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Matches 5,751 to 5,796 of 5,796

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5751 will probated Nov. 8, 1726 POLLOCK, James (I5891)
5752 will probated on Sept. 28, 1727; administratrix Elizabeth Welsh; next of kin were Richard and Robert Welsh WELSH, Benjamin (I5239)
5753 will probated on this date HUTCHINSON, Jonathan (I905)
5754 will proved 28 Feb. 1707/8 SELLMAN, John (I8132)
5755 will proved 30 Dec. 1741 HAMBLETON, William (I6918)
5756 Will proved April 28, 1731. COCKEY, Elizabeth (I1384)
5757 Will proved Baltimore Co., Maryland May 1, 1684/5 CROMWELL, William (I12101)
5758 Will proved June 19, 1801 BEANS, William Sr. (I4269)
5759 Will proved May 8, 1791 THROCKMORTON, Rebecca (I12028)
5760 will proven that year. WELSH, Henry Oneil (I5990)
5761 will recorded on Dec. 1, 1725, but the will itself is missing. PHILLIPS, William (I12506)
5762 will recorded on Jan. 17, 1726 in Richmond Co. WILLIAMS, Susannah (I12507)
5763 will T. No. 1 Prince Geo. Co. Md. fol. 226 DUCKETT, Richard Sr. (I6638)
5764 will was proved on 2 Aug 1703. HOLLAND, Anthony (I8384)
5765 will was written in 1701, but Shirk records his last child as born in abt 1706 (Joseph; see 38) TALBOTT, John (I10728)
5766 Will written April 2, 1768; proved Sept. 13, 1768 WILLIAMS, Richard Sr. (I3627)
5767 Will written in 1705, probated in 1710 RIDGELY, Col. Henry Sr. (I8193)
5768 Will written in this year HOWARD, John Jr. (I8435)
5769 Wilson, Hawley, and Williams give 1837 as the birth year; there is a transcription error here somewhere. LEVENSALER, Dr. Henry Coombs (I1665)
5770 With a degree in English LANSDALE, John "Jack" Jr. (I11)
5771 with father William as HOH. COOPER, Asahel Walker (I4802)
5772 with her grandfather Prados; age 19 PITARD, Ines Marie (I151)
5773 with her grandfather Prados; aged 16 PITARD, Lucie Marie (I153)
5774 with her grandfather Prados; aged 18 PITARD, Audrey Marie (I152)
5775 with his father; aged 34 PITARD, Wallis Francis (I134)
5776 with his grandfather Prados; aged 13 PITARD, Henry Prados Sr. (I154)
5777 with his grandfather Prados; aged 22 PITARD, Clarence James Jr. (I150)
5778 With his wife Beatrice, coming home from a trip to England a few months after being married, on the “Franconia” from Liverpool. They are living at 6337 S. Peoria St., Chicago. PITARD, George Dunbar (I14271)
5779 Wonderful to read through! Source (S179)
5780 Wonderful, huge, and authoritative. Source (S209)
5781 Written by a descendant of Capt. Tomlinson; it is available on the “Texas Histories” page on this website. Source (S257)
5782 year he applied for a pension PITARD, Mortimer (I13922)
5783 Year he wrote his will. GILES, John III (I428)
5784 zinc mines MANNEN, Amos Turney "Turn" (I4116)
5785 Zulma is a widow on the 1910 census. IRVING, Luke (I15228)
5786 [sic] Family F7681
5787 FIELDS, Antionette (I4972)
5788 “age de cinquante cinq ans” BRUSLÉ, Jeanne (I8296)
5789 “Alleines Choice,” Thomas Allein, 5 1/4 Acres - Unpatented Certificate 24; - MSA S1212-24 ALLEIN, Thomas (I5640)
5790 “denviron quarante huit ans, vuef de defunte Jean Brulle MACQUIAU, Guillaume (I8295)
5791 “diffunt” on his daughter’s marriage record. LE TORT, Guillaume (I8302)
5792 “Du 18 pluviose an XII de la République française . . . “ Family F5916
5793 “Lebanon,” John Thomas, 540 1/2 Acres - Patented Certificate 875 - MSA S1189-927 THOMAS, John (I8009)
5794 “neé le meme jour” as her baptism GAMARD, Catherine Françoise (I15418)
5795 “The basic material was first published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 71, no. 3 (Sept. 1983) pp. 193-216, as THE PAXSON BROTHERS OF COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA: THREE GENERATIONS, By MARTHA JONET PAXSON GRUNDY.” Source (S464)
5796 “The chart contains many more family lines of Miss Baldwin, but her Anne Arundel Ancestry is the only one depicted here.” Source (S279)

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