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 #  ID   Source 
301 S273 Genealogy of the Jenks Family of America. Concord., NH.
302 S202 Matilda P. Badger. Genealogy of the Linthicum and Allied Families. Baltimore, MD.
303 S33 Gilbert Cope. Genealogy of the Sharpless Family. Philadelphia.
304 S263 Gilbert Cope. Genealogy of the Smedley Family, descended from George and Sarah Smedley. Lancaster, PA: Wickersham Printing Co..
305 S426 Lewis Woodward. Genealogy of the Woodward Family of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Wilmington, DE: Ferris Bros..
306 S356 Ezra Warner. Generals in Blue: the Lives of the Union Commanders. Baton Rouge: LSU Press.
307 S787 Georgia Deaths, 1919-98.
308 S780 Georgia, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1940-1942.
309 S84 Harry W. Pfanz. Gettysburg: Culps' Hill and Cemetery Hill. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.
310 S375 Web Master Jack Burn. Ghotes.net: Genealogy and HIstory of the Eastern Shore.
311 S236 Grandpa's Scrapbook: The Family of Thomas Browne.
312 S489 John P. Grant. Grants and Their Relatives. Privately Printed.
313 S794 Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association. Greenwood Cemetery.
314 S261 A. Gregor Melanson. Gregor's Gathering.
315 S299 Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.. Guide to Confederate Military Units 1861-1865. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press.
316 S268 David E. Gulick. Gulicks of the U.S.A.. Pub. by the Author.
317 S39 Genevieve Jones, et seq.. Gunston Hall Plantation.
318 S23 Donna Jean Hamilton Cochrane. Hamilton: Early Kentucky Settlers. privately published, 1999.
319 S900 Hancock County Historical Society. Hancock County Marriage Index (1849 - 1956).
320 S25 Texas State Historical Association. Handbook of Texas On-line.
321 S483 Polly Grose. Hannah: The Story of hanah Ingledew Janney, 1725-1818. York: William Sessions.
322 S416 Jon Harland Livezey and Helene Maynard Davis. Harford County, Maryland Marriage Licenses, 1777-1865. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend, 2000.
323 S802 Melissa Daggett. Henry Louis Rey, Spiritualism, and Creoles of Color in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans. M.A. Diss., Dept. of History, University of New Orleans.
324 S527 William Perry Johnson. Hiatt - Hiett Genealogy and Family History. Jesse Hiatt Family Association.
325 S313 Gilbert Cope and Henry Graham Ashmead. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Chester and Delware Counties, Pennsylvania. New York: Lewis.
326 S553 William Richard Cutter. Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. New York: Lewis.
327 S184 GWFF Foundation. Historic Kenmore and George Washington's Ferry Farm.
328 S757 George B. Blogdette. Historical Collections of the Essex Institute. 1-42.
329 S572 Histories of Henry Chancy Kent and Mary Ellen Smith.
330 S241 Alfred Mathews and Austin N. Hungerford. Histories of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Philadephia: Everts and Richards, 1884.
331 S252 Alpheus H. Harlan. History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family. Baltimore: Lord Baltimore Press.
332 S562 L. Vernon Briggs. History and Records of the First Congregational Church, Hanover, Mass., 1727-1865, and Inscriptions from the Headstones and Tombs in the Cemetery at Centre Hanover, Mass., 1727-1894. Boston: Wallace Spooner.
333 S514 Parker McCobb Reed. History of Bath and Environs, Sagadahoc County, Maine, 1607-1894. Portland, ME: Lakeside Press.
334 S575 Francis B. Greene. History of Boothbay, Southport, and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, 1623-1905, with Family Genealogies. Portland: Loring, Short & Harmon.
335 S148 William Henry Perrin. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky. Chicago: O.L. Baskin.
336 S149 Nathaniel Thompson Allison. History of Cherokee County Kansas and its representative citizens. Chicago: Biographical Publishing Co..
337 S513 J. Smith Fulthey and Gilbert Cope. History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, wiht Genealogy and Biographical Sketches. Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts.
