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Matches 201 to 250 of 10,655

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201 4q, 1882 Family F10927
202 4q, 1885 FRISKNEY, Eveline Margaret (I15486)
203 4q, 1889 FRISKNEY, William Joseph (I15488)
204 4q, 1891 FRISKNEY, Frank (I15489)
205 5 Clover Aloe Orange WILTZ, Arthur Ferdinand (I14687)
206 5 Clover Aloe Orange WILTZ, Alcine Joseph Sr. (I14692)
207 5 Clover Aloe Orange HOLMES, Agnes (I14697)
208 5 Clover Aloe Orange FISCHER, Louise (I15023)
209 5 Clover Aloe Orange HOLMES, James H. (I15024)
210 50 Maple Jessamine Banks ANASTASIO, Angelina C. (I14556)
211 52 Evergreen Cedar Aloe BRES, Edward (I4459)
212 52 Evergreen Cedar Aloe BENEDICT, Alice Louise (I4528)
213 57 Moss Osier Mercury GUNCKEL, Garland A. (I14567)
214 67 Lavender Metairie Venus. HELMSTETTER, Eugenia W. (I14530)
215 7 lbs, 2 ozs, at 1:50 pm PITARD, Stephen DeGrange (I81)
216 75 Pine Myrtle Jessamine KUCHLER, Ruby Cecilia (I15137)
217 796 Locust Cedar Aloe MARKEY, Myrtle Elizabeth (I13644)
218 796 Locust Cedar Aloe COUSANS, John Edward (I14568)
219 796 Locust Cedar Aloe COUSANS, Charles Edward (I14970)
220 796 Locust Cedar Aloe DONNELAN, Catherine (I14971)
221 8:45 pm PUE, Richard Lansdale (I5433)
222 ; he was an ensign during the war. Marine describes him as "Ensign in Capt. Hewitt's co., 4th Regt., 1813."

Estate was appraised 5 May 1813. 
FREELAND, William (I7618)
223 ; he was in the Maryland Militia. According to Marine, he was a "private in Capt. Warfield's Co., Baltimore United Volunteers."

Dates and name need verification. 
PENNINGTON, Josias Jr. (I2029)
224 Her parentage can only be rated as probable. The Hamilton history says that she was from Havre de Grace, Maryland (559). So the connection to her father Daniel makes sense, but lacks anything so far but circumstantial evidence. I have good references to Daniel Donovan's ancestry itself (see the references there); it is the link between Daniel and Dilly that needs to be clarified.

She and her parents appear on the Maryland Mysteries page. 
DONOVAN, Delia "Dilly" (I4243)
225 I do NOT have a document that directly connects her as a child of Jean Baptiste Mahé-Desportes and Marie Bontelle de Beaumier. This is probable, for two reasons:

First, her likely dates match up.

Second, her husband Hugues and his son Joseph's names appear on the probate documents as "tutors" for Pierre Hacker's minor children in 1831.

She is named "Emelie" on her daughter's marriage record.

In 1792 appears this birth record in Arcahaye; no father is mentioned, but it's a good guess that it's the same person:

D'an mille sept cent quatre vingt douze, et le dixhuit Septembre, a ete Baptise Eugene Charlotte fille naturelle de Mahé Desporte, agèe dix huit mois, le parrain a ete le Sieur Jaquet, negotiant de cette ville, et la marraine Clarisce Saur [?sp], en foy dequoy ecou [?] a vous signié [sic-signé] avec le parrain la marraine, agant [?] de curé ne le Seavoir [?]. . . 
MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Charlotte (I15201)
226 New Orleans Item, 27 and 28 Feb., 1911:

TRANSFERRED—Fred H. Vreeland to Helene Desmare, wife of Augustus C. Vreeland, portion Sixth district, Henry Clay avenue, Calhoun, Perrier, and Prytania streets, $9000.

