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Matches 11,251 to 11,639 of 11,639

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11251 vol. 13, page 856 1sttree I3711 Lamothe, Rosalie Eulalie Alice (I3711)
11252 vol. 131, page 270 1sttree I11600 Betzer, Emmett Louis (I11600)
11253 vol. 131, page 270 1sttree I15011 Betzer, Herbert (I15011)
11254 vol. 133, page 1038 1sttree I11599 Pitard, Barsilla Lucille (I11599)
11255 vol. 134, p 670 1sttree I15634 Tamor, Frank (I15634)
11256 vol. 135, page 488 1sttree I13652 Pitard, Olivia (I13652)
11257 vol. 138, page 338 1sttree I13653 Pitard, Polymnia (I13653)
11258 vol. 14, p. 321. 1sttree Family F11023
11259 vol. 14, page 910 1sttree Family F9177
11260 vol. 141, p. 980 1sttree I15647 Tamor, Louis John (I15647)
11261 vol. 143, p. 507 1sttree I13625 Hacker, "Emma" Louise Ursule (I13625)
11262 vol. 146, page 61; age 46 1sttree I13918 Swarbrick, Alice Mary (I13918)
11263 vol. 148, p. 1075 1sttree I13624 Hacker, Charlotte Zulmee (I13624)
11264 vol. 152, p. 381; age given as 60 1sttree I15905 Woodlock, Mary (I15905)
11265 vol. 152, page 486: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:C1R5-59N2 1sttree I16182 Carleton, Josephine (I16182)
11266 vol. 152, page 798 1sttree I4618 LeDoux, Gustave Pitard (I4618)
11267 vol. 154, page 50 1sttree I185 Coffee, Frank Larned (I185)
11268 vol. 159, page 1063; aged 68 1sttree I219 le Doux, Lucien Amaron (I219)
11269 vol. 16, page 152 1sttree I4704 Morris, Clair Rita (I4704)
11270 vol. 16, page 548 1sttree I3083 Prados, Marie Eugenie Elodie (I3083)
11271 vol. 163, page 542; 6 mos. 1sttree I14538 Harney, Clare (I14538)
11272 vol. 168, p. 880 1sttree I3076 Bernos, Amelie Marie (I3076)
11273 vol. 17, page 312 1sttree I5016 Laurens, Susanna (I5016)
11274 vol. 172, page 316 1sttree I174 Pitard, Josephine Antoinette (I174)
11275 vol. 173, page 496; aged 96 1sttree I222 Maitrejean, Palmyra Marie (I222)
11276 vol. 175, page 657 1sttree I4807 Pitard, Julia Cecile (I4807)
11277 Vol. 177, page 692 1sttree I3268 LeDoux, Edwin Joseph (I3268)
11278 vol. 177, page 91 1sttree I10852 Pitard, Agatha (I10852)
11279 vol. 18, page 425 1sttree Family F2583
11280 vol. 18, page 780 1sttree Family F10327
11281 vol. 185, page 777 1sttree I13917 Ford, James J. (I13917)
11282 vol. 19, page 363, as "Jane" 1sttree I3084 Prados, Marie Jeanne (I3084)
11283 vol. 190, page 342, aged 50 1sttree I14820 Hubert, Joseph Monier (I14820)
11284 vol. 191, page 1586 1sttree I14990 Robert, Jules C. (I14990)
11285 vol. 191, page 1669 1sttree I3161 Weysham, George (I3161)
11286 vol. 194, page 1687 1sttree I218 Gamard, Margaret Marie (I218)
11287 vol. 194, page 209 1sttree I14541 Harney, Daniel (I14541)
11288 vol. 195, page 1649 1sttree I14568 Cousans, John Edward (I14568)
11289 vol. 199, page 401 1sttree I48 Maupay, Cecilia Marie "Cecile" (I48)
11290 vol. 199, page 996 1sttree I15206 Avril, Josephine “Fanny” (I15206)
11291 vol. 1: https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE184877 1sttree   Source (S310)
11292 vol. 2, page 567 1sttree Family F4509
11293 vol. 20, page 213 1sttree Family F2586
11294 vol. 20, page 275 1sttree Family F10600
11295 vol. 20, page 705 1sttree Family F3157
11296 vol. 200, p. 577; aged 35 1sttree I3139 Portas, Robert William (I3139)
11297 vol. 203, p. 2550; aged 32 1sttree I14724 Michell, John Henry (I14724)
11298 vol. 207, page 1284 1sttree I8223 Winteler, Henry (I8223)
11299 vol. 209, page 115; aged 41 1sttree I14756 Russell, William Joseph (I14756)
11300 vol. 21, page 342; aged 14 days 1sttree I3074 Prados, Marie Emma (I3074)
11301 vol. 21, page 419, aged 61 years 1sttree I3071 Prados, Francois Joseph (I3071)
11302 vol. 21, page 629; he was 29, she was 26 1sttree Family F10586
11303 vol. 212, page 1264 1sttree I3073 Prados, Henry James (I3073)
11304 vol. 214, page 255 1sttree I15038 Wade, Marguerite (I15038)
11305 vol. 217, page 1560. On the death index she is "Lucie Bernas Pitard." 1sttree I149 Prados, Lucie Marie Bernos (I149)
11306 vol. 218, page 5999; no age given 1sttree I15907 Centlivre, Walter George (I15907)
11307 vol. 22, p. 825 1sttree Family F9981
11308 vol. 22, p. 919 1sttree Family F7347
11309 vol. 22, page 77 1sttree Family F10633
11310 vol. 22, page 800 1sttree I4705 Morris, Emelie Eulalie (I4705)
11311 vol. 220, p. 5971; aged 52 1sttree I14807 Paquet, Louis Philip (I14807)
11312 vol. 23, certificate 9604 1sttree I14799 Leavel, James M. (I14799)
11313 vol. 23, page 402; aged 26 1sttree I3080 Prados, Jean Baptiste Eugene (I3080)
11314 vol. 24, p. 135 1sttree I3073 Prados, Henry James (I3073)
11315 vol. 24, page 447 1sttree Family F10466
11316 vol. 26, page 353 1sttree Family F10680
11317 vol. 28, page 812 1sttree Family F154
11318 vol. 29, page 77 1sttree I3074 Prados, Marie Emma (I3074)
11319 vol. 3 contains a narrative of the Dyer family 1sttree   Source (S627)
11320 Vol. 3 of the von Rosenberg history gives his birth year as 1881, but I go with the WW1 draft registration card here, which his family bible confirms. 1sttree I937 Lamberth, Lee Daniel (I937)
11321 vol. 31, p. 13742; died in Caddo Parish 1sttree I183 Pitard, Blanche Marie Elizabeth (I183)
11322 vol. 32, page 328 1sttree I4715 Lamothe, Marie Adele (I4715)
11323 vol. 33, page 163 1sttree Family F10355
11324 vol. 33, page 186. The 1900 census says Dec. 1862 1sttree I13918 Swarbrick, Alice Mary (I13918)
11325 vol. 34, page 420 1sttree I4707 Lamothe, Françoise Anne (I4707)
11326 vol. 36, page 314 1sttree Family F1943
11327 vol. 36, page 640 1sttree I14219 Trepagnier, Marie Eveline (I14219)
11328 vol. 36, page 6__ 1sttree I14215 Trepagnier, Louise Eliska (I14215)
11329 vol. 37, page 213 1sttree I180 Wiltz, Lavinia (I180)
11330 vol. 37, page 214 1sttree I181 Wiltz, Louis (I181)
11331 vol. 37, page 548 1sttree Family F10319
11332 vol. 37, page 723 1sttree Family F3177
11333 vol. 39, page 775 1sttree Family F9617
11334 vol. 40, page 701 1sttree Family F10294
11335 vol. 41, page 376 1sttree Family F9615
11336 vol. 43, page 269 1sttree I4713 Lamothe, Ferdinand Alfed (I4713)
11337 vol. 43, page 441 1sttree Family F10476
11338 vol. 43, page 441 1sttree Family F10478
11339 vol. 45, page 382 1sttree I3092 Prados, Jean Baptiste (I3092)