338 S85 W. Woodford Clayton. History of Cumberland Co., Maine. Philadelphia: Everts & Peck.
339 S240 Hugh Davis McLellan. History of Gorham, Maine. Portland: Smith and Sale; rpt. Picton Press.
340 S690 Angelyn V. Weems Parks. History of Ida V. Hartge and Wilson T. Weems of Shady Side, Maryland. Baltimore: Gateway Press.
341 S311 Franklin Ellis and Samuel Evans. History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men.
342 S692 Rev. O.G. Ragan. History of Lewis County, Kentucky. Cincinnati: Press of Jennings and Graham.
343 S748 John Kendall. History of New Orleans. Lewis: Chicago.
344 S806 Bradford Kingman. History of North Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, from its first settlement to the present time, with family registers. Boston: by the author.
345 S2 J. Thomas Scharf and Thompson Westcott. History of Philadelphia 1609-1884. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co..
346 S634 George Folsom. History of Saco and Biddeford with Notices of Other Early Settlements. Saco: Alex Putnam.
347 S560 Samuel Deane. History of Scituate, Massachusetts, from its First Settlement to 1831. Boston: James Loring.
348 S408 Mary F. Price. History of the Gilbert Family of Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, et al.. Privately distributed.
349 S362 Waldo Lincoln. History of the Lincoln Family: An Account of the Descendants of Samuel Lincoln of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1637-1920. Worcester: Commonwealth Press, 1923.
350 S322 Josiah Granville Leach. History of the Penrose Family of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Privately Published.
351 S366 George Lincoln, et al.. History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts. Hingham: Town of Hingham, 1893.
352 S143 Douglas Andes Weems. History of the Weems Family. Annapolis: Weems System of Navigation.
353 S380 John N. Boucher (vol. 1); ~ and John W. Jordan (vol. 2). History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. New York: Lewis Publishing, 1906.
354 S635 History of York County, Maine, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches. Philadelphia: Everts & Peck.
355 S186 Marilyn Roth. HOOD of Anne Arundel Co., MD.
356 S615 James Houston. Houstons of Pequea and Allied Families.
357 S914 http://plato.mdarchives.state.md.us/pages/index.aspx.
358 S629 http://www.mainegenealogy.net/.
359 S235 William David Barry. Hugh McLellan's Family Line.
360 S499 Virginia Phillips-Smith. Hughes and Phillips; Smith and Lapham.
361 S770 Illinois, Cook County Marriages, 1871-1920.
362 S920 Illinois, County Marriage Records, 1800-1940.
363 S726 Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947.
364 S549 Myers, Albert Cook. Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750.
365 S303 William Miller Owen. In Camp and In Battle with the Washington Artillery of New Orleans. rpt. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Univ. Press.
366 S345 Helen W. Brown. Index of Marriage Licenses, Prince George's County, Maryland, 1777-1886. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing.
367 S120 Susan Hocker. Index to Early Louisiana Patents, 1810-1890.
368 S216 Index to Loudoun County, Virginia Wills: 1757-1850. Lovettsville, VA: Willow Bend.
369 S107 Index to New Orleans Indentures, 1809-1843.
370 S507 Index to Virginia Confederate Rosters. “The Confederate Rosters are now part of the Virginia Dept. of Military Affairs record group (RG# 46) housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.”.
371 S584 John Henry Brown. Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas. Austin: L.E. Daniell.
372 S414 Henry C. Peden, Jr.. Inhabitants of Harford County, Maryland 1791-1800. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend, 2001.
373 S242 Interment.net contributors. Interment.net.
374 S30 W.H.K.Irvine. Irvineclan.com.
375 S266 Swarthmore College. Jackson-Conard Family Papers, 1748-1910.
376 S814 Jacmel, Parish record book.
377 S452 Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. Jamestown Rediscovery.
378 S379 Philadelphia Historical Society. Janney Family.
379 S1 John Lansdale, Jr.. John Lansdale: A Life. Privately Printed.
380 S598 John Latrobe. John Latrobe Family Homepage.
381 S456 Maris Caroline (Savage) Sweeney. Journal. unpublished.
382 S151 Frank W. Blackmar. Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History. Chicago: Standard Publishing Co..
