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1749 map by Lewis Evans

This map, printed in America in 1749, coined the iconic phrase "Endless Mountains" for the Appalachian range. Lancaster County was formed in 1729, and so appears here. The borders between Pennsylvania and Delaware were fairly new. Penn's original track had included the New Castle region. It is taken from Harold Cramer's mapsofpa.com, where a much larger version can be found.

The map is helpful for several families on the tree. One includes the Quaker families from South-eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, including the Coopers, the Greggs, and others (more can be discovered about them on the page about Quakers). Another group includes branches of New Jersey families, including the Dyes, and the Hutchinsons, among others, who lived in Bergen County near New York City before migrating south to Northern Virginia, especially Loudoun County.

1749 map