11340 vol. 45, page 62 1sttree I15906 Centlivre, Maurice (I15906)
11341 vol. 51, page 53 1sttree I4711 Lamothe, Françoise Leonie (I4711)
11342 vol. 51, page 54 1sttree I4712 Lamothe, Eulalie Louise (I4712)
11343 vol. 53, page 161 1sttree I4849 Gelpi, Paola Marie (I4849)
11344 vol. 58, page 759; aged 28 years 1sttree I3081 Prados, Joseph (I3081)
11345 vol. 59, page 175 1sttree I4850 Gelpi, Fernand Joseph (I4850)
11346 vol. 59, page 37. The record says "01/05/1868 or 02/05/1868" 1sttree I14217 Trepagnier, Ada (I14217)
11347 vol. 59, page 38 1sttree I14218 Trepagnier, Norbert (I14218)
11348 vol. 6, p. 603 1sttree Family F10689
11349 vol. 60, page 462 1sttree I14212 Guillotte, Mary Ezilda (I14212)
11350 vol. 62, page 191; aged 6 1sttree I14852 LeDoux, Zenon (I14852)
11351 vol. 62, page 272, as "Marie Jeanne," aged 17 years 1sttree I3084 Prados, Marie Jeanne (I3084)
11352 vol. 62, page 90; aged 44 1sttree I179 Wiltz, Alcine Conrad (I179)
11353 vol. 63, page 151 1sttree I4847 Gelpi, Aline Mary (I4847)
11354 vol. 63, page 161 1sttree I4852 Gelpi, Dr. Paul Joseph (I4852)
11355 vol. 65, p. 738 1sttree I3014 Pitard, Robert Copley (I3014)
11356 vol. 65, page 407 1sttree I12715 Cooper, Eliza A. Loney (I12715)
11357 vol. 65, page 754 1sttree I14597 Hemenway, Mary (I14597)
11358 vol. 71, page 799 1sttree I15908 Centlivre, William Murry (I15908)
11359 vol. 71, page 800 1sttree I15907 Centlivre, Walter George (I15907)
11360 vol. 72, p. 628 1sttree I15672 Marzoni, Arthur Frank Charles (I15672)
11361 vol. 73, page 1048 1sttree I14686 Wiltz, Honora “Nora” (I14686)
11362 vol. 74, page 134 1sttree I14598 Hemenway, Charles Benjamin (I14598)
11363 vol. 74, page 551 1sttree I4853 Gelpi, Louis George (I4853)
11364 vol. 75, page 615 1sttree I13031 Gamard, Louise Corinne (I13031)
11365 vol. 75, page 975 1sttree I3094 Prados, Louise Alice (I3094)
11366 vol. 76, p. 442 1sttree I15674 Marzoni, Clara Elizabeth (I15674)
11367 vol. 77, p. 129 1sttree I148 LeDoux, Dr. Alexandre Sr. (I148)
11368 vol. 79, page 1171; aged 29 months 1sttree I14683 Wiltz, Alcine Joseph (I14683)
11369 vol. 79, page 247 1sttree I3095 Prados, William Nettetton (I3095)
11370 vol. 8, page 181. No ages given. 1sttree Family F129
11371 vol. 8, page 188 1sttree I3708 Lamothe, François Leon (I3708)
11372 vol. 8, page 188 1sttree I3710 Lamothe, Marie Elmire (I3710)
11373 vol. 80, p. 699 1sttree I15673 Marzoni, Estelle Marie (I15673)
11374 vol. 82, page 918 1sttree I4854 Gelpi, Vivian Joseph (I4854)
11375 vol. 82, page 976 1sttree I4354 Cooper, Asahel Walker Sr. (I4354)
11376 vol. 83, p. 154 1sttree I14686 Wiltz, Honora “Nora” (I14686)
11377 vol. 84, p. 1063 1sttree I3782 Gamard, Caroline Rebekah "Carrie" (I3782)
11378 vol. 84, page 1146 1sttree I12354 Markey, Lavinia (I12354)
11379 vol. 84, page 89 1sttree I13641 Markey, Alice Mary (I13641)
11380 vol. 84, page 968 1sttree I149 Prados, Lucie Marie Bernos (I149)
11381 vol. 85, page 140 1sttree I14505 Markey, Nicholas Joseph (I14505)
11382 vol. 85, page 903 1sttree I14690 Wiltz, Mary (I14690)
11383 vol. 85, page 903 1sttree I14691 Wiltz, Maud (I14691)
11384 vol. 86, page 727 1sttree I14504 Markey, Joseph Jr. (I14504)
11385 vol. 87, page 282 1sttree I14689 Wiltz, Robert (I14689)
11386 vol. 87, page 930 1sttree I14960 Russell, Barbara (I14960)
11387 vol. 89, page 1134 1sttree I14688 Wiltz, Alma Elizabeth (I14688)
11388 vol. 89, page 678. Aged 29 years. 1sttree I14684 Cullivan, Mary Ann (I14684)
11389 vol. 89, page 986 1sttree I14517 Markey, Nicholas John (I14517)
11390 vol. 9, page 1407 1sttree I3334 Lamothe, Louise Eulalie (I3334)
11391 vol. 9, page 1458 1sttree I3082 Prados, Marie Josephine (I3082)
11392 vol. 9, page 299 1sttree Family F2159
11393 vol. 9, page 647 1sttree I47 Couret, Marie Francoise (I47)
11394 vol. 91, page 213 1sttree I12354 Markey, Lavinia (I12354)
11395 vol. 92, p 287 1sttree I14690 Wiltz, Mary (I14690)
11396 vol. 92, page 22 1sttree I14959 Russell, Catherine “Katie” (I14959)
11397 vol. 92, page 881 1sttree I13643 Markey, Albertine (I13643)
11398 vol. 93, page 622 1sttree I14504 Markey, Joseph Jr. (I14504)
11399 vol. 94, page 816 1sttree I3138 Portas, Arthur Pitard (I3138)
11400 vol. 95, page 27. Aged 7 mos. 1sttree I14689 Wiltz, Robert (I14689)
11401 vol. 95, page 41. Aged 19 mos. 1sttree I14691 Wiltz, Maud (I14691)
11402 vol. 96, p 1187 1sttree I15637 Tamor, Mathieu (I15637)
11403 vol. 96, p. 1187 1sttree I15631 Tamor, Phillippine (I15631)
11404 vol. 96, page 54 1sttree I145 Pitard, Henry St. John (I145)
11405 vol. 97, page 210 1sttree I14210 Guillotte, Edward V. (I14210)
11406 vol. 97, page 800 1sttree I14958 Russell, Viola Pauline (I14958)
11407 vol. 98, page 1183 1sttree I14512 Markey, Stella Elizabeth (I14512)
11408 vol. 98, page 1183 1sttree I14514 Markey, Joseph John (I14514)
11409 vol. 98, page 860 1sttree I14694 Wiltz, Walter Joseph (I14694)
11410 vol. 98, page 867 1sttree I14594 Hemenway, George Charles (I14594)
11411 vol. 98, page 867. WWI draft registration has 23 July. 1sttree I14593 Hemenway, Ira Benjamin (I14593)
11412 Vol. p. 806 1sttree I13136 Benedict, Philip (I13136)
11413 Volume 1 of the original print volumes contains the transcriptions; vol. 2 contains facsimilies of the records; vol. 3 contains indices. 1sttree   Source (S1070)
11414 Volume: 127; Page: 648; age 11 1sttree I15910 Centlivre, James (I15910)
11415 Volume: 157; Page: 962 1sttree I15493 Bode, Henry John (I15493)
11416 Volume: 170; Page: 302; age 23 1sttree I15912 Centlivre, John (I15912)
11417 Volume: 192; Page: 1207 1sttree I15895 Ruiz, Elizabeth (I15895)
11418 Volume: 220; Page: 6239 1sttree I15898 Brown, Richard Files (I15898)
11419 Volume: 74; Page: 586 1sttree I13943 Fernandez, Joseph William (I13943)
11420 Volume: 77; Page Number: 241 1sttree I16178 Woodward, Fannie Bailey (I16178)
11421 Volume: 77; Page Number: 242 1sttree I10784 Woodward, Estelle (I10784)
11422 Volume: 85; Page Number: 983 1sttree I15494 O’Neil, Louise Marie (I15494)
11423 Volume: 98, Page: 470  1sttree I14680 Wiltz, Norbert J. Jr. (I14680)
11424 w/o S. P., b. Loudoun Co. VA, 2 Aug 1823 - 31 Mar 1892 1sttree I4136 Simpson, Susan Elizabeth (I4136)
11425 Wallis and Alice Pitard had no children.