383 S546 Timothy Hopkins. Kelloggs in the Old World and The New. San Francisco: Sunset.
384 S5 Kentucky Cemetery Records Database.
385 S517 Mrs. W.T. Breeze. Kentucky Court Records: Bracken County Marriages 1797-1851. Kentucky Genealogical Research Committee.
386 S147 Kentucky Death Index, 1911-present.
387 S382 Kentucky, County Marriages, 1797-1954.
388 S462 Kentucky, Wills and Probate Records, 1774-1989. Ancestry.com Operations, Inc..
389 S540 W.H. Perrin, J.H. Battle, & G.C. Kniffin. Kentucky: A History of the State. 7th. ed..
390 S532 Stephen D. Lynn. Ky Civil War Confederate Links.
391 S659 Marla McCullough, Mason County KyGenWeb Archivist. KYGenWeb: Mason County, Kentucky.
392 S701 LafayetteGenWeb.
393 S11 F. Edward Wright. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Church Records of the 18th Century. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, If a volume number is not present, the reference is to volume 3, which includes Quaker church records..
394 S111 Lansdale Family Bible.
395 S293 Lansdale/Woodward Family Bible.
396 S83 Angela duQuesnay-Garcia. le Mercier DuQuesnay Family History.
397 S851 Leagle, Inc. . Leagle.
398 S852 Leagle, Inc. . Leagle.
399 S133 Kirkwood A. LeCompte. LeComptes of Castle Haven.
400 S51 Terry L. Jones. Lee's Tigers: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Univ. Press.
401 S258 Paul Wallace Lefort Jr.. Leforts in LaFourche: A 200 year journey.
402 S702 French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Les combattants francais de la guerre americaine 1778-1783.
403 S860 Les Registres Paroissiaux et D’Etat Civil.
404 S18 Letter by Henry M. Hutton.
405 S140 Marguerite Glenn Hillabold. Letter by M.G. Hillabold.
406 S685 Sadie McLellan, Katheryn H. Woods. Letter, "Descendants of James Brackett McLellan".
407 S469 Letter, "Edward Hambleton Freeland, US Navy".
408 S12 Joseph H. DeGrange. Letter, Joseph H. DeGrange to Ellen M. DeGrange.
409 S317 Priscilla Walker Streets. Lewis Walker of Chester Valley and his Descendants . . . 1686-1896. Philadelphia: Alfred J. Ferris.
410 S535 Charles Chester Cole. Lion of the Forest: James B. Finley, Frontier Reformer. University Press of Kentucky.
411 S691 Eckenrode, H.J.. List of the Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia. Richmond, VA: D. Bottom.
412 S315 Howard Williams Lloyd. Lloyd Manuscripts. Lancaster, PA: New Era Printing.
413 S221 John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.. Loudoun County Marriages, 1760-1850 (Virginia Historic Marriage Register). Athens, GA: Iberian.