So, she had remarried by then. 
VREELAND, Augustus C. (I15666)
227 Times-Picayune, 20 Jan. 1951: "The approaching marriage of Mrs. Camille Gertrude Agnew, to Mr. John Joseph Middleton, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Trevor C. Middleton is announced this Saturday by her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Harman Paul Agnew of this city. The wedding to take place this Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 5 o'clock in the late afternoon will be celebrated in the home of the bride-elect's parents on Pellham dr, Metairie. . . ." MIDDLETON, John Joseph "Jack" (I92)
228 Times-Picayune, 20 Jan. 1951: "The approaching marriage of Mrs. Camille Gertrude Agnew, to Mr. John Joseph Middleton, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Trevor C. Middleton is announced this Saturday by her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Harman Paul Agnew of this city. The wedding to take place this Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 5 o'clock in the late afternoon will be celebrated in the home of the bride-elect's parents on Pellham dr, Metairie. . . ." AGNEW, Camille Gertrude (I13872)
229 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14258)
230 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14259)
231 From S247: Education: High school (probably in Soest), some college. Military: 1 year in 22nd heavy artillery, German Army. Came to USA in 1888 at 18 years. Salesman for Von Lengerke and Detmold, dealers in guns and rifles, domestic and imported. Sec'y for jewlery firm, bookkeeper, personnel mgrs., and special representative for Standard Bleachery, E. Rutherford, NJ. Member of Royal Arcanum, Civic Club, Commodore Greenville Yacht Club (Jersey City). Won a rowing contest. Board of Directors Rutherford Bldg. and Loan Assn.Died from pneumonia.

Sources from S247: Birth certificate from Evangelische Church in Hilchenbach, Germany (Seite 232 Number 105). Photostat of marriage return and of death certificate; transcript of NY, NY census report 1880. 
GREIFF, Friedrich William Oskar (I1843)
232 From S247: Full name was Wilhelm Johann Friedrich August Gustav Greiff. His grave was in Hilchenbach cemetery in 1957. Inscription of head-stone is from 2 Corinthians 5:9. Baptism sponsor was Gustav Greiff, "studiosis theologie." References: Birth certificate for son, letter from Pastor A. Musse, Evangelische Church in Hilchenbach; Letter from church in Tecklenburg. He Died from intestinal complications when only 37. GREIFF, Wilhelm Johann F. A. Gustav (I1857)
233 His ancestry can only be rated probable.

There are several Savage immigrants to the eastern shore of Virginia, but I've seen no clear study of their families which lead to him. I rely here mostly on the history of James Cochran Savage, and family tradition. Neither cites sources to connect this man clearly to his father's generation.

I don't see him in the 1790 or 1800 US census anywhere. "James Savage" does appear on the 1800 KY census as a taxpayer, however, in Mason Co.

Was he a Revolutionary War soldier? This could also very well be wishful genealogy, though some county histories do say so. No-one has used him to join the DAR. His brother John fought in the French and Indian War under Washington in his Virginia company.

This is about his Great-grandson, which seems to tell something about him as well:

Harrison B. Savage, M. D., Galena, is a son of Dr. Charles Smith Savage and Elizabeth P. (Burgess) Savage. His father was born in Germantown, Mason county, Kentucky, Dec. 8, 1829, the son of James Phillips Savage and Sallie (Currens) Savage. James Phillips Savage was born in Virginia Jan. 16, 1792, a son of James and Mary (Phillips) Savage, both of whom were born in Virginia, whence they came to Kentucky at a very early date. The Savage family is of Welsh origin. The father of James Savage was a Revolutionary soldier. James Phillips Savage came to Kentucky with his widowed mother and, her eleven other children in 1799, in a covered wagon, and settled near Maysville, then called Limestone.

(Pages 212-213 from volume III, part 1 of Kansas: a cyclopedia of state history, embracing events, institutions, industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, etc. ... / with a supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and reminiscence. Standard Pub. Co. Chicago : 1912. 3 v. in 4. : front., ill., ports.; 28 cm. Vols. I-II edited by Frank W. Blackmar. Transcribed December 2002 by Carolyn Ward. This volume is identified at the Kansas State Historical Society as microfilm LM195. It is a two-part volume 3.)

"Mrs. Williams is a daughter of John P. Savage, a son of James Savage, of Revolutionary fame, he having served throughout the entire struggle for independence. After the close of the war, in 1791, James Savage removed from Virginia to Kentucky, with his wife and children. Settlement was made at Poplar Flat, Lewis County, Kentucky, some fourteen miles above Maysville. There Mr. Savage improved a fine farm from the virgin wilderness and in those early pioneer days it was necessary to barricade the doors against the attacks of Indians. The old homestead is now owned by the fifth generation of his descendants and the old log cabin built by him in the early days is still a part of the family residence. A fact worthy of record here is that during the many years which have elapsed since the time of the immigration of James Savage to Kentucky not a single death occurred in the house from disease until a few years ago. James Savage continued to reside on his homestead during the remainder of his life, and prior to his death, through thrift and industry, he had accumulated a large property, owning at one time a great number of slaves. His wife, whose maiden name was Mary Phillips, was a native Virginian and was descended from King Philip, of England. To Mr. and Mrs. James Savage were born eight children--six sons and two daughters."

--BTW, there has never been a King Philip of England.

From a History of Lewis Co., Kentucky:

"February Court term of 1834 . . . The following rather peculiar, though perhaps valuable, record was made in the order book of the Lewis County Court: "The following persons are the only heirs of James P. Savage, deceased: Pleasant M. Savage, James Savage, John P. Savage, Francis Asbury Savage, Samuel P. Savage, William P. Savage, Mary Jane Johnson, late Mary Stout, the daughter and only child of Sally Stout, who, previous to her marriage, was Sally Savage and the daughter of the above-named James Savage, deceased; and James A. Frizzell, Alexander Frizzell, and Margaret Frizzell, children of Polly W. Frizzell, deceased, who was, previous to her marriage, Polly W. Savage and the daughter of the above-named James P. Savage, deceased."

This makes his middle initial "P." 
SAVAGE, James P. (I11771)
234 References (for S247): Copy of marriage register from church in Erndtebruck. Also "Als der Grossvater and die Grossmutter nahm." Erndtebruck is to the northeast of Siegen.

Three of this couple's children migrated to Texas. 
MARTIN, Nikolaus (I1760)
235 References (for S247): Marriage register from Evangelisch Kirchengemeinde Erntebruck; also her death register (she died of pneumonia at age 50 years, 11 months, 8 days at 10 a.m.). Erndtebruck is to the northeast of Siegen. She had nine children.

Three of this couple's children migrated to Texas. 
SINNERS, Hedwig Wilhelmine Jacobine Catherine (I1761)
236 References from S247: Letter from church in Tecklenburg. He was a Justice Commissioner. GREIFF, Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm (I1865)
237 This person is a stumper! Can anyone help?

This family does not seem to appear in Orcutt's Henry Tomlinson and his Descendants, which is a Connecticut family originally.

According to family researcher Karen Theriot, a son of Thomas and "Geuty" (?) named Jesse "acted as sponsor or witness on William's family records."

One coincidence in names I have found provides a thin but possible hint: A "Thomas Tomlinson" was born in 1773, the son of Thomas Tomlinson (b. 1752, d. 23 Nov 1830) and Catherine (b. 1751, d. 25 Jul 1828). He had siblings named Richard S., William, Jesse, and Amanda Margaret (this is all unsourced web information). Could this Thomas b. 1773 be the same person? Problems here which would need to be explained are first that this family was apparently from Ross Co., Ohio, and second that Thomas b. 1773 is recorded as dying in Coles Co., Illinois, not in the more probable Louisiana.

Two Tomlinsons served in the War of 1812 from Louisiana:

Tomlinson, Jesse; Private, Baker's Regiment, La. Militia
Tomlinson, John; Private, 10 and 20 Cons. Reg't., La. Mil.
Tornmison, John; Private, 10 and 20 Cons. Reg't., La. Mil. (Orig. under Tomlinson, John)

(from: Index to Louisiana Soldiers During the War of 1812, on rootsweb).

Jesse Tomlinson was married to Sophia Miller 23 Nov. 1815; second wife was Adele Jule Broussard, in 1830. Aside from on familysearch, see in Mary Elizabeth Sanders, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, Heirship Series: Annotated Abstracts of the Successions, 1811-1834 (on Google books): 73, and 129-30. Nothing about who Jesse's parents were here. 
TOMLINSON, Thomas (?) (I2597)
238 This person's ancestry is one of my biggest stumpers. I have no idea who this man’s father is.

This is a long note that talks about a lot of Mannen families in Bracken & Mason counties, to sort out their ancestries. If you’re interested, keep scrolling down . . .

He is on the Kentucky Mysteries page. There are a number of Mannens in Mason and Bracken counties, but I can't identify them as family.

I think that I do, however, have an answer to his mother's identity. Please see under her page for my logic.

Overall, here's what I (think I) know about him and possible relations. I list below what I know about Mannens in Kentucky from the eighteenth century on to sort these families out.

His name is "Mannon" in Kendall (246). Mannan, Manning and other variants exist. I would request a death record, but death records from Bracken Co. for 1879 don't exist: see http://www.kdla.ky.gov/research.htm.

[While Manning is a possible variant of my Mannen family's name, note that there is a different John Manning family in Kentucky which can be identified as different in part because they are Catholic. They were from St. Mary's County in Maryland, beginning with a Cornelius Manning. John Manning was b. abt. 1745 in St. Mary's Co. and left there in the early 1790s for Kentucky, where he lived in Washington Co. (later Marion Co.). His son Joseph married there in 1792, and his son Mark bought land there in 1801. Susan Manning, one of Joseph's daughters, was born there in 1794, and in 1812, in St. Genevieve, Missouri, married Thomas "Seemes," a descendant of the (Catholic) Semmes family from southern Maryland, whose descent is described by Newman. John and his family moved to Perry Co., Missouri in about 1803 (it was part of France at that time), and John died there in 1813.]

A John Mannon or Mannan, born in King George Co., Virginia on 15 Oct. 1752, served in the Revolution; see pension claim # 9538, placed on the pension roll in 1833. He is listed as a taxpayer the same county in the 1780s. He was buried in Harrison Co., Indiana. He had 9 children, including a son named John born in 1791. This John is of an age to be my John's father, but there doesn't seem to be connection. And according to the genealogical abstract of his pension file, his family moved from Virginia to Indiana in about 1816.

A John Mannen was an early settler at Fort Boonesborough/Boone's Station in 1775.

A John Mannen was married to a Mary Moore on January 1, 1795, in Berks Co., Pennsylvania, by Matthias Kaler.

In 1800 "John Mannon" appears as a taxpayer on the 1800 KY census for Mason County.

A typescript entitled "The John Mannen Genealogy" by Mabel Irene Huggins describes the family of a John Mannen Sr. m. to Elizabeth Cooley who lived in what is now Ontario, CA; his dates are not known, but their oldest child was born 1806. I seriously doubt that this is my family.

The first time John Mannen, or any Mannen/Mannon etc., appears in the Mason Co. Wills and Estate index is in Oct. 1804, when John Mannen, Samuel Frazee, and Benjamin Hiatt are named in an estate inventory for John Scott (dated 27 Aug. 1804, recorded Oct. 1804).

On 6 Apr. 1809 a "John Mannon" married Sarah Washburn in Adams Co., Ohio (the reference is vague for this).

The 1810 census in Kentucky lists a John Mannen in Mason Co.

On 22 Sept. 1812, John Mannon and Thomas T. Worthington served as witnesses for the will of John Watson. Note that a Thomas Mannen married Thomas Tolley's daughter Rachel; she was born in 1800. I've seen his birthdate listed, unsourced, as 1798. Note also that a Thomas Mannen exists, aged 51, married to a Susan, aged 42, in the 1850 census for Mason Co. The fact that Mannon and Worthington appear together here suggests a family relation, though I don't know how they might be related to this John Mannen.

In the War of 1812 a sergeant "John Mannan" served in Capt. Dowden's company of Pogue's Kentucky Volunteers in the War of 1812; he enlisted Aug. 27, 1812 to Sept. 26, 1812. Another "John Mannan" served as a private in Robert Crutchfield's detachment of the Virginia Militia (a pretty big coincidence with the marriage of 1814). A Thomas H. Mannen also served in 1812, in the 40th Kentucky regiment, as a Major.

In 1814 a John Mannen married Charity Critchfield (Crihfield) in Mason Co. (see below; this is a son of John Mannen who m. Elizabeth Hughes).

In 1819, a John Mannen is listed as leaving an estate in Mason Co., and as having left a will. (Who is this? Is this supposed to be 1822—as below?)

The 1820 Census from Mason Co, Kentucky seems to be key here, though without further help it's just a list of names. There are several groups living near each other: Jas Pollock, Jos Pollock; and then several lines later, all as heads of household: Jno Mannon, Sra Perkins, Jas Mannon, Jno Mannon Jr. What might help, if it is possible, is to look at deeds for land. I don't know how to do this.

A John Mannen Sr. died in in 1822. This would most logically be the man on the 1820 census, with his sons after him. His will lists the following as his family, including John Sr. and eight children; no wife is named (presumably she pre-deceased him):

John Mannen, d. Summer 1822, Mason Co., Kentucky. The will is in Will Book E, on pages 296-97:
| James Mannen, b. before 1801
| John Mannen, b. before 1801
| Elizabeth Mannen, b. before 1801 (m. William Thomas on 26 Feb. 1816 in Mason Co., KY)
| Catherine Mannen, b. before 1801 (m. William Neale on 23 Nov. 1815, in Mason Co., KY)
| Thomas Mannen, b. before 1801
| Patty Mannen, b. after 1801
| Sidney Mannen, b. after 1801
| Nancy Mannen, b. after 1801

The names "Neale" and "Thomas" are recorded in the will.

The birth dates I give here assume that the age of majority is 21, which would make abt. 1801 here. I assume this because in the will he says (for instance, in one clause), that "my son Sidney Mannen shal have five hundred dollards of my estate when he arrives at the age of 21 years," and later in another clause that "then all of the balance of my estate shall remain in the lands of my sons John and Thomas Mannen until my daughter Nancy Mannen should get married or arrive to the age of twenty one years." John and Thomas are definitely 21; Patty's age is not mentioned, but he requested that "my daughter Patty, my son Sidney, and Nancy is to be reasonably educated, clothed, and supported out of my estate by my executors." The exectors are John Mannen and Thomas Mannen—presumably the two children here.

It is logical that this John Mannen d. 1822 is the John Mannen who is the HOH on the 1820 census for Mason Co., living on the other side of Sara Perkins from his sons James and John Jr. It also makes sense that the John Mannen on the 1810 census is also John Mannen Sr. d. 1822—James and John Jr. did not have their own households by then.

But—the problem of fitting my John as the son of John d. 1822 is that the dates don't jibe. My John was born in 1814 according to his gravestone and every census after 1850. Therefore, he would only be about 8 at the time of this will, not 21 or of an age to be an executor.

Query: Could my John Mannen b. 1814 be a *son* of James or John Jr. or even Thomas?

Query: Is Thomas son of John Sr. the one who married Rachel Worthington?

Note that a Sidney S. Mannen was married (by the Rev. James Savage) to Eliza Walton on 10 Aug. 1837 in Bracken Co. He is very likely the son of John Mannen Sr. d. 1822 named Sidney. This Sidney is named as the son of John "Manning" and Elizabeth Hughes, a couple who were married in Pennsylvania and then traveled to Ohio; Sidney later (1844) moved to Jefferson Co., Illinois, where he died in 1872, and his 10 children had families. If this can be verified as the same Sidney, this gives much more information about the family of John Mannen d. 1822.

A Boaz Mannen, who had a son named John, wrote his will in Oct. 1822. This family was in Floyd Co., Kentucky by 1810, and in Ohio by 1817.

There was a John Mannen (1785-1835) who m. 27 Feb. 1830 to Sally Tarrant (1811-1836). Is this John Jr., son of John d. 1822?

The 1830 census in Kentucky lists a John Mannen and a James Mannen. I assume that these are the same two as in the 1820 census, sons of John Sr. d. 1822. Again, a guess is that my John is a son of one of these. Both of these die soon after:

In 1832, a John Mannen is listed as having left an estate, with no will, in Mason Co. In 1834, a James Mannen is listed as having left an estate, with no will, in Mason Co.

Query: If these two are the sons of John d. 1822, who are the James and John on the 1840 census, below? There are clearly two different James Mannens here, and at least three different John Mannens (John Sr., John who d. 1832, and John on the 1840 census, who is presumable John Jr., and mine).

On 27 Jan. 1834, Richard Kirk married Mary (Cushman) Mannen in Mason Co. Her name, as Mary Kirk, is on my John Mannen's gravestone because her first husband was named Mannen. Richard Kirk was her second husband; unfortunately, her first husband's first name is not given. But the John Mannen d. 1832 is a possibility. Mary was born in 1794—making her 40 when she married Richard, as his second wife—and died in 1870. Note that John Mannen d. 1822 has no daughter named Mary.

On 15 Sept. 1838 Nancy Mannen married Benjamin F. Driskell in Mason Co.

In 1839, a Susan Mannen is listed as having left an estate in Mason Co., with no will.

The 1840 census lists again the man whom I assume is John Mannen Jr. (Northern Div., Mason Co, Kentucky, page 37); this is because a James Mannen (first name partly obscured, but it must be him) is again nearby, on page 39 (which is actually the next page on that 2-page census).

There is a John Mannen in Bracken County in the 1840 census.

In 1840, several Mannens—"Colonel Thomas Mannen," "Capt. T. Mannen," and "Gen. John Mannen" served as Electors for the Democratic party in that year's presidential campaign. No doubt one of the "T" Mannens is the one who served in the war of 1812 as a major. I've seen unsourced reference to the fact this "Gen" John Mannen is the one who married Charity Critchfield in 1814, but I have nothing further here.

On 27 Feb. 1840 Elizabeth Mannen married William Soward in Mason Co.

On 27 Feb. 1840 Thomas Mannen m. Susan Anderson in Mason Co.

On 27 Apr. 1844, an Andrew I. Mannen married Sarah Shotwell in Bracken Co., married by Thos. Grange.

On 21 Oct. 1847 Martha Mannen m. Edward Robertson in Mason Co.

On 5 Apr. 1848 David Mannen m. Comfort Ann Peppers in Mason Co.

Possible conclusion: It seems like what's going on here is that these are granchildren of John d. 1822, whose names exist in no other source before 1850 (that I know of) except these marriage records. It's likely that my John and Mary are among these grandchildren.

On the 1850 census my John Mannen b. 1814 m. Minerva Hamilton lists his birthplace, and the rest of his family's, as Kentucky. He is in district 3. (The 1860 census lists his and his whole family as being born in Virginia, but this is a mistake, a ditto mark carried on down the column from a family above.)

The 1850 census also records a David Mannen (aged 36), wife Ann (aged 23) and child Mary L (aged 1), all born in Kentucky. This would probably be David and Ann (Peppers). Mary L. Mannen, b. 1850, married Alexander R. Victor from Harrison Co., Ky, born 1845, on 30 May 1871 in Mason Co.

The 1850 census records a Thomas Mannen (aged 51), wife Susan (aged 42), with four children from ages 9 to 2. This is Thomas m. Susan Anderson in 1840. He would be the correct age to be the son of John Sr. d. 1822.

The 1850 census for Mason Co. records a Martin M. Mannen, aged 26, married to Susan, aged 23, with children Mary E. (aged 2) and David A. (aged 1/12). Note that John and Minerva's daughter is also named Mary Elizabeth, born the same year.

In this census, John Mannen and Minerva Hamilton live 2 houses away form Joseph Frazee and Ann Cushman.

On 15 Oct. 1850 Francis Mannen m. Ann Fernoughly in Mason Co.

Several Mannens (Thomas H., John, and Enoch) served with the 40th Regiment of the Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry in the US Army during the Civil War. Thomas H. Mannen is mentioned in War Reports (War of the Rebellion I.XX Part I: Reports, page 147; this is a report on Morgan's Raid).

A "John E. Mannen" was born in Cleveland, OH on 7 June 1862; he later managed the Mannen & Esterly Co.

In 1865, John Mannen appears on the tax lists for Mason Co.; income was $309. No other Mannens appear on the list.

In 1871, David Mannen served as a bondsman for Elizabeth B. Mannen, aged 19 from Mason Co., to be married to William H. Wilson from Lewis Co. They were married in Minerva, Mason Co. on 30 May 1871; he also served as a bondsman for Mary L. Mannen a day earlier, to be married in Minerva to Alexander Victor on the same day.

In 1875 William Mannen, aged 64, appears in the census for the Kansas territory (Stanton Twp., Miami Co.), aged 69 (born in abt. 1811). He is also the assessor of the census. He is married to Maria M. Mannen, also born in Kentucky, aged 54.

The Germantown Business directory for 1876-77 lists "Mannen J & L.H.: Leaf tobacco." I assume this means that they were farmers (not store owners). This is my John Mannen and his son Leslie H. Mannen.

According to the census mortality schedules for 1880 for the Fern Leaf district of Mason Co., John Mannen aged 65, farmer, died in August of typhoid fever. The note is by Dr. C.S. Savage.

In 1880, David Mannen is living in Minerva, Mason Co.

Obituary on 21 Aug. 1882 says that Major Thomas H. Mannen has died (Evening Bulletin in Maysville); he served in the Federal army during the war. He was born in Mason Co. 
MANNEN, John (I4242)
239 ?? Not recorded in Newman (2.401). WATERS, Jacob (I3451)
240 BOGEL, Rosina (I14962)
241 A "Dennis H. Creson" served as a private in Company C of the 45th Confederate Tennessee Infantry.

Also living with him in 1900 are a grandson, Claud, aged 7 (b. June 1892 in Tennessee); and nephew, ?Rosser McElroy, aged 20 (b. Jan. 1880 in Tennessee). 
CRESON, Dennis Hogwood (I3291)
242 A "Henry Schmitt," was a St. Dominque refugee: "Henry Schmitt, arrived in 1809; grease merchant, no proprietor." SCHMITT, Henry Jacob (I13927)
243 A "Judge of Probate for Somerset Co. [ME.]" McLELLAN, Bryce (I1153)
244 A "Mareen Duvall" appears in Dr. Franklin Waters' ledgers who died about 1842-44 (Ledger C, passim). DUVALL, Mareen (I4298)
245 A "Miss Mary Alexander" is recorded in an estate distribution in abt. 1853; Thomas S. Alexander is the Administrator. ALEXANDER, Mary (I1841)
246 A "Mr. Richard Hyatt" appears in the Ledgers of Dr. Franklin Waters (Ledger C, 1836, fol. 106). His "Nephew William" is also mentioned. HYATT, Richard (I3850)
247 A "Thomas E. Freeland" served in the 2nd Battalion of the Maryland Infantry during the Civil War; this is the same unit that Alexander Murray and James Shaw Franklin served in.

He is included on the Civil War page
FREELAND, Thomas Edwin (I5708)
248 A "William T. Inglehart" served in Weston's Battalion, Maryland Infantry, for the CSA. Was this the same person? Or, was he in the C.S. Navy? IGLEHART, William Thomas (I709)
249 A .pdf of her will, which is in the PRO, can be found at http://www.wimfamhistory.net. KAY, Susanna (I4905)
250 A .pdf of his will, which is in the PRO, can be found at http://www.wimfamhistory.net. WIMBERLY, William (I4904)

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