On 20 March 1917, when he was 21, he was driving a car that didn't make a turn, and the ensuing accident killed Miss Garnett Maurin, aged 18, who had been in the car with him at the time. Her name appears before this in various social columns of the time.

New Orleans Item, 22 Aug. 1917, page 8:

"Mr. Wallis Pitard, who recently returned from the officers' training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, where he received a commission as second lieutenant, is spending his furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pitard and other members of the family at their summer cottage at Mandeville, La."

Here is a note from the Times-Picayune, Saturday, September 1, 1917:


"Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 31.— To take commands in the National Guard of Michigan and Wisconsin which will compose the 32d division at Camp McArthur, Waco, Tex., 252 reserve officers who were commissioned here August 15 left for Waco at 5 o'clock this afternoon. Major L. C. Grieves, division adjutant, said that the order detailing the officers to Camp McArthur is to equalize the number of officers among the various camps, and that this number can be spared from the 87th division, which will stationed at Camp Pike.
"Louisianians—Captains John P. Longmire, Edward Gerald Sabine, Newell Tilton, of infantry; William McF. Averill, of field artillery; First Lieutenant Campbell Palfrey and Second Lieutenants William K. Terry, Roland C. Lawes, George A. Villers, Howard H. Hargrove, Walter S. Savage, George McGinnis, James Thomas Harris, Jr., Charles E. Naylor and Ralph F. Taylor, of infantry; and Second Lieutenants Wallis E. Pitard, Forest McGraw, Charles Karst and John P. O'Leary, of field artillery, all of New Orleans."

It's not clear whether he was deployed with Pershing's Expeditionary Force to Europe. Family notes say, though, that he served with a commission in WWI. Here is his draft information, giving his draft no. and address; the "6" for "division" indicates his ward (not necessarily the 6th Ward, though):

1211 Pitard, W. F. . . . 2015 Esplanade . . . 6

His name appears again in social news in 1919, after the war, and for the next decade or so.

He was married just a few months after his brother Gus. 
1sttree I134 Pitard, Wallis Francis (I134)
11426 Walter Belt theorizes that her last name was Middleton. 1sttree I10247 Elizabeth (I10247)
11427 Walter von Rosenberg at the age of ten immigrated to America with his family. He had some schooling in Prussia with the Froelich grandmother who had a schoolroom at her home estate. He spent his childhood at the Plantation Nassau near Round Top. There he and his brothers had a very happy time. In 1850 he had two horses, a heifer calf, and a gray stallion. Each evening he and Alexander rode their horses to bring in the cows that grazed all day on the prairies.

Walter was married to Elizabeth Spangler, the adopted daughter of his aunt, Auguste Fallier-Soergel. He and his bride then lived on a farm a few miles from Round Top.

Walter suffered from a heart ailment and because of his failing health in 1900, he sold that farm and moved to La Grange. They never enjoyed town life; they so loved the wide open spaces and activities of a farm. However, they remained there three years until his death in 1903. 
1sttree I261 von Rosenberg, Carl August Walter (I261)
11428 Warfield calls her "the widow Sparrow, who was Ann, daughter of John and Matilda West, who was mother of Matilda Sparrow, the bride of John Burgess, of Captain Edward and the mother of six Revolutionary soldiers."

Newman, however, has Matilda Sparrow as the daughter of Thomas Sparrow and Anne Jones. She was married to John Burgess son of Edward. 
1sttree I3804 West, Anne (I3804)
11429 Warfield discusses the Davis family; is she from it? 1sttree I8965 Davis, Elizabeth (I8965)
11430 Warfield gives the story about Dr. James "Davidson" Iglehart. This is verbatim: "The Igleharts came from Germany and located near Marlborough, Prince George County, in 1740. James Davidson came to Pennsylvania from England in 1775 and enlisted in the Pennsylvania regiment of the patriot army . . . He settled in Davidsonville, Anne Arundel County, dying in 1841. John Wilson Iglehart was born 1814 . . . . His son, James Davidson Iglehart, took his B.A. at St. John's College in 1872."

He obviously skips several generations of Igleharts here. And the middle name seems to be Wilson, not Davidson, according to the gravestone. 
1sttree I12918 Iglehart, John Wilson Jr. (I12918)
11431 Warfield has a section on the Pinkneys, though Somerville is not in it. 1sttree I5125 Pinkney, Somerville (I5125)
11432 Warfield includes a brief autobiographical narrative in his history. He went to school at Lawrenceville, near Princeton in New Jersey, and then to the University of Virginia. According to Warfield, he had five daughters; according to Spence, he had four. He is called General because he was connected with veteran's associations. 1sttree I6583 Gill, John (I6583)
11433 Warfield includes him as a "Clerk of the Court of Appeals" in his list of men who graduated from St. John's College in Annapolis. He was clerk of this court in 1869. 1sttree I4087 Franklin, James Shaw (I4087)
11434 Warfield places his origin as Devon, England.

Newman does not mention Alice Skinner as his second wife (3.122-125). Saunders does, because of a 1727 deposition in the MD Chancery Court by Rachel Freeborne stating that Alice Skinner had arrived from Tiverton about 56 years before (i.e., in 1671), and had married Henry Ridgely within a year, and that they had an only son, Charles who married Elizabeth Read.

Saunders argues that his third wife was Mary, the wife of Mareen Duvall "the emigrant," though they were married too late for children. 
1sttree I8193 Ridgely, Col. Henry Sr. (I8193)
11435 Was a Major in the Confederate Army.

Prados, Louis, 1st Lt. Capt. Co. B, 8th La. Inf. En. _. Rolls Feb. 28, 1862, to Oct., 1862, Present. Roll Nov. and Dec., 1862, Present, became Capt. by death of Robert Current, killed at Sharpsburg. Rolls Jan., 1863, to Aug. 31, 1863, Present. Roll Sept. and Oct., 1863, Absent, sick, since Oct. 19, 1863. Roll Nov. and Dec., 1863, Absent, sick, since Dec. 3, 1863. Roll April 30 to Aug. 31, 1864, dated Nov. 1, 1864, Present. Comdg. Regt. since June 2, 1864. On Roll of Prisoners of War. Paroled Appomattox Court House, Va., April 10, 1864. Record copied from Memorial Hall, New Orleans, La., by the War Dept., Washington, D. C., June, 1903, En. May 25, 1861. New Orleans, La., for the War. Born Louisiana, occupation accountant, Res. New Orleans, La., age when enlisted 21, single. Elected 1st Lt. of the Co., April 23, 1862. Promoted Capt. Sept. 1, 1862. Elected from Sergt. of 3rd Co. B, Washington Arty.

And this, the officers of a company:

Company B - 8th Louisiana Infantry. The Bienville Rifles - Orleans Parish:
Augustin Larose - Captain
William Crayon - 1st Lieutenant
Louis Prados - 2nd Lieutenant
Paul L. Mailloux - Jr. 2nd Lieutenant
Frank Borge - Jr. 2nd Lieutenant

He is included on the Civil War page
1sttree I3069 Prados, Louis (I3069)
11436 Was a silversmith; apparently some of his silver is out there to be collected. He (John Lamothe) appears in the 1822 City Directory at "52 Royal." His father was also a silversmith; a "Pierre Lamothe and Sons" was also in the city at the time. Their names can be found on a google books search.

From the biography of his grandson, Maurice:

"Couret, Maurice, M. D., was born in New Orleans, La., Sept. 17, 1874; son of John Francis and Louise (Lamothe) Couret, both of whom were born in the Louisiana metropolis (the father in 1849), and reside there at this time.

"The paternal grandfather, John B. Couret, was a native of France, and came to America when a young man. He engaged in business in New Orleans and conducted this throughout the remainder of his life, his death occurring in 1886. The maternal grandfather, Lamothe, was a native of Hayti [sic], and came from that island to the United States, locating at New Orleans, at the time the French were expelled from the land of his birth the year following Napoleon's seizure of the ruler of Hayti [sic]. He was a silversmith, especially skilled in the manufacture of spoons and forks, and articles of this description of his handiwork are still retained in the family. He conducted a jewelry store at New Orleans. One of his brothers also became a citizen of the United States and served in the Revolutionary war. " 
1sttree I3692 Lamothe, Jean Baptiste (I3692)
11437 Was born April 15, 1820 and died April 23, 1827 at the age of seven. Nothing can be found about his youth and short life. 1sttree I255 von Rosenberg, Carl Hermann (I255)
11438 Was he married to Elizabeth Watkins? See S194, page 485. 1sttree I7033 Sparrow, Solomon (I7033)
11439 Was he the “charpentier de barriques” who married Marguerite Roché? Probably in the late 1720s?

