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Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland


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City : Latitude: 39.464766500, Longitude: -76.733652100


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bucey, Priscilla  Abt 1829Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6847
2 Gary, James A. Jr.  19 Jan 1887Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8847
3 Howard, William Key  27 Jul 1829Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I9066
4 Marshall, Hudson  15 Jul 1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I11308
5 Robinson, Alverda  6 Jul 1802Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8831
6 Spence, Louisa Wallace  1 Apr 1844Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6586
7 Weedon, Francis Isabel  24 Nov 1906Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6606


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Carroll, Charles "Of Carrollton"  14 Nov 1832Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I12382
2 Deale, Anne Elizabeth  18 Feb 1869Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I3815
3 Dulany, Daniel Jr.  17 Mar 1797Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10041
4 Farquhar, Dr. Charles Sr.  10 Dec 1844Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10986
5 Galloway, Dr. John  18 Dec 1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6861
6 Gill, John  2 Jul 1912Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6583
7 Howard, William  25 Aug 1834Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I9065
8 Lansdale, Violetta  13 Apr 1865Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I4015
9 Schley, Agnes  Abt 1857Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I16494
10 Schley, John Thomas  1876Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I16500
11 Schley, William Ludwig  20 Mar 1872Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I16496


Matches 1 to 162 of 162

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Esther Mary  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10984
2 Fanny  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7478
3 Jane Deborah  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10151
4 Jane Deborah  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10151
5 Beall, Anna Hanson  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6549
6 Brehme, Amelia Kane Oakford  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5542
7 Brehme, Franklin Waters Hall  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5541
8 Brehme, Lena Virginia  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5543
9 Brehme, Ottomar  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5094
10 Brehme, Sophia Waters  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5539
11 Brehme, Thomas Hall  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5540
12 Brehme, Thomas Hall  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5551
13 Brehme, Thomas Hall  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5540
14 Brehme, William Ottomar  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5552
15 Burwell, Elliot Hall  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7120
16 Crane, James C.  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5097
17 Crane, Jean Daniel  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5634
18 Deale, Elizabeth Francis "Fannie"  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5131
19 Deale, Elizabeth Francis "Fannie"  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5131
20 Deale, Elizabeth Francis "Fannie"  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5131
21 Deale, Mary Franklin  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5126
22 Deale, Mary Franklin  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5126
23 Estep, Rachel Hall  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5099
24 Estep, Sarah  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5103
25 Fischer, Caroline  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8844
26 Fischer, Caroline  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8844
27 Fischer, John  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10978
28 Fischer, Louis Christian  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6585
29 Fischer, Philip  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10977
30 Gary, Ann Franklin  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10982
31 Gary, James A. Jr.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8847
32 Gary, James A. III  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10983
33 Gary, James A. Jr.  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8847
34 Gill, Charlotte Morris "Lottie"  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I1503
35 Gill, John  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6583
36 Gill, Olivia Murray Bispham  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I1504
37 Guise, Kathryn Evalyn  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10164
38 Hall, Charles William  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I4286
39 Hall, Franklin Waters  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I4281
40 Hall, John Henry  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5091
41 Hall, Laura  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5089
42 Hall, Mary  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I4284
43 Hall, Mary  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I4284
44 Hall, Thomas John Jr.  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I4279
45 Hall, Thomas John Sr.  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I3807
46 Hall, Virginia  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5090
47 Hall, Virginia  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5090
48 Keyser, Ann Franklin  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8846
49 Keyser, Ann Franklin  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8846
50 Keyser, Ann Franklin  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8846
51 Keyser, H. Irvin  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10979
52 Keyser, Henry Barroll  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I8845
53 Keyser, Mary H.  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10980
54 Lankford, Floyd Jr.  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5108
55 Lankford, Floyd Sr.  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5107
56 Lankford, Richard Estep  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5109
57 Lansdale, Cassandra Berry  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5875
58 Lansdale, Charles  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10256
59 Lansdale, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10253
60 Lansdale, Ella  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10152
61 Lansdale, Ella  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10152
62 Lansdale, Francis A.  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10144
63 Lansdale, George Oliver  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10137
64 Lansdale, George R.  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10254
65 Lansdale, Isaac Wesley  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10138
66 Lansdale, Isaac Wesley  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10138
67 Lansdale, John William Fletcher  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10140
68 Lansdale, Mary / Mollie  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10255
69 Lansdale, Mary Ellen  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10141
70 Lansdale, Robert Vinton  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10145
71 Legg, Minnie Isabel  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6604
72 Legg, Minnie Isabel  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6604
73 Lowery, Eleanor  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5545
74 Marshall, Lt. Col. Charles  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I11305
