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12001 Will Book B., p. 396-97; recorded 8 Oct. 1804 Phillips, James (I12496)
12002 Will Book, Vol 34, 1909-1910; case 93491 Loney, Eliza A. (I4359)
12003 Will Book, Vol 37, 1913-1915 McLellan, George Merrill (I3381)
12004 Will date Pollock, David (I5901)
12005 Will date 17 Mar. 1819 in Middlesex Co., NJ; probated 27 June 1820 in New Brunswick, NJ. Hutchinson, Anne (I789)
12006 Will date 7 Dec. 1663 Ewen, Susanna (I8402)
12007 will date, not death date Iddings, Richard Jr. (I10025)
12008 Will dated 11 May, proved 14 June 1671 Wells, Richard (I5562)
12009 will dated 12 Dec. 1735, proved May 1738 in Chester, England Lansdale, John (I3972)
12010 will dated 1688/89, inventoried 1691/92 Barker, Robert (I10369)
12011 Will dated 1699, proved 1703 Pollock, Capt. Robert (I5940)
12012 Will dated 17 June 1743 Demoss, Lewis/Louis Jr. (I9882)
12013 Will dated 1893, probated 1903 Hamilton, Herod (I12598)
12014 Will dated 2 Feb 1773, proved 26 May 1773 Hambleton, John (I6915)
12015 Will dated 2 Feb; prob. 2 Sept. 1919 Lansdale, Richard Hyatt "Uncle Dick" (I282)
12016 Will dated 26 Sept. 1757; proved 3 Nov. 1757 Hambleton, Philemon (I7515)
12017 will dated 28 Nov., proved 11 Dec. 1794. Weems, John (I9029)
12018 Will dated 29 May, proved 4 Aug. 1674 Beedle, Henry (I8919)
12019 will dated 30 Dec. 1674, proved 9 Feb. 1674/5 Ewen, Sophia (I8917)
12020 will dated April 9, 1798; Will Book B, p. 1-3; recorded 24 Dec. 1798 Phillips, John William (I5876)
12021 Will dated Dec. 1, 1722; proved Jul 24, 1725 Hambleton, William Jr. (I7516)
12022 will dated Jan 19, 1754; proved Oct. 21, 1755 Sherwood, Margaret (I7517)
12023 will dated this year Franklin, Richard (I3518)
12024 Will executed on 2 Nov. 1768 in Baltimore Co. Govane, William (I5976)
12025 Will filed in 1614 Ayleworth, Walter (I5574)
12026 will made 28 Feb. 1669 Turner, Humphrey (I10379)
12027 Will probate date Pollock, Joseph (I5949)
12028 will probate date Hibberd, Benjamin (I10989)
12029 will probate date, in London; the will names his four children; will composed on Sept. 7, 1620 Williams, James (I12512)
12030 Will probated 17 June 1739 Gilbert, Garvis (I11154)
12031 will probated 17 June 1890 Griffith, Mary Ann (I4804)
12032 Will Probated 5 Apr. 1690; Sarah is named as wife. He notes his son John, an unborn child, and son Joseph.

Skordas gives the following Brewers. This is clearly several different families, settling on different parts of the Bay:

