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Matches 101 to 150 of 5,769

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101 4q, 1891 FRISKNEY, Frank (I15489)
102 5 Clover Aloe Orange WILTZ, Arthur Ferdinand (I14687)
103 5 Clover Aloe Orange WILTZ, Alcine Joseph Sr. (I14692)
104 5 Clover Aloe Orange HOLMES, Agnes (I14697)
105 5 Clover Aloe Orange FISCHER, Louise (I15023)
106 5 Clover Aloe Orange HOLMES, James H. (I15024)
107 50 Maple Jessamine Banks ANASTASIO, Angelina C. (I14556)
108 52 Evergreen Cedar Aloe BRES, Edward (I4459)
109 52 Evergreen Cedar Aloe BENEDICT, Alice Louise (I4528)
110 57 Moss Osier Mercury GUNCKEL, Garland A. (I14567)
111 67 Lavender Metairie Venus. HELMSTETTER, Eugenia W. (I14530)
112 7 lbs, 2 ozs, at 1:50 pm PITARD, Stephen DeGrange (I81)
113 75 Pine Myrtle Jessamine KUCHLER, Ruby Cecilia (I15137)
114 796 Locust Cedar Aloe MARKEY, Myrtle Elizabeth (I13644)
115 796 Locust Cedar Aloe COUSANS, John Edward (I14568)
116 796 Locust Cedar Aloe COUSANS, Charles Edward (I14970)
117 796 Locust Cedar Aloe DONNELAN, Catherine (I14971)
118 8:45 pm PUE, Richard Lansdale (I5433)
119 BOGEL, Rosina (I14962)
120 A 13 July article names her a "bride of summer season," but gives no specific date. Family F4552
121 A brief history of the unit with a roster. Source (S532)
122 A factual account, mostly of his business dealings. Source (S384)
123 A file with private and documented research. Source (S808)
124 A genealogical account of the slaves who worked at Oakland, from his family's account books. Source (S170)
125 A genealogy with notes. Source (S641)
126 A great book, with a great Bibliography at the end. Source (S175)
127 A great site: it has sources cited, AND he is working on putting on the web all of the “Vital Records of Scituate, MA, to 1850” on-line--one of his primary sources, and a key source for this site's genealogy as well. Source (S365)
128 A massive amount of data! The family website has some neat additions to the data (documents, eg). Source (S252)
129 A necessary compliment to the article in vol. 3.2 by Douglass Hayman. Source (S171)
130 A personal essay on the family. Source (S44)
131 A personally printed compilation. Source (S143)
132 A pretty good site, but hard sometimes to connect families. Source (S215)
133 A primary source for this rootsweb tree is Margaret E. Houston, Houstons of Pequea (1920). Source (S615)
134 A very creative website which rewards browsing through; it also cites sources too! Especially relevant for Pitard.net is the “Beard-Robins” page, though others are a great help too. Source (S178)
135 A very detailed descendant report, with close attention to primary sources, German and English. Source (S358)
136 A.B. COOPER, Asahel Walker Jr. (I4554)
137 About a trip to England and some finds there. Source (S82)
138 abt. 4 miles from Hillsboro, according to the Pension claim.  STRAYHORN, William (I12133)
139 acccording to 1891 Bandol census ARNAUD, Pierre Augustin (I13655)
140 Accessed on line at ancestry.com. It is old, and there seem to be mistakes sometimes. Source (S166)
141 Accidentally killed by one of her brother's soldiers. LOVE, Sarah (I13239)
142 accoding to 1900 census PONTICO, Joseph (I14520)
143 accoding to his obituary article SWARBRICK, George (I14838)
144 according to "age 21" on NOLA marriage record MICHEL, Ernest Joseph (I12242)
145 according to 1860 census HANSON, Greenberry (I13411)
146 according to 1870 census PAYAN, Thomas C. (I221)
147 according to 1870 Census MASSEY, Estelle (I6395)
148 according to 1880 census HOUSTON, Cornelia Nancrede "Nellie" (I3870)
149 according to 1880 census COLLENS, Marie Louise “Louisa” (I15444)
150 according to 1880 census (and others) she would be born abt. 1867, but the 1900 census clearly says March 1865. STRAIN, Cornelia Houston "Nellie" (I5753)

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