75 Marshall, Emily Rosalie Snowden  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I11307
76 Marshall, Hudson  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I11308
77 Martin, Mildred Iglehart  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I3667
78 Millar, Alexander  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10167
79 Moores, Emma Rebecca  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10162
80 Mount, Charles Owens  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6599
81 Mount, Charles Owens  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6599
82 Mount, John Keener  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6600
83 Mount, John Keener  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6593
84 Mount, John Keener  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6600
85 Mount, John Keener  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6593
86 Mount, John Keener  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6600
87 Mount, John Keener  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6593
88 Mount, Mary Deale  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6601
89 Mount, Mary Deale  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6601
90 Mount, Thomas Keener  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6598
91 Mount, Thomas Keener  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6598
92 Mullikin, Alexander Marshall  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6564
93 Mullikin, James Macelderry Jr.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6563
94 Mullikin, James Macelderry  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6560
95 Ogle, Caroline Lansdale  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7170
96 Ogle, Frances Caroline  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7169
97 Ogle, Harry  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6989
98 Ogle, Louisa  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7172
99 Ogle, Mary E.  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6983
100 Ogle, Randolph  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7479
101 Ogle, Richard L.  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7171
102 Ogle, Richard Lowndes  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7162
103 Ogle, Rosalie  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6988
104 Ogle, Susan Hodges  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7173
105 Owens, Charles W.  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5127
106 Owens, Elizabeth Deale  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5134
107 Owens, Elizabeth Deale  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5134
108 Owens, Elizabeth Deale  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5134
109 Owens, Elizabeth Deale  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5134
110 Owens, Elizabeth Deale  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5134
111 Owens, Roberta Welch  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5135
112 Owens, Roberta Welch  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5135
113 Owens, Roberta Welch  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5135
114 Owens, Roberta Welch  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5135
115 Parker, Cordelia  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10154
116 Parker, Edwin Llewellyn  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5879
117 Parker, Llewellyn Lansdale  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10163
118 Parker, Llewellyn Lansdale  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10163
119 Parker, Llewelyn Lansdale  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10153
120 Parker, Malcolm  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10161
121 Perkins, Charles Franklin  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6597
122 Perkins, Charles Franklin  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6597
123 Perkins, Charles Franklin  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6597
124 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Jr.  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6594
125 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Sr.  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6592
126 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Jr.  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6594
127 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Sr.  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6592
128 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Jr.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6594
129 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Sr.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6592
130 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Jr.  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6594
131 Perkins, Clarence Warrick Sr.  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6592
132 Perkins, Eben Francis  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6596
133 Perkins, Eben Francis  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6596
134 Perkins, Eben Francis  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6596
135 Perkins, Elizabeth  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6595
136 Perkins, Elizabeth  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6595
137 Price, Anne Beall  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6556
138 Randall, Elizabeth W.  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10549
139 Shackelford, Richard Tillyard M.D.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I3666
140 Shackelford, William T. Sr.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5105
141 Shackelford, William T. Jr.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I3665
142 Skinner, Capt. Thomas R. Sr.  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6848
143 Snowden, Sarah Rebecca  1870Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I11303
144 Spence, Louisa Wallace  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6586
145 Stephenson, Miranda  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5874
146 Trapnell, Joseph  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5626
147 Waters, Rachel Sophia  1850Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I3801
148 Weedon, Elizabeth Deale  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6608
149 Weedon, Francis Isabel  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6606
150 Weedon, Francis Isabel  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6606
151 Weedon, James Deale  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6602
152 Weedon, James Deale  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6602
153 Weedon, James Deale  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6602
154 Weedon, Margaret Myles  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6607
155 Weedon, Margaret Myles  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6607
156 Weedon, William H.  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6591
157 Weedon, William H.  1910Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6591
158 Weedon, William H.  1920Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6591
159 Weedon, William Stone  1900Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I6603
160 Woolen, Elizabeth Sellman  1930Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I5632
161 Worthington, Clementine  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7477
162 Worthington, Thomas H.  1880Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I7174

Military enlistment

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military enlistment    Person ID 
1 Lansdale, George R.  1 Nov 1878Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland I10254


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Estep / Sudler  1894Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland F3584
2 Howard / Schley  9 Feb 1854Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland F11631

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