Brewer, Elizabeth . . . widow of John. Acquired a track of land called "Widow's Chance" in Talbot Co. 640 acres, 1664.
Brewer, George . . . transported about 1658 by Lieut. Col. Jarboe with Ann, his wife.
Brewer, Han'a. . . . transported 1676
Brewer, John . . . transported 1674
Brewer, John . . . orphan of John, of Anne Arundel Co., died 1677
Brewer, Nicholas . . . of Dorchester Co. Service 1669.
Brewer, Susanna . . . transported 1672
Brewer, Thomas . . . transported 1665
Brewer, Thomas . . . transported Oct. 1667 
Brewer, John Jr. (I8608)
12033 will probated in April 1757 Griffith, Orlando (I8981)
12034 will probated July 13, 1727 in A.A. County; executrix was Rachel Giles Giles, John (I11889)
12035 will probated Nov. 8, 1726 Pollock, James (I5891)
12036 will probated on 20 Dec 1824 Cummings, Araminta (I8754)
12037 will probated on 9 March 1829 Duckett, Martha (I8147)
12038 Will probated on Jan 15, 1816  Duckett, Martha (I7115)
12039 will probated on Sept. 28, 1727; administratrix Elizabeth Welsh; next of kin were Richard and Robert Welsh Welsh, Benjamin (I5239)
12040 will probated on this date Hutchinson, Jonathan (I905)
12041 will proved 28 Feb. 1707/8 Sellman, John (I8132)
12042 will proved 30 Dec. 1741 Hambleton, William (I6918)
12043 Will proved April 28, 1731. Cockey, Elizabeth (I1384)
12044 Will proved Baltimore Co., Maryland May 1, 1684/5 Cromwell, William (I12101)
12045 Will proved June 19, 1801 Beans, William Sr. (I4269)
12046 Will proved May 8, 1791 Throckmorton, Rebecca (I12028)
12047 will proven that year. Welsh, Henry Oneil (I5990)
12048 will recorded on Dec. 1, 1725, but the will itself is missing. Phillips, William (I12506)
12049 will recorded on Jan. 17, 1726 in Richmond Co. Williams, Susannah (I12507)
12050 will T. No. 1 Prince Geo. Co. Md. fol. 226 Duckett, Richard (I6638)
12051 Will was dated 27 Oct. 1819. Hutchinson, Joseph (I839)
12052 Will was signed 1 May 1828. Rentrop, Henry (I17137)
12053 will was written in 1701, but Shirk records his last child as born in abt 1706 (Joseph; see 38) Talbott, John (I10728)
12054 will written 1638. Ayleworth, Frances (I5571)
12055 Will written April 2, 1768; proved Sept. 13, 1768 Williams, Richard Sr. (I3627)
12056 Will written in 1705, probated in 1710 Ridgely, Col. Henry Sr. (I8193)
12057 Will written in this year Howard, John Jr. (I8435)
12058 Will:
Henry, John,Prince George's Co., 7th Apr., 1739; 26th June, 1739.
To wife Isable, extx., 1/3 of personal estate and dwelling plantation during life. To grand-dau. Jemima Lewces, personalty. To daus. Eleanar Ellison, Christian Tawnihill and Barbary Hardin residue of estate.
Test: James Magruder, James Lucas, Sam'll Bensey. 
Henry, John (I16539)
12059 Will:
Tannehill, William, Prince George's Co., 15th Sept., 1729; 28th March, 1732.
To wife ——, extx., 1/3 personal estate and dwell. plan. —— during life. To son James, real estate after death of his mother; shd, there be any residue after wife's thirds are deducted and debts paid, to be divided amongst all child. Certain personalty at death of wife to be divided bet. sons William and James.
Test: Thos. Evans, Mark Mcallom, Mary Evans. Note: Widow claims her thirds. 
Tannehill, William Jr. (I16527)
12060 Will:
Orme, Robert, Sr., planter, Prince George's Co., 17th Jan., 1713; 22nd Apr., 1722.
To son Robert, Jr., and hrs., 2 tracts, 125 A., "Dunbar," and 31 A., "Anglese," he to pay his brother, John, certain money; should he not do so, sd. John to inherit lands afsd.; son Moses to inherit sd. land should son John die without issue. To sons Moses and Aaron, 200 A., part of ‘‘Brookfield’^ dwelling plantation; either dying without issue, survivor and hrs. to have portion of deceased. To grandson John Tanyhill, son of dau. Sarah Tanyhill, and grandson Robert Orme, personal estate; dau. Sarah to live on dwelling plantation and take charge of sons Moses and Aaron during their minority. To 5 children afsd., residue of estate, personal, and to son Aaron, also, certain personalty devised him by Deborah Kiniston.
Exs.: Brother Geo. Ransome, and son Robert. Test: Wm. Ransom, Josh. Cecell, Robt. Hurdle. 
Orme, Robert Sr. (I16517)
12061 Will:
Ormes, Robert, planter, Calvert Co.,1st Jan., 1741; 23rd Feb., 1741.
To son Robert and grandson John, personalty. To wife Darcus, extx., residue of estate. Test: Aaron Williams, William Deaver. 22. 427. 
Orme, Robert (I16518)
12062 Will:
Tanihill (Tannihill, Tawnihill), Sarah,Prince George's Co.,8th Aug., 1725; 3rd Sept., 1725.
To 2 sons John and James, entire estate; to be in care of bro. Moses Adams until 20 yrs. of age and to receive 2 yrs. schooling. William Harris guardian with bro. Moses afsd.
Test: Edward Thirsby, Joseph Ransom. 
Orme, Sarah (I16520)
12063 Willhouse calls her "Mollie Reed"; I assume that this is the same as the "Mary" in the 1880 census. Reed, Mary "Mollie" L. (I11413)
12064 Willhouse's dates of his marriage differ from the census; I stick with the census.