A Marguerite Rochet was born on 4th of August 1711, at La Reole Saint Michel, Gironde. Looking at marriages there between 1726 and 1730 (they are indexed), she does not seem to be the same person. 
1sttree I16128 Avril, Jean (I16128)
11440 Was Reebleman a married name--was her maiden name Lynn? Evidence here? 1sttree I2843 Reebleman, Harriet R. (I2843)
11441 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I14526 Living (I14526)
11442 Was she the Elizabeth White who married Philemon Dorsey Ridgely? (S17, page 3.109). 1sttree I4074 White, Elizabeth (I4074)
11443 Was this last name Pieters Meet, or Rutgers? 1sttree I9574 Pieters Meet, Wyntje (I9574)
11444 Was very active during the Revolution in Frederick Ccunty, Maryland. 1sttree I4006 Bowie, Allen (I4006)
11445 Washington, D.C. Evening Star, Tuesday, December 6, 1904, Page 5:

LANSDALE. On Thursday, December 1, 1904, at the home of his sister, Mrs. J. P. Kline, Texarkana, Ark., WALTER B. LANSDALE, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lansdale of this city, aged twenty-two years and six months. 
1sttree I11426 Lansdale, Walter B. (I11426)
11446 We also found where Ezekiel knew the trade of shoemaker. He took a young man to be an apprentice to the trade in August of 1789. He was very active in the courts in Bertie County. Some where around 1792 he sold his land in Bertie Co. and moved his family to Washington County, GA.

Ezekiel owned a large plantation in Washington County with which he owned slaves, horses, cattle and hogs. Notice of the sale of his estate is found on the microfilm spool #18. University of GA Library, in the Louisville Gazette and The Republican Trumpet of Jefferson County, GA. 
1sttree I4884 Wimberly, Ezekiel (I4884)
11447 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I14633 Living (I14633)
11448 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I14634 Living (I14634)
11449 Wedding annoucement, Times-Picayune, 25 Apr. 1943, p42. 1sttree I9943 Pitard, Margaret Elisabeth (I9943)
11450 Wedding annoucement, Times-Picayune, 25 Apr. 1943, p42. 1sttree I14708 Dreyfus, Clifton William (I14708)
11451 Wedding annoucement, Times-Picayune, 25 Apr. 1943, p42. 1sttree Family F6963
11452 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree Family F10444
11453 Wedding announcement, New Orleans States, 12 Jan. 1941, sect. 3, p4 1sttree Family F109
11454 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I14871 Living (I14871)
11455 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree Family F10433
11456 Wedding announcement, Times-Picayune, 18 Apr. 1904, p9:


Pointe a la Hache, April 17. Yesterday evening the marriage ceremony of Frederick Welchley and Miss M. Vinet was celebrated at the St. Thomas Catholic Church, in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends. Rev. Father Colle officiated. 
1sttree I15075 Vinet, Elmina (I15075)
11457 Wedding announcement, Times-Picayune, 18 Apr. 1904, p9:


Pointe a la Hache, April 17. Yesterday evening the marriage ceremony of Frederick Welchley and Miss M. Vinet was celebrated at the St. Thomas Catholic Church, in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends. Rev. Father Colle officiated. 
1sttree I15076 Welchley, Frederick (I15076)
11458 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree Family F10408
11459 wedding announcement, Times-Picayune, 19 Sept. 1940, p3 1sttree Family F10272
11460 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree Family F10409
11461 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree Family F10458
11462 Wedding announcement, Times-Picayune, Weds. 16 Aug. 1950, p38:

Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Brasher have issued cards announcing the marriage of their daughter. Mrs. Louis P. Paquet, the former Miss Louise Brasher, to Mr. Alexandre Francis LeDoux, son of Mrs. Ines Pitard LeDoux. The ceremony took place Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock in St. Francis Xavier church in Metairie in the presence of immediate members of both families.

(There is a Huguenot Brasseur/Brasher/Brashears family on this site which immigranted to Calvert Co., Maryland in the 17th century, but I doubt she is related.) 
1sttree I4217 Brasher, Louise (I4217)
11463 wedding description in New Orleans States, 15 Aug. 1920, p23 1sttree Family F2062
11464 wedding description in New Orleans States, 19 Dec. 1920 p38. 1sttree Family F5411
11465 Wedding description, Times-Picayune, 3 Mar. 1945, p12 1sttree Family F10388
11466 Wedding is described in a social news story in Times-Picayune, 8 Feb. 1943, p17. Also see "Dorothy Hunter is Married to Maj. M.J. LeDoux," in the Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.), 10 Feb. 1943, p8.

A story in the State Times Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.), "43 New Members are Named to LSUNO Faculty," 19 Sept. 1963, names "Dorothy H. Ledoux" as an associate professor of German at Louisiana State University in New Orleans. 
1sttree I14816 Hunter, Dorothy (I14816)
11467 Wedding notice, Observer (New York, NY), 9 Apr. 1809:

At Washington, on Tuesday evening, 28th ult. by the rev. Mr. Addison, John F. Cox, esq. of this city, to Miss Eliza R. Lansdale, daughter of the late Maj. Thomas Lansdale, of Prince George's. 
1sttree I4038 Lansdale, Eliza (I4038)
11468 Wedding notice, Observer (New York, NY), 9 Apr. 1809:

At Washington, on Tuesday evening, 28th ult. by the rev. Mr. Addison, John F. Cox, esq. of this city, to Miss Eliza R. Lansdale, daughter of the late Maj. Thomas Lansdale, of Prince George's. 
1sttree I7160 Cox, John Florentius (I7160)
11469 Wedding record says he’s 33 when married. 1sttree I15490 Oeconomacos, Nicholas (I15490)
11470 Well-known politician, patriot, and lawyer. A delegate to the Continental Congress. See his entries in the American National Biography and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He was a distant cousin of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, who was a signer of the Declaration. His father-in-law Matthew Tilghman was also a member of the Congress.

He left his estate to his sister Mary Clare's sons Nicholas and James Maccubbin, provided they changed their names to Carroll, which they did.

See: "Letters of Charles Carroll, Barrister," Maryland Historical Magazine 31 (1936) 298-332; 32 (1937) 35-46, 174-190, 348-368; 33 (1938) 187-202, 371-388; 34 (1939) 180-189; 35 (1940) 200-207; 36 (1941) 70-73, 336-344; 37 (1942) 57-68, 414-419. 
1sttree I9763 Carroll, Charles "The Barrister" (I9763)
11471 Welsh names her Susannah Iiams. According to Newman, "There are indications that she was born Susannah Watkins and was the widow of Joseph Taylor at the time of her marriage [to John Iiams]. . . . his widow married Captain Marsh Mareen Duvall, of the Revolutionary Army." 1sttree I11474 Watkins, Susanna (I11474)
11472 Went by jacob. In the CSA, and died of yellow fever, both like his younger brother. They likely died in the Yellow Fever epidemic which broke out in La Grange in 1867.

This family is all buried in the same cemetery in Chappell Hill, Texas, but dates from the bible differ from the cemetery as recorded on findagrave. 
1sttree I4202 Umland, Johann Heinrich Jacob (I4202)
11473 What of this couple's descendants? 1sttree I9527 Caywood, Samuel (I9527)
11474 When he registered for the draft in 1917 he was living in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, and was employed at Edgewood Arsenal, Harford, Maryland. He names his nearest relative as Matthew Thomas Stallings, living in North Carolina.

His draft registration for World War 2 notes that he was at that point divorced.

In 1946 a passenger list from New York lists him as a “discharged seaman.” 
1sttree I15619 Stallings, Chalmers Bonner (I15619)
11475 When he registered for the draft in 1917, he had a wife and 1 child, and was a naturalized citizen.

in 1940, his address is the same that his brother-in-law Lucian Cristofaro gives in his 1942 draft registration, at 111 Beech St., Belmont. He was living at this address when he died. Other DiNatales were living there as well, including an Anthony J. DiNatale, according to newspaper reports.

