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151 A burgher and court official. Groos Von Breitscheid, Peter (I1767)
152 A Capt. in Mosby's Rangers. He was the leader of more than one raid into Maryland, and was killed outside of Rockville, Maryland while on a raid. His brother Brune was with him when he died. He is included on the Civil War pageBowie, Capt. Walter "Wat" (I11092)
153 A captain in the 5th Maine regiment (in which his brother Bryce also served).
According to "Edwards Generations" family history,

"Clark Swett Edwards was educated in the public schools of Otisfield, Me. In 1848 he went to Bethel to work. At the opening of the Civil War when the call was made for 300.000 men, he took out recruiting papers and was chosen Capt. of the first company organized under this call in the country. This company became Co. 1, 5th. Me. Regt. He was mustered in as Captain, June 24, 1861, but his rank as such dated from May 4, 1861. He was soon promoted to Major; to Lieut. Col., Sept. 24, 1862; to Col., Jan. 8, 1863; Brevet Gen., Mar. 13, 1865; and was mustered out with rank of Brig. Gen. by brevet for conspicuous bravery, July 27, 1865. He was with the Army of the Potomac in leading engagements. He was Democratic nominee for Governor of Maine, 1886, and appointed by Gov. of Maine in 1890 as Commissioner for Columbian Exposition at Chicago.

He is included on the Civil War page.

His papers are kept at Navarro College's Civil War collection (at http://www.nav.cc.tx.us/library/civilwar/finding_aids/a_f/edwards.htm). The page also gives a full history of his service during the war.

You can order a photo of him from here, at the Maine State Archives:
Edwards, Gen. Clark Swett (I1510)
154 A chapter of the book Ancestral lines of the Doniphan, Frazee and Hamilton families is focused on him.

He lost an eye when young; he lost a leg when older.

In the 1850 census, he lives two households away from John Mannen and Minerva Hamilton. 
Frazee, Joseph (I13480)
155 A clothier, like his brother James. He had 10 children in total; I record Richard because of the link to Magdalen Parish, Milk St. London. Cornish, Thomas (I5787)
156 A colonel of Militia in 1777. Recorded in the DAR lineage book--this needs to be checked. Griffith, Col. Henry (I2984)
157 A Confederate soldier in the 8th Virginia Regiment; enrolled as a Private, and left as a Sergeant. He appears in Company D. He is included on the Civil War pageHutchinson, John (I2833)
158 A copy of his will is in, among other places, the DAR Library in Washington, D.C.

According to the Virginia Biographical Encyclopedia, he was "of Savage's Neck, Northampton county, born in 1624, was son of Ensign Thomas Savage; burgess for Northampton 1666 to 1676; married (first) Anne Elkington; (second) Mary, daughter of Colonel Obedience Robins."

According to MacKenzie, "CAPT. JOHN SAVAGE of Savage's Neck, Northampton County, Virginia; b. 1624, d. 1678; was a Justice and Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses; m. (firstly) Ann ELKINGTON; m. (secondly) Mary ROBINS, dau. of Col. Obedience ROBINS. Member of the House of Burgesses and Commander of Accomac County, 1632."

He lived at "Cherrystone" in Savage's Neck in Northampton Co. 
Savage, Capt. John Sr. (I11758)
159 A database about warships from the age of sail. Source (S720)
160 A date is not given for her birth in Vital Records of HaverhillBrowne, Abigail (I749)
161 A daughter of Judge Henry Howard and Sarah Dorsey (See Newman, 2.20, 302-05). Howard, Rachel (I2076)
162 A Deacon, but he was a cooper by trade, and lived for a long time in Gorham, ME (the village where his wife's father Hugh's family had settled).

He and his wife were cousins. 
McLellan, Deacon James (I3366)
163 A dermatologist. Pitard, Dr. Edward Faget (I14246)
164 A descendant of Henry Hall, how? Hall, Elizabeth (I9053)
165 A description of her wedding can be found in the Times-Picayune, 3 Mar. 1945, p12. Gifford, Yvonne "Giffy" (I14703)
166 A factual account, mostly of his business dealings. Source (S384)
167 A family story is that she became a very good actress, but of course she had to run away to do so! Scandalous! Fayssoux, Seymoura Longley "Mona" (I3135)
168 A farmer in East Marlborough Twp., Chester Co. Harvey, Harry N. (I13065)
169 A Farmer with a good amount of land near Manassas. His children's names are from his will, admitted 8 May 1832 in Prince William Co. Hixson, William (I9309)
170 A few Moultons are buried at Bethesda Cemetery. Molton, Clemency (I2092)
171 A few of her chiildren's documents record her birth in France, but this seems to conflate her with her husband. Most documents say Pennsylvania or Philadelphia, which given her last name seems more likely. Her maiden name appears on the death certificates for her children Frances Somerset and Caroline Blitz.

