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CARROLL, William Thomas (I4048)
2 "about 6 pm" STOCKETT, Thomas Noble (I6706)
3 "abt. 3 pm" STOCKETT, Mary Elizabeth (I6719)
4 "ae 26 years 1 month" ROBINSON, Thomas M. (I1357)
5 "âgé d'environ seize mois," aged about sixteen months MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Eugenie (I15192)
6 "age de quatorze mois" HACKER, Charles Gabriel (I15216)
7 "age de quatorze"--aged 4 MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Henry Jean Joseph (I15194)
8 "aged 12 years, 8 months, and 12 days" THOMAS, Elizabeth (I12250)
9 "aged 19 years" GRIFFITH, Rachel (I3527)
10 "aged 27 years" GRIFFITH, Samuel (I3535)
11 "aged 27 years" Mary (I11461)
12 "aged 3 years, 11 months, 25 days, son of John G. and Matilda H. Fee" FEE, Tappen (I6159)
13 "aged 32 years, 6 mos 17 days" ADAMS, Nancy (I1434)
14 "aged 45 years" McLELLAN, Capt. George (I3217)
15 "aged 49 years" WELCH, Benjamin Allein Sr. (I11517)
16 "aged 5 years, 10 months, and 20 days" THOMAS, John (I12251)
17 "aged 64 years" FEE, John Sr. (I10849)
18 "aged 71 years" BRADFORD, Elizabeth (I11079)
19 "aged 77 years" BURWELL, Dr. Elliott (I7085)
20 "aged 81 years, 4 months" McLELLAN, Capt. Thomas Jr. (I3220)
21 "aged 81" HOUSTON, Rebecca /HASTON (I3232)
22 "agee de cinq ans" MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Marguerite Jeanne Julienne (I15196)
23 "Alsy"; aged 53y 6mo 28d LEVENSALER, Elsie K. (I3552)
24 "at about 9 o'clock at night." HAMBLETON, Margaret (I5725)
25 "at his plantation at the Bay Side." WELLS, Col. George (I5427)
26 "Benjamin" on his tombstone. FLORENCE, Joseph Benjamin (I10654)
27 "builder" COOPER, Asahel Walker Sr. (I4354)
28 "builder" COOPER, Asahel Walker Sr. (I4354)
29 "builder," living with his son-in-law Alden McLellan COOPER, Asahel Walker Sr. (I4354)
30 "carpenter" BROSSMANN, Charles Henry (I3362)
31 "Cypress Grove and Greenwood cemeteries maintain records of all interments dating back to 1840. A searchable burial data base is available here from 1854 – present for Greenwood and from 1910 – present for Cypress Grove." Source (S794)
32 "Darcas," aged 85, born in Pennsylvania MORRIS, Dorcas (I13474)
33 "he died at 10 months and 2 weeks old" (2) GALLOWAY, John (I7931)
34 "in 75th year of his age" MACCUBBIN, Samuel (I11062)
35 "In her 90th year" LACOUR, Marie Madeleine (I2657)
36 "in the 21st year of her age" HALL, Margaret Gassaway (I3559)
37 "in the 29th year of her age" ADAMS, Lydia (I3371)
38 "in the 65th year of her age" RAWLINGS, Mary Ann (I12245)
39 "in the 81st year of his age" HALL, William Henry Sr. (I4310)
40 "Infant son of Joseph and Matilda Gregg" GREGG, Samuel (I5899)
41 "J.W. Fernandez," a trader born in Louisiana, aged 24 FERNANDEZ, Joseph William (I13943)
42 "Promesses" on 28 Sept. 1777 Family F9872
43 "stable builder" MANNEN, Hal Lindsay (I68)
44 "suicide with laudanum" MAUPAY, Alfred H. (I14160)
45 "Tomb no. 8 in first aisle to left of main aisle, face east, between St. Louis & Conti streets" AVRIL, Angelique (I13648)
46 "Tomb no. 8 in first aisle to left of main aisle, face east, between St. Louis & Conti streets." On this map, this puts the grave in the north-eastern-most of the three blocks of the cemetery. PITARD, Joseph Barthelemy (I13627)
47 "zinc mines”; gives his birth as Nov. 1872 MANNEN, John (I4114)
48 #20, Square 2 BOZANT, Jean (I4823)
49 (aged 11; born in Maryland as with both parents) WHITE, Gertrude (I12967)
50 (aged 13; born in Maryland as with both parents) WHITE, Irene Harwood (I12966)

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