He was probably a police officer in Boston; a number of newspaper articles refer to an office, then a detective, and then a private investigagor Philip J. DiNatale from the 1940s to the 1970s. He seems to have worked on the Boston "Strangler" case in the 1960s. 
1sttree I13321 di Natale, Philip (I13321)
11476 When he registered for the WW2 draft he was working at the Alden Mills in New Orleans. 1sttree I61 McLellan, Alden Charles (I61)
11477 when her husband Edward Sprigg married his second wife. 1sttree I8492 Pile, Elizabeth (I8492)
11478 When his sister was married, he had to give permission as she was a minor. According to his obituary he was a printer, and so may have been how Gustave, Louis Octave Pitard’s brother, may have entered the trade. He also appears in Octave Pitard’s probate documents.

Antoine was also one of the sponsors at his sister’s wedding. 
1sttree I11943 Busquet, Antoine (I11943)
11479 When his wife emigrates, she is a widow. 1sttree I14103 Taormina, Antonino (I14103)
11480 when his will as proved 1sttree I8656 Webster, John (I8656)
11481 When the War ended he was 23 years old. The Marriage Book at Mason County says that he was 27 when married, and Sallie Pollock was 21; both are listed as from Mason County; Leslie Mannen is described as a farmer; their Bondsman is William H. Pollock, presumable Sallie's older brother; and they are to be married "at the residence of Dr. Isaac Pollock, Mason Co., Ky on 4th day of November 1869." (See "MARRIAGES: Marriage County, KY - Marriage Abstracts 10, 1868-1873" at the Mason Co., Kentucky USGenWeb.) There is also a Leslie Mannen who married a Lucretia Hamilton. The correspondence in names is remarkable, but I don't know what to make of it.

The family is listed in the 1880 census for Germantown, Mason Co.; he was a farmer. His family had been tobacco farmers for decades. Both his parents were born in Kentucky.

On 13 January 1887, a notice appeared in the Daily Evening Bulletin in Maysville that "'Squire Leslie Mannen, of Germanton, has returned from Cincinnati, where he went to consult a physician as to the injury to one of his eyes, caused by a ball from a Roman candle Christmas night. The doctor, who is a prominent oculist, gave him no encouragement. The burn was more severe than it was at first thought to be, and has resulted in the complete loss of sight in the injured eye" (found at http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/). I'm not sure why he is called "'Squire" here?

On 22 Aug. 1887 a notice appeared in the Daily Evening Bulletin in Maysville that "Emma Browning has sold to L.H. Mannen one hundred acres of land on Bracken Creek for $3,500. Part of the land is in Mason and part in Bracken County" (found at http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/).

He moved to Galena, Kansas in about 1895 with his family after the family farm played out or went broke. In 1900 the family appears on the census in Galena, Cherokee Co., Kansas; two of his sons are working in the zinc mines; the other two are clerks; and May is in school. Why did they go to Kansas? There are other Mannens out there, though I see none in Galena itself.

He ran for county commissioner in Galena in 1898; an article with an image appeared in The Galena Times on Fri. 4 Nov 1898, p4, c3.

Family history has it that he was a substantial citizen—well off, and perhaps a member of the state legislature, but that he drank himself to death. That he was at least interested in state office is confirmed by his obituary, which says that he ran for county commissioner while living in Galena, Kansas in 1898. The obituary also confirms he was an alcoholic, mentioning that he died of cirrhosis of the liver; it also cryptically mentiones that "As has been the case with many others, his worst enemy was himself." This was a disease that he seems to have passed on to one or more of his male children. 
1sttree I348 Mannen, Leslie Hamilton (I348)
11482 when will proved. 1sttree I7793 Mears, Sarah (I7793)
11483 Which Richard is this? "Richard Waters," MHM 3 (1908) 182-183. 1sttree I210 Waters, Richard (I210)
11484 While a huge help, this book is not clear to use. Newman's chapter on Madam Mary Duvall Hall and her descendants (S152, pub. 1952) is much clearer. If there is a conflict, I take Newman to supersede Hall. 1sttree   Source (S47)
11485 Who was he? To answer this, the question is: what Mannens died before Jan. 1834, his wife's second marriage, in (most likely) Mason or Bracken Co.?

Since Mary Cushman's parents were immigrants to Mason Co., it would be logical to assume that she married him there. Yet there is no marriage record of this couple in Mason Co. or in Bracken Co.

• In 1819, a John Mannen is listed as leaving an estate in Mason Co., and as having left a will. This is a candidate.
• In 1822, a John Mannen died and left a will in Mason County. This is a candidate.
• In 1832, a John Mannen is listed as having left an estate, with no will, in Mason Co. This is a likely candidate.
• In 1834, a James Mannen is listed as having left an estate, with no will, in Mason Co. This is another candidate.
• There was a John Mannen (1785-1835) who m. 27 Feb. 1830 to Sally Tarrant (1811-1836).

There seem to be several John Mannens with Revolutionary War records, but none filed a pension claim in Bracken or Mason counties.

About one resource: "J.D. Mannen, 1800-1854, NC, KY," in Researcher, Chillicother, MO. Vol. 50 (Mar. 1974). I've not see this, but I assume that it's the same person as in this source: "Family Records: Mannen and Herndon," Southern Kentucky Genealogical Society (Bowling Green KY) 4.4 (Fall 1980): 3. This is a typescript. It contains records of a John Dickinson Mannen who was born in 1800 in Edgecomb, N.C.; it's pretty confusing to follow. Families are from VA, NC, and KY. I don't see a connection to this family. 
1sttree I13471 Mannen (I13471)
11486 Who were her ancestors? She appears on the Virginia Mysteries page.

Chalkley, 2.292 records that "Richard Trotter and Nancy Strain, widow" stood as surety for "Danl. Early" on November (?) 27, 1790.

Augusta Co. Land record:

D. Bk. 33-524, Mar. 29. 1804: Richard Trotter & Agnes his wife, Robert Strain, Jane Strain & Agnes Strain heirs of James Strain deceased all of Jefferson Co., Tenn. appoint John Strain of Augusta Co. to sell their part of land in Augusta Co. [signed] Richard Trotter, Agnes Trotter, Jane Strain, Agnes Strain.

Apparently this part of the family had, then, all moved to Jefferson Co., Tennessee; Allen had moved to Blount Co.

Note that an Agnes Strain daughter of James Strain Sr. is noted here: who is she? Since this Nancy is designated by her middle name, I presume one of the daughters' middle names was Agnes--probably Nancy.

Another land record, Augusta Co., Virginia:

D. bk. 34, p. 257, Dec. 18, 1807: Richard Trotter & Agnes, Robert Strain, James Strain, & Agnes Strain all of the state of Tenn. by John Strain their attorney & John Strain & Nancy of Augusta to Isaac Yearout their parts of the estate of James Strain deceased, subject to dower of Agnes Strain their mother, who has since inter married with Richard Trotter, together with Robert Strain, Jane Strain & Agnes Strain children & heirs of James Strain - also another 1/8 part they purchased from their sister Polly Connelly's husband David Connelly. Polly is deceased, Arthur Connelly & James Strain Connelley infant children of Polly Connelly. 
1sttree I11913 McLintock, Nancy Agnes (I11913)
11487 Who were her parents--how, that is, is she related to the rest of the Groos family by birth? 1sttree I1766 Groos, Louise Johannette Wilhelmine Elizabeth (I1766)
11488 Who were his parents? How is he related to his wife's first husband Ninian Beall Jr.?

Data needs confirmation. 
1sttree I9051 Beall, William (I9051)
11489 Why in her obituary is she called the daughter of "the late Maria Barcello"? 1sttree I13007 Pitard, Maria Barsilla (I13007)
11490 Widow of Caleb Mercer 1sttree I13180 Pierce, Mary (I13180)
11491 Widow of Charles Harmar. 1sttree I11819 Southey, Ann (I11819)
11492 Widow of James Berry. She had 4 children with her husband John Sherwood. 1sttree I12121 Pitt, Elizabeth (I12121)
11493 Widow of James Worstall. 1sttree I13251 Warner, Sarah (I13251)
11494 Widow of Mary Norton 1sttree I4656 Mary (I4656)
11495 Widow of Nicholas Newlin, and before that, widow of James Walter. 1sttree I2004 Jackson, Ann (I2004)
11496 Widow of Samuel Russell.

see: L. Vernon Briggs, History and Genealogy of the Briggs Family, 1254-1937 
1sttree I10373 Doughty, Mary (I10373)
11497 Widow of Thomas Atkinson. She requested to join the Society on July 17, 1765, apparently in order to join the Friends to marry James Moore.

