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Pierre Marie HACKER

Male 1782 - 1835  (52 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

There are 78 descendants (plus spouses) in this view.

 Leocade HACKER Female
 Nollie HACKER Male
 Runne Female
 Eunnie A. HACKER Female
 Numa Paul HACKER Male
 Eugenie Female
 John Hubbard HACKER Male
 Mary Edna HACKER Female
 Sarah Emily HACKER Male
 Lewis Wellington HACKER Male
 Mary Meade HACKER Female
 Louis Octave HACKER Male
 Judge Louis Octave HACKER Male
 Sarah Adams BALCH Female
 Philomane Zulmee HACKER Female
 Antoine AMY Male
 Amelie HACKER Female
 Jeanne Mary HACKER Female
 Thaddeus Paul PARSONS Male
 Charles Peter Mayer HACKER Male
 Adele Mary DROUET Female
 Dr. Jean Baptiste HACKER Male
 Emelie Eulalie Leocade MAYER Female
 Anne Louise HACKER Female
 Oscar GERODIAS Male
 Marie Noemie Rosalie GERODIAS Female
 Henry Jacob SCHMITT Male
 Louise Alida HACKER Female
 Victor GERODIAS Male
 Ruby Inez WINTELER Female
 Henry TILLER Male
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 Amynth HACKER Female
 Henry WINTELER Male
 Pierre Aristide HACKER Male
 Clara J. BALDWIN Female
 Alcine Joseph WILTZ Male
 Mary Ann CULLIVAN Female
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 Elizabeth MARZONI Female
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 Mary WILTZ Female
 Lavinia WILTZ Female
 Joseph M. MARKEY Male
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 Louis WILTZ Male
 Louise WILTZ Female
 George W. HEMENWAY Male
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 Norbert J. WILTZ Male
 Elizabeth HARRISON Female
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 Josephine Antoinette PITARD Female
 Alcine Conrad WILTZ Male
 Mary PITARD Female
 John PITARD Male
 Blanche Marie Elizabeth PITARD Female
 Frank Larned COFFEE Male
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 Julia Cecile PITARD Female
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 Louis Octave PITARD Male
 Arthur PITARD, Jr. Male
 Robert Copley PITARD Male
 Kate EAGAN Female
 Orell or Laura Female
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 Agatha PITARD Female
 Paul W. TURNBULL Male
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 Arthur PITARD, Sr. Male
 Catherine "Kate" Mary COPLEY Female
 Daniel Maupay PITARD Male
 Barsilla BEMISS Female
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 Gustave Joseph PITARD, Jr. Male
 Lucie Caroline GAMARD Female
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 Cecilia S. Marie PITARD Female
 Alice Anna PITARD Female
 Henry Louis PITARD Male
 Corinne Marie PITARD Female
 Ines Marie PITARD Female
 Dr. Alexandre LE DOUX, Sr. Male
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 George Dunbar PITARD Male
 Grace FEAHNEY Female
 Mary Davis “Mamie” BURNS Female
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 Beatrice Mary FRISKNEY Female
 Clarence James PITARD Male
 Lucie Marie Bernos PRADOS Female
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 Gustave PITARD, Sr. Male
 Cecilia Marie MAUPAY Female
 Amelie Cecile PITARD Female
 Octave Florian PITARD Male
 Norbert L. PITARD Male
 Marguerite Amelie HACKER Female
 Joseph Barthelemy PITARD Male
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 Pierre Marie HACKER Male
 Marie Louise Josephine Fortunata MAHÉ-DESPORTES Female
 unnamed GAUDIN
 Marguerite Josephine "Eugenie" HACKER Female
 Pierre Auguste GAUDIN Male
 Marie Zulmee DUNBAR Female
 Ulysses J.P. LAPLACE Male
 Stephen VOORHIES Male
 George Hacker DUNBAR Male
 Marie Emma PEPIN Female
 Louise Elmina DUNBAR Female
 Alcee Octave Dominique GELPI Male
New chart
 George W. DUNBAR Male
 Francis Foucher DUNBAR Male
 Ethel FENNER Female
 Olga DUNBAR Female
 George H. DUNBAR, Jr. Male
 George H. DUNBAR, Jr. Male
 Susie FOUCHER Female
 Frank B. DUNBAR Male
 Emile M. DUNBAR Female
 William CONSEIL Male
 Charlotte Zulmee HACKER Female
 George Washington DUNBAR Male
 "Emma" Louise Ursule HACKER Female
 Jules H. MATTHEY Male
 Eugenie HACKER Female
 Harry N. GAUTIER Male
 Leocadie Agathe HACKER Female
 Hamilton N. GAUTIER Male
 Emma HACKER Female
 Malvina HACKER Female
 Eugene HACKER Male
 HACKER Female
 Lawrence HACKER Male
 Andria HACKER Female
 John HACKER Male
 Eugene Louis de Gonzague Joseph HACKER Male
 Agathe Le ROMAIN Female
 Catherine Eulalie "Emilie" LACOSTE Female