414 S684 Louisiana Biography & Obituary Index.
415 S663 Louisiana Courier. 2 col. 6; 3 col. 4.
416 S664 Louisiana Courier.
417 S678 Louisiana Courier. Pg. 2 col. 3.
418 S958 Albert Tate, Jr. . Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association. 70-84.
419 S889 Louisiana Marriages, 1718-1925.
420 S704 Anne S. Anderson. Louisiana Records. 35-40.
421 S10 Suzanne Ormond. Louisiana's Art Nouveau. Pelican Publishing.
422 S88 Louisiana, Births and Christenings, 1811-1830; 1854-1934.
423 S730 Louisiana, Confederate Pensions, 1898-1950.
424 S727 Louisiana, Deaths Index, 1850-1875, 1894-1956.
425 S665 Louisiana, First Registration Draft Cards, 1940-1945.
426 S226 Louisiana, Marriages, 1816-1906.
427 S810 Louisiana, Naturalization Records, 1836-2001.
428 S903 Louisiana, New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1820-1845. NARA microfilm publication M259.
429 S99 Louisiana, Orleans Parish Estate Files, 1804-1846.
430 S893 Louisiana, Parish Court, Index to Slave Emancipation Petitions, 1814-1843.
431 S731 Louisiana, Parish Marriages, 1837-1957.
432 S750 Louisiana, Second Registration Draft Cards, compiled 1948-1959.
433 S777 Louisiana, Statewide Death Index, 1900-1949.
434 S904 Louisiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1756-1984.
435 S782 Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish): General Index of all Successions, 1805-1846.
436 S711 Louisiana. Parish Court (Orleans Parish)-Index to the Suit Records, 1813-1846.
437 S26 Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form.. Century Historical Association.
438 S681 Lousiana Soldiers in the War of 1812. Baton Rouge: Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society.
439 S563 Maine Gettysburg Commissioners. Maine at Gettysburg.
440 S61 Maine Genealogical Society. Maine Families in 1790. Picton Press.
441 S301 Maine Historical Society. Maine Memory Network.
442 S926 Maine, Birth Records, 1715-1922.
443 S759 Maine, Births and Christenings, 1739-1900.
444 S927 Maine, Death Records, 1761-1922.
445 S767 Maine, Deaths and Burials, 1841-1910.
446 S766 Maine, Marriages, 1771-1907.
447 S239 Maine, Veterans Cemetery Records, 1676-1918. 1975.
448 S227 Maine, Vital Records, 1670-1907.
449 S152 Harry Wright Newman. Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation: A Genealogical History of Mareen Duvall and His Descendants with Histories of the Allied Families of Tyler, Clarke, Poole, Hall, and Merriken. Washington.
450 S581 Margaret E. Myers. Marriage Licenses of Frederick Co., Maryland, 1778-1810, 2nd ed.. Family Line Pubs..
451 S57 Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry. Marriage Records of Mason County, Kentucky. Chillicothe, MO.
452 S639 Sylvia Gorman Greene. Marriage Records Prince George’s Co., Maryland 1777 to 1836. Mt. Rainer, MD: privately published.
453 S208 Marriages and Deaths from the Maryland Gazette, 1727-1839. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing.
454 S229 Mary Alice Weertz. Marriages of Loudon Co., VA. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co..
455 S32 John Marshall. Marshall Genealogy Page.
456 S706 Francois-Xavier Martin. Martin's Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Louisiana.
457 S209 Sharon J. Doliante. Maryland and Virginia Colonials. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing.
458 S75 Maryland Births and Christenings 1650-1995.
459 S349 Maryland Deponents. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend.
460 S376 Mrs. Henry B. Montgomery. Maryland Genealogical Notes: Wells Family of Maryland. personally published; typescript.