In the 1870 census, there is also a Francis Maloney, printer, aged 21, born in Florida; and an Emma Reed, age 18, both living in his household. 
Maloney, William Walter Sr. (I11414)
12065 William also appears in some southern records, though he seems to have settled in Pennsylvania, and descendants named “Maupay” living in in the Philadelphia area later in the century all appear to descend from him (via his son Daniel).

He appears on a passenger manifest for a journey from Panama to New Orleans in 1850. In 1860, however, he was living in Philadelphia, so he seems not to have settled in the south, though some of his children did. In 1880, when he was recorded on the census in Philadelphia, his children were living in Mobile, and his son Alfred was born in New Orleans.

Note that his son William also has a wife named Amanda (Birely). 
Maupay, William Augustus (I14130)
12066 William Bucey was employed to act as overseer by Dr. Franklin Waters in September of 1853, according to a ledger book at Essex. Bucey, William Henry (I6858)
12067 William is on the left of the picture.

In the 1930 census he and his wife Ella are living as the mother and father of “M. Jacobs” in Dallas. M. Jacobs was 45, female, widowed, and born in Texas.

By date this should be Mamie, but might it be their oldest daughter Edna (Mildred)? 
Tomlinson, William Ruben (Willie) (I3876)
12068 Wilson, Hawley, and Williams give 1837 as the birth year; there is a transcription error here somewhere. Levensaler, Dr. Henry Coombs (I1665)
12069 wimfamhistory has him married to Mary Hutchinson, b. abt. 1839, on 10 Mary 1858 in DeSoto Co., though it does not record his parents, which I take from the 1850 census.

He and his family moved to Ashley Co., Arkansas, in the far southeast corner of the state. Judging by the 1860 census for Marais Saline, a number of his siblings moved there as well. 
Wimberly, Wesley (I10064)
12070 With a degree in English Lansdale, John "Jack" Jr. (I11)
12071 with father William as HOH. Cooper, Asahel Walker (I4802)
12072 with her grandfather Prados; age 19 Pitard, Ines Marie (I151)
12073 with her grandfather Prados; aged 16 Pitard, Lucie Marie (I153)
12074 with her grandfather Prados; aged 18 Pitard, Audrey Marie (I152)
12075 With her husband Robert she had 9 children in all. Honour (I10505)
12076 With his brothers-in-law Thomas Moore and Caleb Bentley, he was a key founder of Triadelphia. He and his wife lived at “Sharon,” near Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co., Maryland.

The marriage certificate read "Isaac Briggs, painter [?printer], of Georgetown, Maryland, sone of Samuel and Mary, of Philadelphia, m. 27th day of 8th month, 1794, to Hannah Brooke, at Sandy Spring." 
Briggs, Isaac (I5533)
12077 With his brothers-in-law Thomas Moore and Isaac Briggs, he was a key founder of Triadelphia. Bentley, Caleb (I5532)
12078 with his father; aged 34 Pitard, Wallis Francis (I134)
12079 with his grandfather Prados; aged 13 Pitard, Henry Prados Sr. (I154)
12080 with his grandfather Prados; aged 22 Pitard, Clarence James Jr. (I150)
12081 with just her mother. Simpson, Virginia Friench (I4145)
12082 Wonderful to read through! Source (S179)
12083 Worked in Pitard's Hardware, moving to his son Richmond's store in the late 190-teens.

He partially owned a patent for a burglar alarm, no. 1,250,267, patented 1915. 
Pitard, Daniel Maupay (I135)
12084 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I194)
12085 Written by a descendant of Capt. Tomlinson; it is available on the “Texas Histories” page on this website. Source (S257)
12086 written in 1785; probated in on 29 Sept. 1788 Duckett, Richard (I6637)
12087 www.archinoe.fr/cg47/visualiseur/registre_visu.php?PHPSID=9639b9d24db0282b6ebab61c5404ae69&id=470030156 Larroque, Henri (I15190)
12088 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1047)
12089 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I1055)
12090 Yates may have been her maiden name, or the name of her first huband. Yates, Ann (I12505)
12091 year he applied for a pension Pitard, Mortimer Armand (I13922)
12092 Year he wrote his will. Giles, John III (I428)
12093 Yet another descendant who moved to Mason Co., Kentucky. Dye, Kenneth (I9465)
12094 zinc mines Mannen, Amos Turney "Turn" (I4116)
12095 Zulma is a widow on the 1910 census. Irving, Luke (I15228)
12096 [sic] Family: Enoch Walker / Mary Jerman (F7681)
12097 Fields, Antoinette (I4972)
12098 {the blue one] Source (S345)
12099 {the yellow one} Source (S344)
12100 {This essay is an incomplete study, as the author says, but nevertheless a wonderful start to the study of the family.} Source (S328)
12101 “According to family tradition Joseph Sprigg is said to have been several times married. It can be proved that he married twice. His first wife Hannah was the daughter of Hon. Philip Lee, Member of the Council of Maryland, and widow of Thomas Bowie. His second wife was Margaret daughter of James Weems of Calvert County, and widow of Elzey. They were married 8 April 1781, and she died in 1783.”