She apparently died in childbirth after the birth of her daughter Mary. 
1sttree I2003 Wildman, Mary (I2003)
11498 Widow of Thomas Singleton. 1sttree I13565 Clarke, Mary (I13565)
11499 Widower of her sister Anna. 1sttree I9947 Cooper, William P. (I9947)
11500 Wilhelmine is on the top left of the picture; Hulda her sister is in the center; Minna, daughter of Carl Wilhelm, is on the front right. 1sttree I271 von Rosenberg, Wilhelmine (I271)
11501 will 1sttree I6959 Skinner, William Jr. (I6959)
11502 Will abstract: 403) 25 Mar 1890 - 28 Oct 1890
SKINNER, Levin W, dec
Adm - Alexander S SKINNER, agent of Susanna SKINNER
Sureties - Alexander S SKINNER & W. Henry SKINNER
Widow - Susanna SKINNER

See Dorchester Co., MD Genealogical Magazine website, http://members.tripod.com/~dcgm/dcgmindex.html 
1sttree I7458 Skinner, Levin W. (I7458)
11503 Will Book B., p. 396-97; recorded 8 Oct. 1804 1sttree I12496 Phillips, James (I12496)
11504 Will Book, Vol 34, 1909-1910; case 93491 1sttree I4359 Loney, Eliza A. (I4359)
11505 Will Book, Vol 37, 1913-1915 1sttree I3381 McLellan, George Merrill (I3381)
11506 Will date 1sttree I5901 Pollock, David (I5901)
11507 Will date 17 Mar. 1819 in Middlesex Co., NJ; probated 27 June 1820 in New Brunswick, NJ. 1sttree I789 Hutchinson, Anne (I789)
11508 Will date 7 Dec. 1663 1sttree I8402 Ewen, Susanna (I8402)
11509 will date, not death date 1sttree I10025 Iddings, Richard Jr. (I10025)
11510 Will dated 11 May, proved 14 June 1671 1sttree I5562 Wells, Richard (I5562)
11511 will dated 12 Dec. 1735, proved May 1738 in Chester, England 1sttree I3972 Lansdale, John (I3972)
11512 will dated 1688/89, inventoried 1691/92 1sttree I10369 Barker, Robert (I10369)
11513 Will dated 1699, proved 1703 1sttree I5940 Pollock, Capt. Robert (I5940)
11514 Will dated 17 June 1743 1sttree I9882 Demoss, Lewis/Louis Jr. (I9882)
11515 Will dated 1893, probated 1903 1sttree I12598 Hamilton, Herod (I12598)
11516 Will dated 2 Feb 1773, proved 26 May 1773 1sttree I6915 Hambleton, John (I6915)
11517 Will dated 2 Feb; prob. 2 Sept. 1919 1sttree I282 Lansdale, Richard Hyatt "Uncle Dick" (I282)
11518 Will dated 26 Sept. 1757; proved 3 Nov. 1757 1sttree I7515 Hambleton, Philemon (I7515)
11519 will dated 28 Nov., proved 11 Dec. 1794. 1sttree I9029 Weems, John (I9029)
11520 Will dated 29 May, proved 4 Aug. 1674 1sttree I8919 Beedle, Henry (I8919)
11521 will dated 30 Dec. 1674, proved 9 Feb. 1674/5 1sttree I8917 Ewen, Sophia (I8917)
11522 will dated April 9, 1798; Will Book B, p. 1-3; recorded 24 Dec. 1798 1sttree I5876 Phillips, John William (I5876)
11523 Will dated Dec. 1, 1722; proved Jul 24, 1725 1sttree I7516 Hambleton, William Jr. (I7516)
11524 will dated Jan 19, 1754; proved Oct. 21, 1755 1sttree I7517 Sherwood, Margaret (I7517)
11525 will dated this year 1sttree I3518 Franklin, Richard (I3518)
11526 Will executed on 2 Nov. 1768 in Baltimore Co. 1sttree I5976 Govane, William (I5976)
11527 Will filed in 1614 1sttree I5574 Ayleworth, Walter (I5574)
11528 will made 28 Feb. 1669 1sttree I10379 Turner, Humphrey (I10379)
11529 Will probate date 1sttree I5949 Pollock, Joseph (I5949)
11530 will probate date 1sttree I10989 Hibberd, Benjamin (I10989)
11531 will probate date, in London; the will names his four children; will composed on Sept. 7, 1620 1sttree I12512 Williams, James (I12512)
11532 Will probated 17 June 1739 1sttree I11154 Gilbert, Garvis (I11154)
11533 will probated 17 June 1890 1sttree I4804 Griffith, Mary Ann (I4804)
11534 Will Probated 5 Apr. 1690; Sarah is named as wife. He notes his son John, an unborn child, and son Joseph.

Skordas gives the following Brewers. This is clearly several different families, settling on different parts of the Bay:

Brewer, Elizabeth . . . widow of John. Acquired a track of land called "Widow's Chance" in Talbot Co. 640 acres, 1664.
Brewer, George . . . transported about 1658 by Lieut. Col. Jarboe with Ann, his wife.
Brewer, Han'a. . . . transported 1676
Brewer, John . . . transported 1674
Brewer, John . . . orphan of John, of Anne Arundel Co., died 1677
Brewer, Nicholas . . . of Dorchester Co. Service 1669.
Brewer, Susanna . . . transported 1672
Brewer, Thomas . . . transported 1665
Brewer, Thomas . . . transported Oct. 1667 
1sttree I8608 Brewer, John Jr. (I8608)
11535 will probated in April 1757 1sttree I8981 Griffith, Orlando (I8981)
11536 will probated July 13, 1727 in A.A. County; executrix was Rachel Giles 1sttree I11889 Giles, John (I11889)
11537 will probated Nov. 8, 1726 1sttree I5891 Pollock, James (I5891)
11538 will probated on 20 Dec 1824 1sttree I8754 Cummings, Araminta (I8754)
11539 will probated on 9 March 1829 1sttree I8147 Duckett, Martha (I8147)
11540 Will probated on Jan 15, 1816  1sttree I7115 Duckett, Martha (I7115)
11541 will probated on Sept. 28, 1727; administratrix Elizabeth Welsh; next of kin were Richard and Robert Welsh 1sttree I5239 Welsh, Benjamin (I5239)
11542 will probated on this date 1sttree I905 Hutchinson, Jonathan (I905)
11543 will proved 28 Feb. 1707/8 1sttree I8132 Sellman, John (I8132)
11544 will proved 30 Dec. 1741 1sttree I6918 Hambleton, William (I6918)
11545 Will proved April 28, 1731. 1sttree I1384 Cockey, Elizabeth (I1384)
11546 Will proved Baltimore Co., Maryland May 1, 1684/5 1sttree I12101 Cromwell, William (I12101)
11547 Will proved June 19, 1801 1sttree I4269 Beans, William Sr. (I4269)
11548 Will proved May 8, 1791 1sttree I12028 Throckmorton, Rebecca (I12028)
11549 will proven that year. 1sttree I5990 Welsh, Henry Oneil (I5990)
11550 will recorded on Dec. 1, 1725, but the will itself is missing. 1sttree I12506 Phillips, William (I12506)
11551 will recorded on Jan. 17, 1726 in Richmond Co. 1sttree I12507 Williams, Susannah (I12507)
11552 will T. No. 1 Prince Geo. Co. Md. fol. 226 1sttree I6638 Duckett, Richard (I6638)
11553 Will was dated 27 Oct. 1819. 1sttree I839 Hutchinson, Joseph (I839)
11554 will was written in 1701, but Shirk records his last child as born in abt 1706 (Joseph; see 38) 1sttree I10728 Talbott, John (I10728)
11555 will written 1638. 1sttree I5571 Ayleworth, Frances (I5571)
11556 Will written April 2, 1768; proved Sept. 13, 1768 1sttree I3627 Williams, Richard Sr. (I3627)
11557 Will written in 1705, probated in 1710 1sttree I8193 Ridgely, Col. Henry Sr. (I8193)
11558 Will written in this year 1sttree I8435 Howard, John Jr. (I8435)
11559 Will:
Henry, John,Prince George's Co., 7th Apr., 1739; 26th June, 1739.
To wife Isable, extx., 1/3 of personal estate and dwelling plantation during life. To grand-dau. Jemima Lewces, personalty. To daus. Eleanar Ellison, Christian Tawnihill and Barbary Hardin residue of estate.
Test: James Magruder, James Lucas, Sam'll Bensey. 
1sttree I16539 Henry, John (I16539)
11560 Will:
Tannehill, William, Prince George's Co., 15th Sept., 1729; 28th March, 1732.
To wife ——, extx., 1/3 personal estate and dwell. plan. —— during life. To son James, real estate after death of his mother; shd, there be any residue after wife's thirds are deducted and debts paid, to be divided amongst all child. Certain personalty at death of wife to be divided bet. sons William and James.
Test: Thos. Evans, Mark Mcallom, Mary Evans. Note: Widow claims her thirds. 
1sttree I16527 Tannehill, William Jr. (I16527)
11561 Will:
Orme, Robert, Sr., planter, Prince George's Co., 17th Jan., 1713; 22nd Apr., 1722.
To son Robert, Jr., and hrs., 2 tracts, 125 A., "Dunbar," and 31 A., "Anglese," he to pay his brother, John, certain money; should he not do so, sd. John to inherit lands afsd.; son Moses to inherit sd. land should son John die without issue. To sons Moses and Aaron, 200 A., part of ‘‘Brookfield’^ dwelling plantation; either dying without issue, survivor and hrs. to have portion of deceased. To grandson John Tanyhill, son of dau. Sarah Tanyhill, and grandson Robert Orme, personal estate; dau. Sarah to live on dwelling plantation and take charge of sons Moses and Aaron during their minority. To 5 children afsd., residue of estate, personal, and to son Aaron, also, certain personalty devised him by Deborah Kiniston.
Exs.: Brother Geo. Ransome, and son Robert. Test: Wm. Ransom, Josh. Cecell, Robt. Hurdle. 
1sttree I16517 Orme, Robert Sr. (I16517)
11562 Will:
Ormes, Robert, planter, Calvert Co.,1st Jan., 1741; 23rd Feb., 1741.
To son Robert and grandson John, personalty. To wife Darcus, extx., residue of estate. Test: Aaron Williams, William Deaver. 22. 427. 
1sttree I16518 Orme, Robert (I16518)
11563 Will:
Tanihill (Tannihill, Tawnihill), Sarah,Prince George's Co.,8th Aug., 1725; 3rd Sept., 1725.
To 2 sons John and James, entire estate; to be in care of bro. Moses Adams until 20 yrs. of age and to receive 2 yrs. schooling. William Harris guardian with bro. Moses afsd.
Test: Edward Thirsby, Joseph Ransom. 
1sttree I16520 Orme, Sarah (I16520)
11564 Willhouse calls her "Mollie Reed"; I assume that this is the same as the "Mary" in the 1880 census. 1sttree I11413 Reed, Mary "Mollie" L. (I11413)
11565 William also appears in some southern records, though he seems to have settled in Pennsylvania, and descendants named “Maupay” living in in the Philadelphia area later in the century all appear to descend from him (via his son Daniel).