I would guess from her last name, and from the fact that she's from Philadelphia in the late eighteenth century, that her ancestry is Scots-Irish, as an immense number of Scots-Irish arrived in the city, most notably in the early 1770s. This is just a guess, however; I have found nothing of her parents. 
Campbell, Anna (I6216)
172 A file with private and documented research. Source (S808)
173 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3147)
174 A Françoise Geligaut was born in Corps Nuds on 13 Feb. 1700. Geligault, Françoise (I13965)
175 A Françoise Rouault appears in the Corps Nuds parish record in 1704, born in the villa of Baye 30 Oct. 1704, daughter of François and Michelle Guihard.

A Françoise Rouault was born in Corps Nuds on 3 Apr. 1707, daughter of Jean.

Renée Françoise Rouault was bapt. in Corps-Nuds in 1733, child of François Rouault and Renée Deshays (10/20)

The marriage record in the parish register is in 1734, just a few pages after the death of Bon’s first wife; no date is given for the marriage in the entry.

Full record, which tells of four children:

PITARD Bon, (Me), x ROUAULT Françoise, (Enf: Renée née le 16 09 1736 (x Julien LEMOUX) dont Louise Julienne née le 04 04 1780 et décédée sans postérité, Louis né le 16 05 1743 et qui hérite, frère de Guillaume François émancipé selon pièce du 23 11 1768 en 4B 1617 (1 page), Pierre, François+ (x Gabrielle GASTEL)), Corps-Nuds, ML 02 07 1785, 4B 1616.

PItard, Bon, (Me) and Rouault, Françoise (Children: Renée born 16 Sept. 1736 (married Julian Lemoux, from whom came Juliana born 4 Apr. 1780, and died childless; Louis born 16 May 1743, who inherited [?--he was the oldest son], brother of Guillaume François emancipated as part of 23 Nov 1768 in 4B 1617 (1 page); Pierre; François (who married Gabrielle Gastel)), Corps Nuds, ML [?] 7 Feb 1785, 4B 1616.

I don't understand who Guillaume François is here, or what document happened on 23 Nov. 1768.

This marriage is also recorded in the database kept on Cercle Généalogique d'Ille et Vilaine (at http://www.cgiv35.org/v2/recherche.php - search for "Pitard"). 
Rouault, Françoise (I13962)
176 A free woman of color, according to her birth record. The 1880 and 1910 censuses record her and her children as "M," mulatto.

A "Zulma Villae" appears on the 1900 census, aged 53 (born Sept. 1846), as a cook in the household of Joseph Roy, but this seems not to be the same one since the birth date differs.

Name from birth records for children. For her second marriage, to Luke Irving, she is "Zulma Vila," not "Zulma Avril."

She is living as "Julie Avril" with her sister, and without her husband, on the 1880 census. 
Vila, Zulma (I15205)
177 A genealogical account of the slaves who worked at Oakland, from his family's account books. Source (S170)
178 A genealogy with notes. Source (S641)
179 A graphic artist and architect. Couret, Gustave Joseph (I3338)
180 A great book, with a great Bibliography at the end. Source (S175)
181 A great site: it has sources cited, AND he is working on putting on the web all of the “Vital Records of Scituate, MA, to 1850” on-line--one of his primary sources, and a key source for this site's genealogy as well. Source (S365)
182 A great-granddaughter of the immigrant Peter Carl. Von Rosenberg, Louise Laura (I1241)
183 A hatmaker from Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania.

How might he be related to the other Gilpins on this tree? 
Gilpin, Bernard (I12060)
184 A Henry W. Mahne died in New Orleans in 2010; I don't know whether this is the same person. He's not married to a Harney, and no Harney children are mentioned.

