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Prince William Co., Virginia



County/Shire : Latitude: 38.783893, Longitude: -77.607786


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dye, Henry Clay  24 Jan 1815Prince William Co., Virginia I9354
2 Dye, Huldah Ann  30 Aug 1816Prince William Co., Virginia I9355
3 Dye, John Hixson Sr.  1785Prince William Co., Virginia I9298
4 Dye, John Hixson Jr.  Abt 25 Feb 1826Prince William Co., Virginia I9359
5 Dye, Johnson  Abt 1 Feb 1823Prince William Co., Virginia I9357
6 Dye, Lydia  Abt 1780Prince William Co., Virginia I9314
7 Dye, Mary Elizabeth  2 Apr 1818Prince William Co., Virginia I9356
8 Dye, Virginia  Abt 19 Dec 1823Prince William Co., Virginia I9358
9 Hixson, Benjamin  25 Jan 1824Prince William Co., Virginia I2901
10 Hixson, Eppa  1849Prince William Co., Virginia I2920
11 Hixson, Felix Grundy  1840Prince William Co., Virginia I2919
12 Hixson, John Sr.  18 Jul 1790Prince William Co., Virginia I2883
13 Hixson, John Jr.  14 Nov 1828Prince William Co., Virginia I2903
14 Hixson, Juliet Virginia  Abt 1831Prince William Co., Virginia I2911
15 Hixson, Leland  1846Prince William Co., Virginia I2918
16 Hixson, Louisa  Abt 1859Prince William Co., Virginia I10783
17 Hixson, Lucretia P.  Abt 1843Prince William Co., Virginia I2915
18 Hixson, Mary O.  7 Apr 1822Prince William Co., Virginia I2896
19 Hixson, Mary O.  Abt 1869Prince William Co., Virginia I10781
20 Hixson, Moses  Abt 1808Prince William Co., Virginia I2889
21 Hixson, Robert Wallace  1841Prince William Co., Virginia I2917
22 Hixson, Thomas Philip  24 Apr 1833Prince William Co., Virginia I2912
23 Hixson, William James  4 May 1822Prince William Co., Virginia I2898


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Artepe, Sara  2 Oct 1797Prince William Co., Virginia I9305
2 Dye, Catherine "Katy"  Bef 1798Prince William Co., Virginia I9349
3 Dye, Huldah Ann  9 May 1893Prince William Co., Virginia I9355
4 Dye, John "Hickory"  Apr 1798Prince William Co., Virginia I9300
5 Dye, John Hixson Jr.  8 Jan 1831Prince William Co., Virginia I9359
6 Dye, Johnson  10 Feb 1823Prince William Co., Virginia I9357
7 Dye, Mary Elizabeth  Aug 1902Prince William Co., Virginia I9356
8 Dye, Vincent A.  1796Prince William Co., Virginia I9304
9 Dye, Virginia  27 Sep 1826Prince William Co., Virginia I9358
10 Hixson, William  5 Dec 1831Prince William Co., Virginia I9309
11 Hutchinson, John  1780Prince William Co., Virginia I831
12 Hutchinson, Sara  Prince William Co., Virginia I9307
13 Johnson, Benjamin Hixson  26 Nov 1881Prince William Co., Virginia I919
14 Johnson, Elizabeth  Aft Jul 1860Prince William Co., Virginia I9526
15 Johnson, Rut Jr.  Jan 1825Prince William Co., Virginia I9302
16 Johnson, Rutger Sr.  Aft 1793Prince William Co., Virginia I9405
17 Skillman, Allison French  Prince William Co., Virginia I9773


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I10782
2 Butler, Jane  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2910
3 Butler, Jane  1870Prince William Co., Virginia I2910
4 Hixson, Elizabeth  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2905
5 Hixson, Eppa  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2920
6 Hixson, Eppa  1870Prince William Co., Virginia I2920
7 Hixson, Felix Grundy  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2919
8 Hixson, George Washington  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2906
9 Hixson, John Jr.  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2903
10 Hixson, John Sr.  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2883
11 Hixson, Juliet Virginia  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2911
12 Hixson, Leland  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2918
13 Hixson, Leland  1870Prince William Co., Virginia I2918
14 Hixson, Levi W.  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2913
15 Hixson, Livonia  1870Prince William Co., Virginia I2921
16 Hixson, Louisa  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I10783
17 Hixson, Lucretia P.  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2915
18 Hixson, Lucretia P.  1870Prince William Co., Virginia I2915
19 Hixson, Margaret Emily  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2914
20 Hixson, Moses  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2889
21 Hixson, Robert Wallace  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2917
22 Hixson, Robert Wallace  1870Prince William Co., Virginia I2917
23 Hixson, Thomas Philip  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2912
24 Hixson, William James  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2898
25 Lipscomb, Margaret Jane  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2899
26 Woodyard, Priscilla  1850Prince William Co., Virginia I2894