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Capt. George McLELLAN, Sr.

Male 1725 - 1771  (~ 45 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

There are 70 descendants (plus spouses) in this view.

 Mary SIMONTON Female
 George SIMONTON Male
 Patrick SIMONTON Male
 Hannah SIMONTON Female
 John S. COBURN Male
 Sarah Ford LEVENSALER Female
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 Elizabeth SIMONTON Female
 Charles COBURN Male
 Rachel SIMONTON Female
 Rebeccca SIMONTON Female
 Rachel McLELLAN Female
 Eliza C. McLELLAN Female
 T. Halsey HEALY, Jr. Male
 Hannah D. McLELLAN Female
 Lewis HALL, Jr. Male
 Nancy B. McLELLAN Female
 Isaac R. McLELLAN Male
 Hon. Benjamin CARR Male
 Hon. Thomas O'BRIEN Male
 Emelie Titcomb McLELLAN Female
 Capt. Joseph WILSON Male
 George W. McLELLAN Male
 Capt. George McLELLAN Male
 Deborah WEED Female
 William Henry Paine McLELLAN Male
 Leonora LEVENSALER Female
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 Charles Adams McLELLAN Male
 Nancy Jenny Elizabeth O'REILLY Female
 Mary Eliza McLELLAN Female
 Rev. Edward Francis CUTTER Male
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 Sarah Washburn McLELLAN Female
 Charles W. SMITH Male
 Antoinette C. McLELLAN Female
 Thomas McLELLAN Male
 Francis Decker McLELLAN Female
 Ralph Cross JOHNSON, Sr. Male
 Stephen Clough McLELLAN Male
 James Brackett McLELLAN Male
 Horatia Ware ROBINSON Female
New chart
 Caroline McLELLAN Female
 Helen McLELLAN Male
 George Merrill McLELLAN Male
 Victoria Adelaide DEPASS Female
 Edward Cutter McLELLAN Male
 Mary McNULTY Female
 Hon. William McLELLAN Male
 Eliza Lydia St. Barbe CLOUGH Female
 George W. ROBINSON Male
 Lucretia STONE Female
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 Julia ROBINSON Female
 Capt. Richard SPEAR Male
 George MILLER Male
 John GRIFFIN Male
 Electra P. ROBINSON Female
 Phinehas TYLER Male
 Jackson ROBINSON Male
 Almira ROBINSON Female
 Capt. Sanders CURLING Male
New chart
 Capt. William Jackson ROBINSON Male
 Sara SIMONTON Female
 Eliza ROBINSON Female
 Capt. Thomas ALLEN Male
 Capt. William SLATER Male
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 Thomas M. ROBINSON Male
 Hannah McLELLAN Female
 William ROBINSON Male
 Charles Adam McLELLAN Male
 Anna METTE Female
 Almira R. McLELLAN Female
 Capt. Sanders CURLING Male
New chart
 Amiah McLELLAN Female
 Ephraim McLELLAN Male
 Caroline WHEELER Female
 Mary Adams McLELLAN Female
 Lydia Caroline McLELLAN Female
 Capt. Thomas McLELLAN, Jr. Male
 Lydia ADAMS Female
 Adaline Fuller McLELLAN Female
 William Thomas McLELLAN Male
 Mary R. DEBIT Female
 Henry K. McLELLAN Male
 Adelia McLELLAN Female
 Henry Knox McLELLAN Male
 Marie A. VIOLET Female
 Hanna E. McLELLAN Female
 Nancy ADAMS Female
 Mrs. Hulda A. HOBBS Female
 Thomas McLELLAN, Sr. Male
 Hanna DYER Female
 George McLELLAN, Jr. Male
 William McLELLAN Male
 Mary McLELLAN Female
 James GARNEY Male
 Sarah McLELLAN Female
 Bertha D. McLELLAN Female
 Edwin B. McLELLAN Male
 Mary F. Female
 Capt. Isaac McLELLAN Male
 Deborah WEED Female
 Ira G. McLELLAN Male
 Mary J. WINCAPAW Female
New chart
 Capt. Simon McLELLAN, Jr. Male
 Nancy McLELLAN Female
 Isaac R. McLELLAN Male
 Nancy B. McLELLAN Female
 Eliza Ann McLELLAN Female
 Thomas Vose ROBINSON Male
 William McLELLAN Male
 Capt. James McLELLAN Male
 Mary RIVERS Female
 Capt. Simon McLELLAN, Sr. Male
 Elizabeth "Nancy" ROBINSON Female
 Betsey McLELLAN Female
 Robert K. SHIBLES Male
New chart
 Capt. George McLELLAN, Sr. Male
 Mary WEBSTER Female