461 S6 Rudolf Loeser. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 475-521.
462 S7 Rudolf Loeser. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 491-518.
463 S20 Brice Clagett. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 168-69.
464 S54 Rudolf Loeser. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 159-221.
465 S91 Ernest C. Allnutt, Jr.. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 249-296.
466 S136 Gale E.S. Honeyman and Agnes Winkleman. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 30-47.
467 S137 Nellie Owings Chaney. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 206-214.
468 S138 James Duvall Trabue. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 6-25.
469 S168 Richard D. Prall. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 535-541.
470 S192 Fredric Z. Saunders. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 51-101.
471 S194 Peter Wilson Coldham. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 483-488.
472 S206 Fredric Z. Saunders. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 169-186.
473 S231 Louis F. Giles. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 3-21.
474 S374 William E. Groves. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 362-69.
475 S422 Richard Prall. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 535-41.
476 S530 Arliss Shaffer Monk, S.G.. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. 64-66.
477 S193 Maryland Genealogical Society Journal. 489.
478 S123 J. Reaney Kelly. Maryland Historical Magazine. 334-345.
479 S162 L. Morris Leisenring. Maryland Historical Magazine. 188-208.
480 S163 Raymond B. Clark, Jr.. Maryland Historical Magazine. 81-92.
481 S164 J. Reaney Kelly. Maryland Historical Magazine. 349-403.
482 S340 Christopher Johnston. Maryland Historical Magazine. 74-84.
483 S419 Ferdinand B. Focke. Maryland Historical Magazine. 275-84, 406-09.
484 S421 Christopher Johnston. Maryland Historical Magazine. 181-84, 280-84, 369-76.
485 S619 Francis B. Culver. Maryland Historical Magazine. 386-403.
486 S204 Francis Culver. Maryland Historical Society Magazine.
487 S195 Maryland Archives. Maryland Indexes: Marriage References.
488 S930 Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties.
489 S132 Andrew LeCompte, et al.. Maryland LeCompte Family Genealogical Project.
490 S346 Maryland Marriages 1634-1777. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing.
491 S660 Maryland Marriages, 1666-1970.
492 S479 Henry C. Peden, Jr.. Maryland Public Service Records 1775-1783, A Compendium of Men and Women who Rendered Aid in Support of the American Cause Against Great Britain During the Revolutionary War. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend.
493 S347 Maryland Records: Colonial, Revolutionary, County, and Church. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing.
494 S41 Maryland State Archives.
495 S179 Mrs. Lewis R. Andrews, Mrs. J. Reaney Kelly. Maryland's Way: The Hammond-Harwood House Cookbook. Annapolis: Hammond-Harwood House Association.
496 S617 Maryland, Marriages, 1666-1970.
497 S473 Henry C. Peden, Jr.. Marylanders and Delawareans in the French and Indian War, 1756-1763. Lewes, DE: Colonial Roots.
498 S420 Henry C. Peden, Jr.. Marylanders to Kentucky. Westminster, MD: Family Line, 1991.
499 S529 Mason Co. Cemeteries. Maysville, KY: Mason County Genealogical Society.
500 S297 Tombstones Transcribed and Contributed by Janet and Shad McPherson. Mason County Cemeteries.
501 S52 Mason County, Kentucky Marriage Bonds & Permissive Notes. Hamilton, Ohio: self-published.
502 S520 Jana Sloan Broglin. Mason County, Kentucky: Wills and Estates 1791-1832, Books A through H. Indianapolis, IN: Heritage House.
503 S688 Massachusetts: Office of the Secretary of State. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War.
504 S736 Massachusetts, Births and Christenings, 1639-1915.
505 S187 Massachusetts, Death Index, 1970-2003.
506 S503 Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915.
507 S480 Massachusetts, Marriages, 1695-1910.
508 S925 Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988.
509 S150 M.F. Adamson. Maysville Republican.
510 S306 Sharon Strout. MD Tombstone Transcription Project: Quaker Burying Ground.
511 S69 MDGenWebProject. MDGenWeb.
512 S457 Linda Fincher Wood. Means Family Genealogy.
513 S53 Memo by JL Sr..
514 S817 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
515 S825 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
516 S844 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
517 S845 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
518 S846 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
519 S848 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
520 S849 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
521 S850 Mémoirés de la Somme, Archives en ligne.
522 S826 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
523 S827 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
524 S828 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
525 S829 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
526 S830 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
527 S831 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
528 S832 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
529 S833 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
530 S834 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
531 S835 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
532 S836 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
533 S837 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
534 S838 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
535 S839 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
536 S840 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
537 S841 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
538 S842 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
539 S843 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
540 S847 Mémoires de la Somme: Archives en Ligne.
541 S270 Southern Historical Association. Memoirs of Georgia. Atlanta: Southern Historical Association.
542 S401 Samuel M. Janney. Memoirs of Samuel M. Janney: Late of Lincoln, Loudoun County, Va.: Minister in the Religious Society of Friends. Philadelphia: Friends' Book Association, 1881.
543 S13 John Lansdale Sr.. Miscellaneous Personal and Family Notes.
544 S886 Mississippi Marriages, 1776-1935.
545 S822 Mississippi, Marriages, 1800-1911.
546 S910 Missouri, Death Records, 1834-1910.
547 S350 Montgomery County Marriages, 1798-1875. Athens, GA: Iberian.
548 S723 Montreal Gazette. 15 of 42.
549 S410 Henry C. Peden, Jr.. More Marylanders to Kentucky, 1778-1828. Westminster, MD: Willow Bend, 2000.
550 S656 Anne Morris Mertz. Morris Migration: A Saga of Forbears and Descendants. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books.