He appears on a passenger manifest for a journey from Panama to New Orleans in 1850. In 1860, however, he was living in Philadelphia, so he seems not to have settled in the south, though some of his children did. In 1880, when he was recorded on the census in Philadelphia, his children were living in Mobile, and his son Alfred was born in New Orleans.

Note that his son William also has a wife named Amanda (Birely). 
1sttree I14130 Maupay, William Augustus (I14130)
11566 William Bucey was employed to act as overseer by Dr. Franklin Waters in September of 1853, according to a ledger book at Essex. 1sttree I6858 Bucey, William Henry (I6858)
11567 William is on the left of the picture.

In the 1930 census he and his wife Ella are living as the mother and father of “M. Jacobs” in Dallas. M. Jacobs was 45, female, widowed, and born in Texas.

By date this should be Mamie, but might it be their oldest daughter Edna (Mildred)? 
1sttree I3876 Tomlinson, William Ruben (Willie) (I3876)
11568 Wilson, Hawley, and Williams give 1837 as the birth year; there is a transcription error here somewhere. 1sttree I1665 Levensaler, Dr. Henry Coombs (I1665)
11569 wimfamhistory has him married to Mary Hutchinson, b. abt. 1839, on 10 Mary 1858 in DeSoto Co., though it does not record his parents, which I take from the 1850 census. 1sttree I10064 Wimberly, Wesley (I10064)
11570 With a degree in English 1sttree I11 Lansdale, John "Jack" Jr. (I11)
11571 with father William as HOH. 1sttree I4802 Cooper, Asahel Walker (I4802)
11572 with her grandfather Prados; age 19 1sttree I151 Pitard, Ines Marie (I151)
11573 with her grandfather Prados; aged 16 1sttree I153 Pitard, Lucie Marie (I153)
11574 with her grandfather Prados; aged 18 1sttree I152 Pitard, Audrey Marie (I152)
11575 With her husband Robert she had 9 children in all. 1sttree I10505 Honour (I10505)
11576 With his brothers-in-law Thomas Moore and Caleb Bentley, he was a key founder of Triadelphia. He and his wife lived at “Sharon,” near Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co., Maryland.

The marriage certificate read "Isaac Briggs, painter [?printer], of Georgetown, Maryland, sone of Samuel and Mary, of Philadelphia, m. 27th day of 8th month, 1794, to Hannah Brooke, at Sandy Spring." 
1sttree I5533 Briggs, Isaac (I5533)
11577 With his brothers-in-law Thomas Moore and Isaac Briggs, he was a key founder of Triadelphia. 1sttree I5532 Bentley, Caleb (I5532)
11578 with his father; aged 34 1sttree I134 Pitard, Wallis Francis (I134)
11579 with his grandfather Prados; aged 13 1sttree I154 Pitard, Henry Prados Sr. (I154)
11580 with his grandfather Prados; aged 22 1sttree I150 Pitard, Clarence James Jr. (I150)
11581 Wonderful to read through! 1sttree   Source (S179)
11582 Worked in Pitard's Hardware, moving to his son Richmond's store in the late 190-teens.

He partially owned a patent for a burglar alarm, no. 1,250,267, patented 1915. 
1sttree I135 Pitard, Daniel Maupay (I135)
11583 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I194 Living (I194)
11584 Written by a descendant of Capt. Tomlinson; it is available on the “Texas Histories” page on this website. 1sttree   Source (S257)
11585 written in 1785; probated in on 29 Sept. 1788 1sttree I6637 Duckett, Richard (I6637)
11586 www.archinoe.fr/cg47/visualiseur/registre_visu.php?PHPSID=9639b9d24db0282b6ebab61c5404ae69&id=470030156 1sttree I15190 Larroque, Henri (I15190)
11587 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I1047 Living (I1047)
11588 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. 1sttree I1055 Private (I1055)
11589 Yates may have been her maiden name, or the name of her first huband. 1sttree I12505 Yates, Ann (I12505)
11590 year he applied for a pension 1sttree I13922 Pitard, Mortimer Armand (I13922)
11591 Year he wrote his will. 1sttree I428 Giles, John III (I428)
11592 Yet another descendant who moved to Mason Co., Kentucky. 1sttree I9465 Dye, Kenneth (I9465)
11593 zinc mines 1sttree I4116 Mannen, Amos Turney "Turn" (I4116)
11594 Zulma is a widow on the 1910 census. 1sttree I15228 Irving, Luke (I15228)
11595 [sic] 1sttree Family F7681
11596 1sttree I4972 Fields, Antoinette (I4972)
11597 {the blue one] 1sttree   Source (S345)
11598 {the yellow one} 1sttree   Source (S344)
11599 {This essay is an incomplete study, as the author says, but nevertheless a wonderful start to the study of the family.} 1sttree   Source (S328)
11600 “According to family tradition Joseph Sprigg is said to have been several times married. It can be proved that he married twice. His first wife Hannah was the daughter of Hon. Philip Lee, Member of the Council of Maryland, and widow of Thomas Bowie. His second wife was Margaret daughter of James Weems of Calvert County, and widow of Elzey. They were married 8 April 1781, and she died in 1783.”

See: Christopher Johnston, "Sprigg Family," MHM 8 (1913) 74-84; he is there recorded as having 9 children by his first wife, and just the one by his second. 
1sttree I4049 Sprigg, Joseph (I4049)
11601 “after 1650” because he did not immigrate in 1650 with his parents.

