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CARROLL, William Thomas (I4048)
No children. 
STAUFFER, Mary Jane (I10323)
3  ALLEN, Robert (I891)
4  MOORE, Robert (I2523)
5  SPRIGG, Samuel (I3997)
6  McCORMICK, Stephen Montgomery Sr. (I4161)
7  JONES, Rachel (I5252)
8  CLAGETT, Eleanor Bowie (I5439)
9  LIGON, Steuart Hartshorne D.V.M. (I5612)
10  BERNARD, J. B. (I5636)
11  ARMSTRONG, Clyde Robert (I5759)
12  HAMBLETON, Elizabeth C. (I7617)
13  McCORMICK, Stephen Montgomery Jr. (I7646)
14  HUGHES, Horace W. (I7975)
15  SALTER, Margaret (I9445)
16  GILBERT, Elizabeth (I10673)
17  GILBERT, Charles (I11155)
18  SPRIGG, Sophia (I12424)
19  WIMBERLY, Ezekiel Henry (I13999)
20 "A Farmer. Lived at Loudon Co., VA; Louisville, KY; some time after 1830, moved to Manchester, Adams Co., Ohio; then about 1840 moved to Jo. Daviess Co., IL; then to Jackson Co., IA."

This couple had 7 children. 
SIMPSON, Henson (I7209)
21 "A privately compiled and published enumeration of Tax Payers appearing in the 79 manuscript volumes of tax lists of the 42 counties of Kentucky in existence in 1800" Source (S637)
22 "about 6 pm" STOCKETT, Thomas Noble (I6706)
23 "abt. 3 pm" STOCKETT, Mary Elizabeth (I6719)
24 "According to the 1850 Census, he was one of the wealthiest planters in Anne Arundel Co., with land appraised at $48,000. Besides his wife, Ann L., aged 56, there was in his household Ann McCaleb, aged 9" (Hall, Mareen Duvall 445). HALL, Henry Augustus (I7873)
25 "ae 26 years 1 month" ROBINSON, Thomas M. (I1357)
26 "âgé d'environ seize mois," aged about sixteen months MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Eugenie (I15192)
27 "age de quatorze mois" HACKER, Charles Gabriel (I15216)
28 "age de quatorze"--aged 4 MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Henry Jean Joseph (I15194)
29 "aged 12 years, 8 months, and 12 days" THOMAS, Elizabeth (I12250)
30 "aged 19 years" GRIFFITH, Rachel (I3527)
31 "aged 27 years" GRIFFITH, Samuel (I3535)
32 "aged 27 years" Mary (I11461)
33 "aged 3 years, 11 months, 25 days, son of John G. and Matilda H. Fee" FEE, Tappen (I6159)
34 "aged 32 years, 6 mos 17 days" ADAMS, Nancy (I1434)
35 "aged 45 years" McLELLAN, Capt. George (I3217)
36 "aged 49 years" WELCH, Benjamin Allein Sr. (I11517)
37 "aged 5 years, 10 months, and 20 days" THOMAS, John (I12251)
38 "aged 64 years" FEE, John Sr. (I10849)
39 "aged 71 years" BRADFORD, Elizabeth (I11079)
40 "aged 77 years" BURWELL, Dr. Elliott (I7085)
41 "aged 81 years, 4 months" McLELLAN, Capt. Thomas Jr. (I3220)
42 "aged 81" HOUSTON, Rebecca /HASTON (I3232)
43 "agee de cinq ans" MAHÉ-DESPORTES, Marguerite Jeanne Julienne (I15196)
44 "Alsy"; aged 53y 6mo 28d LEVENSALER, Elsie K. (I3552)
45 "Another prominent union of Quaker families occurred when Johns Hopkins I and Elizabeth Thomas declared their intentions and were married on February 16, 1759, in accordance with Quaker rites. Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Snowden Thomas. Johns Hopkins I had married Mary Gillis and after her death Mary Richardson Crockett, widow and daughter of Joseph Richardson. Samuel Hopkins, who was born in February 3, 1759, the son of Johns Hopkins I and Elizabeth Thomas, married Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Jones Janney in August, 1792. Their son, born in May 16, 1795, became the great Baltimore Financier." HOPKINS, Johns Sr. (I5529)
46 "Asahel Walker, Esq. (2d), son of Asahel Walker (1st), was born 2d mo. 7, 1788, in Sadsbury township. He was a man of marked intellect and energy, and set the same example of superior husbandry to his neighbors as his English ancestry; was justice of the peace for many years. He married Sarah Coates, the daughter of Samuel and --- Coates, of Chester Valley, near Coatesville, a family of English descent. She had brothers Warrick, Samuel, Levi, Joseph, George, and Richard. Samuel and Levi were recommended ministers of the Society of Friends. Joseph, a medical doctor, practiced his profession at Downingtown, Chester Co. Asahel Walker (2d), died 12th mo. 5, 1856. Sarah Walker, his wife, died 5th mo. 5, 1869, in her seventy-eighth year of age." WALKER, Asahel Jr. (I4385)
47 "at about 9 o'clock at night." HAMBLETON, Margaret (I5725)
48 "at his plantation at the Bay Side." WELLS, Col. George (I5427)
49 "Benjamin married about 1696 Frances the daughter of Henry Hanslap of A.A. Co. Frances and an infant daughter died 1697."

Dates of her death and burial are recorded both All Hallow's and St. Jame's parish. As Montgomery explains, quoting the All Hallow's register, "'Frances, wife of Benjamin Wells died May 8, 1697, buried 11 May All Hallows Churchyard. Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin and Frances Wells buried May 11 1697, All Hallows Churchyard.' These deaths are recorded at All Hallows , and also at St. James, Anne Arundel, with slight discrepancy in dates. In 1697 the will of Henry Hanslap calls Benjamin Wells husband of my deceased daughter Frances." Since the All Hallow's record is specific about place of burial I would guess that it is accurate, and that the entry she mentions, recorded in Wright, was to mirror the All Hallows record. 
HANSLAP, Frances (I10767)
50 "Benjamin" on his tombstone. FLORENCE, Joseph Benjamin (I10654)

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