See: Christopher Johnston, "Sprigg Family," MHM 8 (1913) 74-84; he is there recorded as having 9 children by his first wife, and just the one by his second. 
Sprigg, Joseph (I4049)
12102 “after 1650” because he did not immigrate in 1650 with his parents.

There are 4 more generations of the Gott family in Allnut's article, beginning with this Richard's son Anthony, which I do not record in this tree. 
Gott, Richard (I8380)
12103 “age de cinquante cinq ans” Bruslé, Jeanne (I8296)
12104 “aged 51Ys 8Ms 10Ds” Clagett, Anne Watkins (I16241)
12105 “Aged 76 Ys. 10 Ms. 16 Ds.” Williams, Rev. William (I16234)
12106 “Aged 81 Ys. 3 Ms. 29 Ds.” Jones, Elizabeth (I16245)
12107 “aged 93 years” Clagett, Jane (I16244)
12108 “aged about 24 years” at her marriage. Birth date given on the baptismal record. Jullien, Claire (I16331)
12109 “aged about eighty-eight” Ginier, Marguerite (I16293)
12110 “aged about sixty-five” at his death. Fouque, François (I16292)
12111 “agee de sept ans et quatre mois”: https://archives.gironde.fr/ark:/25651/vta246d6e8a7575cf7e/daogrp/0/278 Avril, Arnaud (I16118)
12112 “Alleines Choice,” Thomas Allein, 5 1/4 Acres - Unpatented Certificate 24; - MSA S1212-24 Allein, Thomas (I5640)
12113 “at cette Eglise Marie Claire Joseph Fouque fils de Joseph et de Anne Cecile Meisson morte hier agée de douze jours,” about 12 years old.  Fouque, Marie Claire Josephe (I16359)
12114 “Barbare” on her son Jean Baptiste’s marriage record. Barbard, Jeanne (I15324)
12115 “Brother of Francis” Stockett, Capt. Thomas (I5412)
12116 “denviron quarante huit ans, vuef de defunte Jean Brulle Macquiau, Guillaume (I8295)
12117 “diffunt” on his daughter’s marriage record. le Tort, Guillaume (I8302)
12118 “Du 18 pluviose an XII de la République française . . . “ Family: Joseph André Léopold Gamard / Françoise Marie Emanuelle Verhegghen (F5916)
12119 “feu” at daughter Anne Rose’s marriage Jullien, Jean (I16338)
12120 “feu” on her daughter Elizabeth’s marriage record. Jeanneau, Jean (I16154)
12121 “feu” on her daughter Jeanne’s marriage record. Touche, Marie (I16108)
12122 “fille jumelle,” twin sister, of Jeanne Renée.

Godfather, Pierre Mangere
Godmother, Perinne Drouadenne (grandmother) 
Pitard, Perinne (I8250)
12123 “Fracine” Lacoste is named as the birth mother on Phillippine Tamor’s birth record. “Francine Lacoste” is the name of the mother on Mathieu Tamor’s birth record.

So, I assume that this is her, recorded as “Francoise Lacoste Tamor” on her death record. The problem is that her death record is well more than 9 mos. before Phillippine’s birth date. 
Lacoste, Françoise Or Francine (I15645)
12124 “From James Tolley’s son Charles are descended the Worthington’s of Boyle county Kentucky. and his son Vachel are descended Judge and Edward Worthington long and prominently identified with the financial and social interests of Cincinnati.” Worthington, Charles Thomas (I12458)
12125 “I.D. Birdsong” is the name on his son’s death certificate. Birdsong, James D. (I15986)
12126 “Judge of Supreme Court of Ohio, 1803; U. S. Judge for Territory of Michigan 1805, for Orleans 1806, for Louisiana 1812, and for Illinois 1813; District Judge of State of Missouri.” Sprigg, William (I15992)
12127 “Lebanon,” John Thomas, 540 1/2 Acres - Patented Certificate 875 - MSA S1189-927 Thomas, John (I8009)
12128 “Leslie Cushman Mannen” appears in the Social Security Index (568-10-6192) as being born on 2 Dec. 1878 in Kentucky.

Is he the "Amos" Mannen listed in the 1880 census? He is the only possibility, since the other three are acounted for, and he would be the correct age.

He registered for the WW1 Draft in Salt Lake City. He lists his occupation as Miner. His birthdate on the application is December 7, 1881.

See under his grandfather John Mannen for the likely origin of his name. 
Mannen, Leslie Cushman "Cush" (I4117)
12129 “Madison Worthington was a worthy representative of the long line of brave, honorable and sagacious men from whom he was descended, and who have contributed to the material development and moral uplift of every community in which they are found. To those characteristics which distinguished his forefathers were added qualities which were peculiarly his own. He was a man of fine judgment, of calm, philosophic and reflective temperament; cheerful, kindly, and patient; such a man as friends and relatives instinctively turn to for advice and assistance.

Occupied in wisely administering the affairs of the beautiful estate inherited from his father, in the education of his children and the care of his dependents, and dispensing that hospitality which has made Kentucky famous, his useful life was spent.

He was married August 21, 1844, to Elizabeth Margaret Bledsoe, born May 12, 1825, daughter of Benjamin Bledsoe, who came to Kentucky from Culpeper county, Virginia, brother of Judge Jesse Bledsoe, U.S. Senator. Her mother was Frances Smith Hawkins, a descendant of the famous family of that name whose brilliant military career is well known, in Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina, and who are descendants of Sir John Hawkins of Plymouth, England. By this marriage Madison Worthington was the father of four children: Arah Frances, who was married to Villie Black, a successful tobacco merchant of Mason county, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Melissa, who married Hugh P. Longmoor, of Parkersburg, West Virginia; Elizabeth Florence, who became the wife of Eldon P. Claybrook, a native of Mason, county, Kentucky, but now one of the large and successful land owners of Bourbon county, Kentucky.

Madison Worthington was twice married, his second wife being Matilda Holton, born 1834, died April, 1897, the daughter of Harvey and Ann (Fee) Holton. Two children were born of this union: Susan Ellen, wife of William Remington, of Paris, Kentucky, editor of the Paris Democrat, and Mrs Gertrude Worthington Smoot, also of Paris, Kentucky.” 
Worthington, Madison (I12471)
12130 “Marie Gourcie[r]” is the transcription of her name on her daughter Maria’s marriage record to Joseph Fouque. Gournier, Marie (I15654)
12131 “Marie Magdeleine MacGille, Widow Mestoyer” appears as a witness to the 1812 baptism of Joseph Avril in New Orleans.

She could be the Marie Monique MacGille who was baptised on 9 Sept 1766 in Jacmel. 
Macgille, Marguerite (I15402)
12132 “neé le meme jour” as her baptism Gamard, Catherine Françoise (I15418)
12133 “Pierre François Troyon” is present at the burial of his father Pierre in 1746. Troyon, Pierre (I8343)
12134 “saloon keeper,” aged 42, born in Canada Peltier, Napoleon (I15966)
12135 “Tesandier” or “Tysandier” in the records.

The link between Michel Touche and Jeanne Tessandier and their children is clear on the children’s baptismal records. What is not clear is that Marie Touche their daughter is necessarily the Marie Touche who married Arnaud Reynier. I believe, however, that it it is more than merely probable. There is no other Touche family evident in the Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac parish records. 
Tessandier, Jeanne (I16158)
12136 “The basic material was first published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 71, no. 3 (Sept. 1983) pp. 193-216, as THE PAXSON BROTHERS OF COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA: THREE GENERATIONS, By MARTHA JONET PAXSON GRUNDY.” Source (S464)
12137 “The chart contains many more family lines of Miss Baldwin, but her Anne Arundel Ancestry is the only one depicted here.” Source (S279)
12138 “Thormin” is an anglicization of “Taormina.” The family changed their name sometime after they moved to Canada, by the 1920s. Some descendants have kept it, and other have changed it back to Taormina. Thormin, Rev. Vincent Ignatius “Vince” (I5030)
12139 “Will of Lewes Stockette, Surveyor of the Works to Her Majesty” Stockett, Lewis (I9265)
12140 “William Means” appears on a Blount co. tax list for the year 1800.

There is a William Means b. abt. 1816 who appears in the 1850, 1860, and 1880 censuses in Blount Co. He was married to “Lucinda.” Could this be a child? 
Means, William (I11925)

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