551 S282 Mike Morrissey. Morrissey / Updike Family.
552 S48 Jeffry D. Wert. Mosby's Rangers. 1990; Rpt. Touchstone Books, 1991.
553 S651 Diana Muir. Mother Hubbards Cupboard: Weems/Weemyss in America.
554 S493 Mount Clare Museum House. Mount Clare Museum.
555 S304 Sverre Munthe. Munthe Family Page.
556 S654 William Towery. My Kirk and Allied Families. self published.
557 S248 Nachtrichten uber der Familie Groos von Breitscheid. Nummer 4, Darmstadt.
558 S203 John G. Hunt. National Genealogical Society Quarterly.
559 S80 National Park Service. National WWII Memorial.
560 S785 Nationwide Gravesite Locator.
561 S157 Naval Documents of the American Revolution. Washington: US Government Printing Office.
562 S42 Department of the Navy. Navy Historical Center.
563 S129 Foster R. Needels. Needels Family Genealogical Database.
564 S909 Nevada Death Records 1911-1965.
565 S931 Nevada, Death Index, 1980-2012.
566 S623 William Richard Cutter. New England Families: Genealogical and Memorial. New York: Lewis.
567 S502 Henry F. Waters. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 290-303 focus on the Williams & Pemberton families.
568 S552 James Atkins Noyes. New England Historical and Genealogical Register.
569 S573 W.H.W.. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 285-87.
570 S625 Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 97-108.
571 S626 New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 255-56.
572 S628 New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 30-33.
573 S652 James Thomas Cushman. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 10-16.
574 S655 Anna Cushman (Frazee) Ball. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 514.
575 S772 Walter H. Clough. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 188-90.
576 S917 New England Historical Society. New England Historical Society.
577 S699 New Orleans (La.) Justices of the Peace - Index to marriage records, 1846-1880.
578 S682 New Orleans Architecture. Gretna, Lousiana: Pelican.
579 S705 Roulhac Toledano, Mary Louise Christovich, Robin Derbes, Betsy Swanson. New Orleans Architecture: Faubourg Tremé and the Bayou Road. Pelican Publishing.
580 S737 New Orleans Daily Creole. 2.
581 S703 New Orleans Notarial Archives. New Orleans Notarial Archives.
582 S98 New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger Immigration Lists. Provo, UT: MyFamily.com, 2003..
583 S781 New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1813-1945.
584 S866 New York City Marriages: Brides Index (1866?-1937).
585 S902 New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1909, 1925-1957.
586 S865 New York, New York, Marriage Indexes 1866-1937.
587 S784 New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957.
588 S746 US GenWeb volunteers. NOLA City Directories.
589 S604 John Henderson and Karen Hinson. Northern Kentucky Heritage. 32-38.
590 S880 Zelia Armstrong, Jane Preston Collup French. Notable Southern Families. Lookout Publishing.
591 S72 Notable Southern Families: Hixson Oe [sic] Tennessee. Lookout Publishing Co., Chattanooga, Tennessee.
592 S556 Charles P. Noyes. Noyes-Gilman Ancestry. Privately printed: St. Paul, Minnesota.
593 S858 NSSAR Patriot & Grave Record Database.
594 S65 Oakland Area Historical Society. Oakland (Dearborn, Winslow, Waterville), Kennebec County, ME Vital records.
595 S277 Waco Tribune. Obituary for Frank McDonald.
596 S877 Ohio, Births and Christenings Index, 1800-1962.
597 S786 Ohio, Death Index, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007.
598 S875 Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953.
599 S878 Stanley Clisby Arthur and George Campbell Huchet de Kernion. Old Families of Louisiana.
600 S679 Stanley Clisby Arthur. Old New Orleans, a History of the Vieux Carre, Its Ancient and Historical Building. Rpt. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books.

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