There are 4 more generations of the Gott family in Allnut's article, beginning with this Richard's son Anthony, which I do not record in this tree. 
1sttree I8380 Gott, Richard (I8380)
11602 “age de cinquante cinq ans” 1sttree I8296 Bruslé, Jeanne (I8296)
11603 “aged 51Ys 8Ms 10Ds” 1sttree I16241 Clagett, Anne Watkins (I16241)
11604 “Aged 76 Ys. 10 Ms. 16 Ds.” 1sttree I16234 Williams, Rev. William (I16234)
11605 “Aged 81 Ys. 3 Ms. 29 Ds.” 1sttree I16245 Jones, Elizabeth (I16245)
11606 “aged 93 years” 1sttree I16244 Clagett, Jane (I16244)
11607 “aged about 24 years” at her marriage. Birth date given on the baptismal record. 1sttree I16331 Jullien, Claire (I16331)
11608 “aged about eighty-eight” 1sttree I16293 Ginier, Marguerite (I16293)
11609 “aged about sixty-five” at his death. 1sttree I16292 Fouque, François (I16292)
11610 “agee de sept ans et quatre mois”: https://archives.gironde.fr/ark:/25651/vta246d6e8a7575cf7e/daogrp/0/278 1sttree I16118 Avril, Arnaud (I16118)
11611 “Alleines Choice,” Thomas Allein, 5 1/4 Acres - Unpatented Certificate 24; - MSA S1212-24 1sttree I5640 Allein, Thomas (I5640)
11612 “at cette Eglise Marie Claire Joseph Fouque fils de Joseph et de Anne Cecile Meisson morte hier agée de douze jours,” about 12 years old.  1sttree I16359 Fouque, Marie Claire Josephe (I16359)
11613 “Barbare” on her son Jean Baptiste’s marriage record. 1sttree I15324 Barbard, Jeanne (I15324)
11614 “Brother of Francis” 1sttree I5412 Stockett, Capt. Thomas (I5412)
11615 “denviron quarante huit ans, vuef de defunte Jean Brulle 1sttree I8295 Macquiau, Guillaume (I8295)
11616 “diffunt” on his daughter’s marriage record. 1sttree I8302 le Tort, Guillaume (I8302)
11617 “Du 18 pluviose an XII de la République française . . . “ 1sttree Family F5916
11618 “feu” at daughter Anne Rose’s marriage 1sttree I16338 Jullien, Jean (I16338)
11619 “feu” on her daughter Elizabeth’s marriage record. 1sttree I16154 Jeanneau, Jean (I16154)
11620 “feu” on her daughter Jeanne’s marriage record. 1sttree I16108 Touche, Marie (I16108)
11621 “fille jumelle,” twin sister, of Jeanne Renée.

Godfather, Pierre Mangere
Godmother, Perinne Drouadenne (grandmother) 
1sttree I8250 Pitard, Perinne (I8250)
11622 “Fracine” Lacoste is named as the birth mother on Phillippine Tamor’s birth record. “Francine Lacoste” is the name of the mother on Mathieu Tamor’s birth record.

So, I assume that this is her, recorded as “Francoise Lacoste Tamor” on her death record. The problem is that her death record is well more than 9 mos. before Phillippine’s birth date. 
1sttree I15645 Lacoste, Françoise Or Francine (I15645)
11623 “From James Tolley’s son Charles are descended the Worthington’s of Boyle county Kentucky. and his son Vachel are descended Judge and Edward Worthington long and prominently identified with the financial and social interests of Cincinnati.” 1sttree I12458 Worthington, Charles Thomas (I12458)
11624 “I.D. Birdsong” is the name on his son’s death certificate. 1sttree I15986 Birdsong, James D. (I15986)
11625 “Judge of Supreme Court of Ohio, 1803; U. S. Judge for Territory of Michigan 1805, for Orleans 1806, for Louisiana 1812, and for Illinois 1813; District Judge of State of Missouri.” 1sttree I15992 Sprigg, William (I15992)
11626 “Lebanon,” John Thomas, 540 1/2 Acres - Patented Certificate 875 - MSA S1189-927 1sttree I8009 Thomas, John (I8009)
11627 “Leslie Cushman Mannen” appears in the Social Security Index (568-10-6192) as being born on 2 Dec. 1878 in Kentucky.

Is he the "Amos" Mannen listed in the 1880 census? He is the only possibility, since the other three are acounted for, and he would be the correct age.

He registered for the WW1 Draft in Salt Lake City. He lists his occupation as Miner. His birthdate on the application is December 7, 1881.

See under his grandfather John Mannen for the likely origin of his name. 
1sttree I4117 Mannen, Leslie Cushman "Cush" (I4117)
11628 “Madison Worthington was a worthy representative of the long line of brave, honorable and sagacious men from whom he was descended, and who have contributed to the material development and moral uplift of every community in which they are found. To those characteristics which distinguished his forefathers were added qualities which were peculiarly his own. He was a man of fine judgment, of calm, philosophic and reflective temperament; cheerful, kindly, and patient; such a man as friends and relatives instinctively turn to for advice and assistance.

Occupied in wisely administering the affairs of the beautiful estate inherited from his father, in the education of his children and the care of his dependents, and dispensing that hospitality which has made Kentucky famous, his useful life was spent.

He was married August 21, 1844, to Elizabeth Margaret Bledsoe, born May 12, 1825, daughter of Benjamin Bledsoe, who came to Kentucky from Culpeper county, Virginia, brother of Judge Jesse Bledsoe, U.S. Senator. Her mother was Frances Smith Hawkins, a descendant of the famous family of that name whose brilliant military career is well known, in Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina, and who are descendants of Sir John Hawkins of Plymouth, England. By this marriage Madison Worthington was the father of four children: Arah Frances, who was married to Villie Black, a successful tobacco merchant of Mason county, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Melissa, who married Hugh P. Longmoor, of Parkersburg, West Virginia; Elizabeth Florence, who became the wife of Eldon P. Claybrook, a native of Mason, county, Kentucky, but now one of the large and successful land owners of Bourbon county, Kentucky.

Madison Worthington was twice married, his second wife being Matilda Holton, born 1834, died April, 1897, the daughter of Harvey and Ann (Fee) Holton.
Two children were born of this union: Susan Ellen, wife of William Remington, of Paris, Kentucky, editor of the Paris Democrat, and Mrs Gertrude Worthington Smoot, also of Paris, Kentucky.” 
1sttree I12471 Worthington, Madison (I12471)
11629 “Marie Gourcie[r]” is the transcription of her name on her daughter Maria’s marriage record to Joseph Fouque. 1sttree I15654 Gournier, Marie (I15654)
11630 “Marie Magdeleine MacGille, Widow Mestoyer” appears as a witness to the 1812 baptism of Joseph Avril in New Orleans.

She could be the Marie Monique MacGille who was baptised on 9 Sept 1766 in Jacmel. 
1sttree I15402 Macgille, Marguerite (I15402)
11631 “neé le meme jour” as her baptism 1sttree I15418 Gamard, Catherine Françoise (I15418)
11632 “Pierre François Troyon” is present at the burial of his father Pierre in 1746. 1sttree I8343 Troyon, Pierre (I8343)
11633 “saloon keeper,” aged 42, born in Canada 1sttree I15966 Peltier, Napoleon (I15966)
11634 “Tesandier” or “Tysandier” in the records.

The link between Michel Touche and Jeanne Tessandier and their children is clear on the children’s baptismal records. What is not clear is that Marie Touche their daughter is necessarily the Marie Touche who married Arnaud Reynier. I believe, however, that it it is more than merely probable. There is no other Touche family evident in the Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac parish records. 
1sttree I16158 Tessandier, Jeanne (I16158)
11635 “The basic material was first published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 71, no. 3 (Sept. 1983) pp. 193-216, as THE PAXSON BROTHERS OF COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA: THREE GENERATIONS, By MARTHA JONET PAXSON GRUNDY.” 1sttree   Source (S464)
11636 “The chart contains many more family lines of Miss Baldwin, but her Anne Arundel Ancestry is the only one depicted here.” 1sttree   Source (S279)
11637 “Thormin” is an anglicization of “Taormina.” The family changed their name sometime after they moved to Canada, by the 1920s. Some descendants have kept it, and other have changed it back to Taormina. 1sttree I5030 Thormin, Rev. Vincent Ignatius “Vince” (I5030)
11638 “Will of Lewes Stockette, Surveyor of the Works to Her Majesty” 1sttree I9265 Stockett, Lewis (I9265)
11639 “William Means” appears on a Blount co. tax list for the year 1800.

There is a William Means b. abt. 1816 who appears in the 1850, 1860, and 1880 censuses in Blount Co. He was married to “Lucinda.” Could this be a child? 
1sttree I11925 Means, William (I11925)

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