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Louisiana Family Mysteries

Welcome to the swamps! The Louisiana branches (most, but not all, from New Orleans) have not historically been as well researched as the families on this website from Maryland and New England. Asahel McLellan, whose family moved from the northeast to New Orleans, has a fairly well documented family. But research on the other families here—the Pitards, Gamards, Courets, Maupays, DeGranges, and the rest—has required some fairly difficult, but also rewarding, research. As you can see by the number of queries below, help would be appreciated!

1. Post-immigration ancestors.

All of these problems are about parentage. I would really like to push back all the major branches on the site to immigration, but it's just not that easy. These people's parents (it seems) lived in America, but can't be found. . . :

This problem is from a different branch of the tree altogether:

2. Other Puzzles.

Names and dates are mere data. Turning them into stories is how they become interesting. Here are some problems I've come across: