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Matches 201 to 250 of 5,796

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201 according to age at death of 56 years, 11 mos., 22 days SELLMAN, Leonard (I12954)
202 according to age at death of 9 yrs., 3 mos., and 1 day SELLMAN, Leonard (I12957)
203 according to age at marriage TOPPINO, Charles G. Jr. (I15179)
204 according to age in obituary ICARD, Alexandrine Amelie Palmire (I15558)
205 according to age in obituary CORREJOLLES, Joseph Octave (I15560)
206 according to censuses HELMSTETTER, Eugenia W. (I14530)
207 according to death certificate CERES, Ferdinand Cashmere (I14609)
208 According to death date ROBINSON, Fannie V. (I1044)
209 according to death record McLELLAN, Theodore Stone (I1278)
210 according to death record O'BRIEN, Hon. Thomas (I1321)
211 according to death record McLELLAN, Mary Osgood (I5064)
212 according to death record MACQUIAU, Guillaume (I8295)
213 according to death record BRUSLÉ, Jeanne (I8296)
214 according to death registration, she was born in Wellandport, Ontario COMFORT, Edith (I15499)
215 according to grave TURNBULL, Marie Louise “Louisa” (I15442)
216 according to grave SULLIVAN, Joseph Timothy (I15443)
217 according to grave SULLIVAN, Mary Louise (I15460)
218 according to grave HECKER, Urban Joseph (I15461)
219 according to grave HECKER, Urban Joseph (I15461)
220 according to gravestone FAWKES, Lida Ann (I4409)
221 according to gravestone FAWKES, Lida Ann (I4409)
222 according to gravestone WALKER, James Madison (I9964)
223 according to gravestone and 1940 census STEPHENS, Frances (I14826)
224 according to gravestone and 1940 census WINTERS, Dr. Harry H. (I15535)
225 According to her death registration she was born in St. Catherine’s, Ontario COMFORT, Nellie (I15500)
226 according to her husband’s death record. MANGERE, Julienne Marguerite (I8247)
227 according to her obit, article. GIBBONS, Bridget (I14839)
228 according to her obit, which gives her age as 80 BERNOS, Eulalie Marie (I15563)
229 according to her son's entry on the 1910 census HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth Atwood (I6400)
230 according to his 1930 census Family F8021
231 according to his obit, age at death was 40 MAUPAY, Edward (I13658)
232 According to his obit, he died at aged 41 years and 10 mos. FERNANDEZ, Joseph Marie (I6648)
233 according to his obituary TURNBULL, James Fletcher (I15446)
234 according to his son Isaac's 1900 census HARTSHORNE, Dr. Joseph (I2928)
235 according to his son Isaac's 1900 census BONSALL, Anna (I2936)
236 according to his son's entry on the 1910 census COFFEE, Col. Andrew Jackson (I6399)
237 according to his wife's obituary REILLEY, John J. (I14801)
238 according to his wife’s application for a veteran’s gravestone. EAGAN, Ira Manning (I15172)
239 according to his ww1 draft registration and the 1900 census GILLMAN, Louis Martin (I14825)
240 according to marriage license Family F10438
241 according to marriage record SCHENCK, Marie Turner (I13034)
242 according to marriage record BAILEY, James Jordy (I13039)
243 according to marriage record POOLE, Leonidas Moore (I13040)
244 according to marriage record SAULNY, Alfred Joseph Sr. (I14137)
245 according to marriage record IRVING, Luke (I15228)
246 according to marriage record VOORHIES, Stephen (I15273)
247 according to marriage record FENNER, Ethel (I15274)
248 according to marriage record LAPLACE, Ulysses J.P. (I15275)
249 according to marriage record HARRISON, Edward (I15472)
250 according to marriage record SIMON, Alice (I15592)

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