley, Rachel  27 Sep 1695Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I3567
17 Hyland, Mary /Hilland  15 May 1667Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10438
18 Randall, Deborah  23 Aug 1693Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12797
19 Randall, Isaac  Abt 1658Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10497
20 Randall, Job  8 Feb 1654Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10484
21 Randall, Lydia  24 Oct 1690Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10483
22 Randall, Mary  29 Oct 1680Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10486
23 Randall, Ruth  1719Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10441
24 Randall, Susannah  15 Nov 1687Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10500
25 Stetson, Nathaniel  1685Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10501
26 Stockbridge, Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1639Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10437
27 Sylvester, Amos  15 Nov 1685Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10447
28 Sylvester, Caleb  14 Dec 1719Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10470
29 Sylvester, Michael  27 Oct 1714Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10388
30 Sylvester, Nathaniel  29 Apr 1718Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10458
31 Turner, Amos  Abt 1671Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10439
32 Turner, Caleb Sr.  16 Aug 1691Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I3566
33 Turner, Ezekiel  7 Jan 1701Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10440


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Randall, Job  4 Mar 1655Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10484
2 Turner, Abner  1 Sep 1734Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12753
3 Turner, Content  24 Mar 1723Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12746
4 Turner, Grace  24 Mar 1722Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12748
5 Turner, Lusanna  12 Mar 1733Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12752
6 Turner, Lydia  9 Dec 1734Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12754
7 Turner, Marlborough  5 Sep 1731Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12751
8 Turner, Priscilla  15 May 1726Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12750
9 Turner, Rachel  24 Mar 1722Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12747
10 Turner, Simeon  19 Jul 1724Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12749


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barden, Sage  7 Oct 1791Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10457
2 Barstow, Joseph  17 Apr 1712Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10480
3 Barstow, Mary  16 Nov 1708Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10475
4 Barstow, Samuel  23 Oct 1730Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10482
5 Barstow, Susannah  16 Feb 1691Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10494
6 Booth, Eunice  10 Jan 1769Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10446
7 Brewster, Mary  Aft 23 Mar 1698Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10443
8 Bryant, John  20 Nov 1684Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10509
9 Buck, Cornet John  Abt 1697Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10386
10 Dwelley, John  1718Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10384
11 Dwelley, Richard  27 May 1692Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10426
12 Gamer, Lydia  Bef 1673Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10380
13 Hyland, Thomas /Hilland  1683Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I6211
14 Lincoln, Susannah  31 Jan 1730Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10481
15 Randall, Job  19 Sep 1727Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10484
16 Randall, Mary  3 Dec 1753Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10486
17 Randall, Ruth  25 May 1805Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10441
18 Randall, William  13 Oct 1693Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10498
19 Stetson, Nathaniel  12 Apr 1713Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10501
20 Stetson, Cornet Robert  1 Feb 1702Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10503
21 Sylvester, Richard  1663Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10476
22 Turner, Abner  25 Jan 1810Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12753
23 Turner, Amos  13 Apr 1739Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10439
24 Turner, Humphrey  Bef 5 Jun 1673Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10379
25 Turner, John Sr.  Aft 20 May 1697Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10442
26 Turner, Simeon  22 Jul 1761Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I12749
27 Turner, Thomas Sr.  Nov 1688Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I3570
28 Williams, John  Abt 1694Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10449
29 Williams, John  22 Jun 1694Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I10450


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barden / Booth  20 Oct 1697Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7262
2 Barden / Booth  9 Jun 1720Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7261
3 Barstow / Lincoln  16 May 1666Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7318
4 Briggs / Barker  24 Oct 1706Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7243
5 Bryant / Hyland  Apr 1664Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7335
6 Dodson / Williams  12 Nov 1651Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7298
7 Doughty / Turner  15 Aug 1649Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7250
8 Dwelley / Buck  4 Jan 1692/93Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7255
9 Sylvester / Barden  12 Nov 1740Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F2472
10 Turner / Brewster  12 Nov 1645Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7292
11 Turner / Dwelley  27 Oct 1713Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F2474
12 Turner / Hyland  6 Jan 1652Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F2476
13 Turner / Hyland  6 Apr 1695Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7290
14 Turner / Jenkins  9 Feb 1695Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F2475
15 Turner / Randall  17 Jun 1736Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F7291

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