Times-Picayune, The (New Orleans, LA) - Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deceased Name: MAHNE

Henry William Mahne, Jr., died early Thursday morning, September 23, 2010, after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 73. He was preceded in death by his parents, Henry William Mahne, Sr., and Blanche Picou Mahne; and his wife, Lucy Costanza Mahne. He is survived by his son, Theodore P. Mahne; his daughter, Jennifer Mahne Correa; his son-in-law, Domingo Correa; and his two best buddies, his grandsons, Matthew and Joshua Correa, whose birthdays he helped celebrate the night before he died. Henry also is survived by four brothers and their wives, Robert (Barbara), Edward (Gale), Stanley (Lola), and William (Paula) Mahne; two sisters and their husbands, Carol (Francis) Meche, and Adele (Robert) Wilson; and many nephews, nieces and cousins.

Henry was a 1955 graduate of St. Aloysius High School, where he developed his early love of music playing trumpet in the band. With a wide knowledge and love of New Orleans rhythm and blues and early rock 'n' roll, for many years he later performed as a disc jockey at many weddings, parties and festivals as "Rockin' Henry." He was a veteran of the Army National Guard. He was a longtime employee of Standard Supply and Hardware. After a 40-year career there, he retired to pursue his true vocation - fishing. An avid sportsman and lover of all that is the Louisiana outdoors, after retirement he relished his long weekends spent with friends at the camp in Leesville, fishing, cooking and passing a good time.

Services will be held Monday, September 27, 2010 at Jacob Schoen & Son Funeral Home, 3827 Canal St. New Orleans, LA. Visitation will begin at 10:00 a.m., followed by Mass at 12-:00 noon. Burial will follow in Cypress Grove Cemetery. 
Mahne, Henry Jr. (I14550)
185 A hereditary society for those who immigrated in 1682 with William Penn, including some 22 ships and 23 crossings. Source (S741)
186 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14757)
187 A Jan Wouterzen is recorded as immigrating into New York in 1664. Wouterzen, Jan (I9573)
188 A John Franklin appears in the 1776 census of St. James Parish; I don't know if it's this John or not.

John Franklin: 1 (W women) . . . 3 (W boys) . . . 2 (W girls) . . . 0 (N men) . . . 2 (N women) . . . 3 (N boys) . . . 0 (N girls)

There is also, nearby, a William Franklin (just him--no-one else). I don't know who they would be. 
Franklin, John (I3520)
189 A John Pitard Micas died on 2 June 1928 (vol. 196, p. 1142): who would this be? Micas, Lillian Elizabeth (I12990)
190 A Jonathan Hieatt is living in the Northern Division of Mason Co., Kentucky in the 1840 census. Hieatt, Jonathan (I13343)
191 A Joseph Blanchet was married to Charlotte Pelé in Les Touches, Loire-Atlantique, on 30 Dec. 1704. Blanchet, Joseph (I8306)
192 A Josephus Augustinus Verhaeghe married Coleta Francisca Dellevaus Verhaeghe, Anne Catherine (I8322)
193 A Julian Hutchinson appears as a "Private (most likely)" in Company B of the 12th VA Cavalry. He is also a Dr. Family history has him as a courier for Stonewall Jackson: does anyone have any documentation for this?

He is included on the Civil War page
Hutchinson, Julian (I2020)
194 A justice in Prince George's Co., Maryland. According to Jourdan he had 10 children with his wife Elinor. Williams, Thomas (I10069)
195 A Justice of the peace; he also made the first map of Annapolis, apparently. Beard, Richard Jr. (I8994)
196 A justice, captain, and coroner from Charles County, Maryland; see Newman for more. Warren, Humphrey (I2738)
197 A large landowner on the Eastern Shore.

According to the Virginia Biographical Encyclopedia, he was "son of Thomas Savage and Esther, daughter of Nathaniel Littleton, great-great-grandson of Ensign Thomas Savage, was member of the Northampton committee of safety 1774-1776, of the convention of 1776 and of the first house of delegates 1776."

A Nathaniel Savage served as a Lieutenant of cavalry the Virginia LIne during the revolution, and was on Feb. 8th, 1783 awarded Land Warrant No. 0118 (2, 666 and 2/3 acres) on Shawnee Creek in Ballard County, Kentucky. I'm not at all sure that this is the same person. 
Savage, Nathaniel Littleton (I11806)
198 A lawyer and a judge. The administratrix at his will was Lucinda M. Sellman; Sureties were Beale Worthington and Richard P. Sellman; Bond was $2,000. Sellman, John Henry (I6679)
199 A Louis M. Gillman that may be him was married to Jessie Louis Wilson in Cook Co. on 15 Apr. 1932. Gillman, Louis Martin (I14825)
200 A Louisiana state representative. Reilley, John J. (I14801)

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